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  1. Not just an ordinary Sephiroth battle, I want him to go full Safer Sephiroth and therefore the most impressive battle in KH history
  2. Star Wars clone wars era. So many stories just keep coming out of it and they could just use the same VA's as the animated series
  3. I was like "are you actually serious" and laughed as to how they made Mickey appear as he did at the end of KH1 lol
  4. Yep! No joke, I was very confused and thought tier 11, 12 and 13 was suddenly introduced overnight or something
  5. Go figure haha, I just thought the update was to remove the extra coliseum boards they gave us by accident. There were boards for up to Tier 14 and I was there thinking who the hell even finishes tier 11. But after that update they were gone.
  6. But yet they still can't get rid of the fish mouth faces damnit
  7. Is no one else disappointed that the dream drop distance contained in 2.8 isn't a final mix anyway? I sure was when I found out
  8. I didn't think final fantasy 15 was a bad game, in fact I enjoyed it thorough lucky. But after hearing about what final fantasy versus 13 could have been it hurts my soul far too much
  9. May 2015 when kh2.co.uk went on silent mode and they recommended that I come here, that being said I've never been disappointed!
  10. I always thought that they would release Kingdom Hearts 3 in 2017, I suppose that's a little more unlikely now seeing as I don't think they have ever released two games within the same year
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