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  1. I'll be there as well with my wife. Looking forward to meeting up with you guys!
  2. wait i can't its the day before the rankings come out it won't let me till tomorrow
  3. thanks guys and i know they are pricey its taken me almost 3 years to get the ones i have
  4. Just thought I'd share my KH play arts collection. After waiting for a reasonable deal on the Limit Form Sora I gotta say he looks great posed next to the others. I do intend to pick up Riku later this year when he's released and hopefully Final Form Sora if I can.
  5. No not in KH3. Yes, definitely, of course, going forward its the best way to expand the KH verse and introduce new fans
  6. i first played them in order of release but when i do a series run i go kh, re:com, 358, kh2, bbs, 3d. i always skip coded
  7. BBS made me fall in love with magenga followed up by thundaga.
  8. if you count the fm's in JP he has been on pace for a game year. i agree with sora96 it would delay kh3 but i have a feeling nomura and this team had this planned from the start.
  9. this gives me the feeling they're going to be filling the kh game a year quota with a ps4 remaster
  10. These two videos were recently posted and they are extremely well made just wanted to share them. The power Rangers one is amazing it brings a dark side to a show I loved and grew up with.
  11. my girlfriend doesn't know all that much about kingdom hearts so when i got this ecard from her i was blown away and couldn't stop laughing
  12. canada, mexico, saudi arabia, pakistan, and ill be in jamaica during spring break
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