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  1. Well I never heard of the fans complaining about Kingdom Heats 2 back in 2006, because to me the original Kingdom Hearts 2 was a great game to me! Kingdom Hearts 2 was one of my favorite and most fun games I had on the PS2! Plus, I for one find the game pretty hard to me. I play the game on Proud Mode in the original game and it was not easy for me. It may be easy for some Kingdom Hearts fans but it wasn't easy for me. Not every gamer has the same experience playing the same game. Anyway, I agree, most of the fans who complain about Kingdom Hearts 3 and comparing it to Kingdom Hearts 2 are mostly comparing it to Kingdom Hearts 2 Final Mix. Plus, most fans had their expectations way too high because they wanted Kingdom Hearts 3 to be the next Kingdom Hearts 2 Final Mix. I definitely get it but yeah it's pretty annoying. Also it shows us that you can't make everyone happy. I'm sure Nomura and his team had already read the mixed and negative feedbacks from the fans. And I want to believe that they're trying to make the new DLC's some Final Mix content. To be honest if the DLC's are the way to have some Final Mix content. Then I want Nomura and his team to take their time and add a bunch of new stuff for the new DLC this late 2019. I'll definitely pay for it. Also give it time because if the new Kingdom Hearts 3 DLC acts like Final Mix than the fans who complain about Kingdom Hearts 3 will change their minds.
  2. Don't worry I already know that Ventus, Skuld, Brain, Lauriam, and Ephemer remembers the first Keyblade War. But I'll wait for the next update to see if Daybreak Town is really a Data World.
  3. Welcome fellow Keyblade Wielder!
  4. None of the characters in Kingdom Hearts 3 disappoint me. Sure they are some characters I like to see more of, but it wasn't enough to disappoint me.
  5. Either that or Daybreak Town was already a data world and not the real world we thought it was. A lot of mysteries is happening in this story arc now. But we have to wait future updates in Japan. But so far it looks Re:Coded is even more connected to franchise than it was ever before.
  6. 2019 is gonna to be an interesting year for Kingdom Hearts 3. Looking forward to learn more about the new updates and new (possible) story content. I really hope the next game goes into production soon. But I shouldn't worry because the game is successful and profitable, so they'll make another Kingdom Hears game in the near future before Kingdom Hearts 4. Don't care if the next game is a non-number main title (Birth by Sleep and Dream Drop Distance) or a side-story (Chain of Memories, 358/2 Days, and Coded), because I'll still play it.
  7. Makes sense since we know that the Disney Worlds in Union x are Data Worlds. And we know that after the events of Kingdom Hearts 1 Maleficent time travel back to her world but she got trapped in the Data World instead.
  8. Finally something interesting is happening the main story. Can't believe us Western fans had to put up with these unnecessary side-quest fillers. We're way way behind the Japanese version.
  9. Despite the game's flaw but it was an enjoyable game and I love it very much. I can wait to see future games of this series.
  10. That's awesome! I don't care of the next game is a main game or side-story. Not getting my hopes up but maybe the next game will feature Kairi as the main characters before Sora's new journey in Kingdom Hearts 4. I hope Nomura decided to make Kairi a playable character in the next game.
  11. For me it's Team Scorbunny! But I have a soft spot Sobble though. Plus, I'm getting Pokemon Sword.
  12. So can't wait for it! Looking forward to the game's many mysterious and secrets.
  13. This is the best interview I read! Especially the DLC package that can expand the story, Critical Mode, and expansion of my favorite character! Plus, I'm kind looking forward to the new updates Union x and it's new world. And I think it's best for me not to hype myself up, because I might get disappointed if the DLC doesn't turn up the way I wanted. So i mean time I will get my expectations of the DLC very very low until I download it and replay the game again. To me Kingdom Hearts 3 is definitely replayable.
  14. Despite having good elements like Larxene, Marshmallow as a party member, and the dope Skoll boss fight. Arendelle along with 100 Acre Wood, are definitely one of the most disappointing worlds in Kingdom Hearts 3.
  15. Birth by Sleep and Dream Drop Distance are main games not side-games. They made not have a number title like Kingdom Hearts 1, 2, and 3 but the story of Birth by Sleep and Dream Drop Distance are par with the number titles.
  16. The Caligula Effect Overdose and Danganronpa Trilogy on the PS4. I'm looking forward to buy them.
  17. None of them. Big Hero 6 worked in Kingdom Hearts 3 because it was mostly Disney and it was made by Disney Animation Studios. I don't want any live-action Marvel films made by Marvel Studios to appear in Kingdom Hearts franchise, the same with Star Wars. I let it slide for Tron and Pirates of the Caribbean because those films are mostly Disney Studios. Plus, I rather have more Pixar worlds in the Kingdom Hearts franchise and underrated Disney films as playable worlds as well. Like Treasure Planet, Princess and the Frog, Atlantis The Lost Empire, The Black Cauldron, and more.
  18. In my opinion, the best worlds in Kingdom Hearts 3 are 1.) San Fransyoko 2.) The Keyblade Graveyard 3.) The Caribbean 4.) Monstropolis 5.) Toy Box 6.) Olympus 7.) Kingdom of Corona 8.) Twilight Town 9.) Scala ad Caelum
  19. Oh thanks! Lol it feels weird to come back and see my old drawing after two years. XD
  20. Lol well yeah because we both have different experiences when we play Kingdom Hearts games. Anyway, I respect your opinion about the pacing in the Kingdom Hearts series. I would've love to have more keyblades in Kingdom Hearts 3. Some old ones like Oathkeeper and Oblivion.
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