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  1. Saix/Isa is one of my favourite characters, but I'd prefer that he died at the end of KH3, or went off to do his own thing. I couldn't really see him being completely good again? Though if he was to die, I feel like it's only fair that he redeemed himself in some way before it; either by self-sacrifice, helping the lights for a short period, betraying xehanort, or just having an emotional moment with Lea, otherwise it could be a waste of a backstory. Though of course it depends how he got there in the first place. But I hope his backstory is explained more in KH3. Lea and Isa interest me.
  2. Maybe one of the fight scenes? They left most of them out (Roxas vs Xion etc.) and people weren't overly happy about that I'm excited about anything though!
  3. Okay it's been...over a week oops XDyeah still cool with this
  4. Maybe they just didn't want to spoil too much for 3D since they want people to play it and/or if there was an HD version of it being planned. The movies gave us some indication about what could be in KH3 without spoiling anything in 3D. To be honest I feel that I know enough about Sora for now, since we've lived through most of the games with him except Days and BBS and that was only because he was asleep in one and really young in the other. And the only other stuff they could've gone into that I could think of is stuff after KH3D, which again they probably didn't want to spoil. I agree though that some other characters are taking the spotlight for now, but there are lots of characters to explain. And Sora's always going on about how his friends are his power. Same with Kairi, it's a shame they didn't develop her before KH3 but she should have her time to shine in three. But Xehanort is a main character and deserves to get developed too (and it isn't really a new thing since he's been in most of the KH games in some form or another). I don't feel like he's had too much attention. We need to have a reason to fight this guy other than "he's the bad guy". And yeah obviously Sora's the main character so he should get most development, but he's also supposed to be like us.
  5. Spoiler for secret movie aheadJust a thought that popped into my head I'm probably just being stupid and making something out of nothing...but it just had me thinkingSo a coincidence? Probably yes xDAnd I know it's probably really out there (and surely Nomura didn't think that far forward) but just thought it was something to think about
  6. Maybe when he says "E person" he doesn't know the identity of the person?Like "cloaked/hooded/new person" instead of hinting that E is a personMost likely not but it's always another theory xDalthough "to cloaked person" doesn't exactly make sense
  7. Anyone have any theories on the secret movie after the hint?
  8. thanks :)there's just been so much stuff said that I'm getting confused
  9. Okay I just need some clarification on something and I'm probably being stupid or misunderstood something here. Back in June/July there were a couple interviews with Tai Yasue about 2.5 remix:Yasue: It’s hard to answer that, so I’ll leave it to your imagination. It’s possible there will be something, but it’s possible there won’t be. (Laughs) Apart from that, I can say that in the Re:Coded theater mode there will be cutscenes added to flesh out the backstories of other Kingdom Hearts titles, so please look forward to that. And:The Re:coded cutscenes are 3 hours long, with 2 hours being "totally new". This will explain some more back story to other Kingdom Hearts titles So what I wanna know is, is this still happening? As in two hours of never before seen footage that links to other KH titles? Is the X cutscenes we were told about last week included in this? Or is the secret ending included in this? Or have I misunderstood something?It's just I haven't heard much about this since it first came out. I've heard lots about the new secret ending and the videos about KHX, but not much about this other than linking to kh3D (although I don't see much stuff that they actually need to link up here). Don't get me wrong I love the idea of having the possible kh3 and X footage on its own, just wondering if this was true? Sorry if I made no sense or have completely misunderstood all of this XDThanks
  10. Getting people I know to share my obsession of KH...another one down xD

    1. MasterXemnas


      And soon, we will build an army of kh fans.

    2. DJ369


      count me in!

    3. Xiggy's Fish

      Xiggy's Fish

      the most awesome army ever!

  11. I think this is a good point but what makes me doubt it was Saix's secret report day 356: What were you really after, Lea? We joined the Organization at the same time, and formulated our plan. At this point, it's just an idle fantasy. Everything changed. You, and me. Since it was secret I don't see why he'd say that if he wasn't loyal to his and lea's plans at least at first. I was thinking that too...I'm not sure about this one but maybe they knew he'd be successful because of the possible So maybe they knew Saix and Axel's plan wouldn't work out since this might've happened... I dunno Overall I just really HOPE he wasn't willing.
  12. I loved Isa..I could accept him dying only if it was handled well and Lea getting revenge like you said..I hope they don't just kill him off like just an obstacle that you just forget without having his and Lea's backstory explained more...also would give Lea even more depth and Isa's story even more tragic. also wanna see a happy ending for Lea though where he does get ALL his friends back...I'm so conflicted...Lea and Isa's reunion would make me cry :')
  13. Once I guess... I was walking home and I needed to walk through this field where these people were setting off fireworks (think it was new year). I got to a path a few meters away but saw my shoelace was untied so for some reason i wanted to go off the path to tie it. Just as I got off the path I looked to where I was once standing and a very low firework flew past. If I hadn't went out of the way to tie my shoelace I would have been hit by the firework. It changed my life... i now love shoelaces
  14. Happy Birthday to my cat! Party!!! xD

  15. Really need to see Days Cut-scenes...Hope someone uploads them...:)

    1. Sora96


      We'll have them up asap.

    2. Xiggy's Fish
  16. I think at least one of them will be a darkness coz otherwise wouldnt xemnas have said that only one became a nort since xigbar was already one and xemnas is xemnas. But he said MOST were not suitable. Hard to believe that Demyx could be one though but it could happen lol
  17. chocolate!!!!!!!!!!!! <3

    1. teh lazy prince Xylek
    2. Hei



  18. Our year group is split into two, there's the half that love to drink and party most nights and some come into school drunk. They are all the kind of people that act nice to people's faces but will slag you off behind your back even friends. And there's the half that stick in at school and want to get the best grades possible but to be honest a lot of them look down on you if you aren't as smart as them or musically gifted. But the worst is the younger ones in our school. They just have no consideration of others and it gets worse every year. They make me hate most people. lol There are almost 2000 people in that school and I like around 7 people.
  19. Forget about them, those bullies are probably just jealous and bored by their own life. In a couple of years none of it will matter and you may never see them again. Make it obvious that they aren't getting to you.
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