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  1. Never really know what gaming companies are doing behind the scenes. So hard to say.
  2. PSP Version. I prefer the high-quality sprites to the low-quality 3D models.
  3. I think the real problem with the trolls is that they are nothing more than deus ex machina. They are literally only there to tell people things that they had no possible way of knowing otherwise. I mean, not only this, but then they also had so little screen time, that they really become forgettable. You could have replaced them with a prophecy, or a voice in the sky, and had the exact same effect.
  4. Because she was the driving plot, she was the main reason Sora and Riku even did anything at all.
  5. Psssh. I can't put a digital game on my shelf. Where is the value?
  6. I could definitely see a Wreck-it Ralph summon being in the next kh game.Sora: "I need your power!"*does summoning thing*Ralph: "I'm gonna wreck it!"*smashes through enemies*
  7. edited profile, removed the part about dubstep, because I don't actually make music, I just couldn't think of anything quick enough.

  8. Gurren Lagann just keeps throwing plot twists at me.

  9. Beat KH3D again, this time on easy, because I really suck at the fight with Julius :(

    1. venxas24


      That fight is me just spamming balloonra and balloonga

  10. It was me the whole time! Who would have guessed it?!
  11. I don't skip unless I've already played it once.
  12. Also:"I'm not afraid of the darkness." and "The cold never bothered me anyway." are actually incredibly similar statements in meaning.
  13. I've had a pig, 3 horned lizards, a rock, 4 toads, 2 catfish, and 2 turtles.
  14. feeling pretty proud of my profile. took some "expert" photoshop skills.

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    2. Meow Wow

      Meow Wow

      anakin style padawan or Obi-wan style padawan? Because I do not want to slaughter a bunch of children and cause the near-end of the entire Jedi order.

    3. RoxSox


      Pre child murdering style Anakin.

    4. Meow Wow

      Meow Wow

      Okay, neat.

  15. Greetings one and all, say hello to the best of the best.
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