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  1. TWTNW Twilight Town Hollow Bastion Mysterious Tower Disney Castle Beast's Castle / Port Royal / Olympus Coliseum / Land of Dragons (Org XIII. members in each of those) Timeless River / Space Paranoids (important in order to progress the story) Agrabah / Pride Lands / Atlantica Not sure if I prefer KH1 method or the KH2 one. Think I'm leaning more towards the KH2 though.
  2. I think it's just teleportation through time. Since you'd need another version of you somewhere where you'd be going. It's just your heart going from one point to the next.
  3. Well first it was interacial relationships, people found those disgusting at some point, same as they did with homosexual relationships a while ago and even now. I don't really care what people "do" as long as they are being careful of the problems that might arise. And there's only really one big problem with incestuous relationships, and if you have a good working brain then you know how to avoid it.
  4. It's delving into taboo themes so the devs would have to be very risky about it tbh. Maybe if they didn't advertise it with that, who knows?
  5. Yeah, what's going on? Also didn't Nomura direct those? Do you mean co-director or something...?
  6. So, the Land of Departure is better and actually teaches important things for life than most schools on our planet? K.
  7. Yeah I understand what you mean. However I think there's a reason the faces of the Foretellers are covered. It's kinda like the Org. XIII members. Also there's a theory going around that they might look like the other characters in the series so maybe they are setting it up for a reveal later on. As for the gameplay in BBS, I think that's because of the PSP hardware. If you look at the recent 0.2 trailer you can see Aqua fighting as fast as Sora in KH2 almost.
  8. Finally! Dynasty Warriors 9 is real!

  9. While KH3 might not be ported, I doubt that's true. Would be pretty dumb for nintendo to release a console in the middle of the 8th generation and still have it be less powerful than the PS4 and XBONE
  10. Yeah but, if you think about it, DDD in 2.8 doesn't look THAT much better than 1.5/2.5 on the ps3. What else can they do? Remove fish faces?
  11. Everyone wants a Kingdom Hearts x Dynasty Warriors crossover and I'm here waiting for Dynasty Warriors 9 to be announced. :(

  12. Why can't people stop crying about Aqua's customisation? FFXV has customisation and no one was bothered by it...

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    2. HeyMouseSayCheese


      Between the ass zipper and KH1 Sora's crotch zipper, I think people can come to terms with Aqua wearing cat ears.

    3. Sorarocks93


      Lol they probably hate him.

    4. Joker


      I personally don't care much at all for character customization but if you want it all the more power for you

  13. I think people think that because you can dress her up now it's demeaning to her character. Thing is, this is probably optional. So it's more like a case of "omg I don't like it so you shouldn't have it either!" Sucks because if there's a big outcry about it then we might end up not having a completely optional and fun feature. (atleast in KH3)
  14. Over at KHinsider they are saying this is sexualization.... Some people have no idea what that word means...
  15. 1 to 6 will have the SNES versions but also the mobile versions. 7,8 and 9 will be based on their latest ports. So for 9 it's the PC version since that came out this year and has a ton of features, for 8 it's the PC version since it never came to PS4 and 7 I think it's the PS4 version.Wait wait wait, this is way too good to be true. Seriously... But if it is I'm getting it day 1. And how much would that Crystal Edition even cost? 300-400$?
  16. Actually I doubt that. I just meant that if they wanted to release it by 2017 something like this wouldn't stop them. But I don't think it will be released in 2017... I mean, we haven't even gotten a single story trailer yet. FFXV started getting these almost two years before it got released. I think if we start getting more news after 2.8 releases, then it's possible KH3 will release in spring 2018 or fall 2018.
  17. They are not gonna delay an entire video game because of one voice actor. If the game was supposed to be released in 2017 it will be. Doubt it will be though, but still, that has nothing to do with the voice actor.
  18. You forgot about Xion..... oh wait.
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