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  1. Made a video about this whole #SquareBeFair , Check it out if you'd like!

  2. remember guys this is a very double sided blade. Keep ALL sides in mind, don't make this an attack on other people's belief's. Be a little open minded.
  3. Dude me and you both are in the same boat, i feel the same way! Things like this need to be understood on all levels!
  4. I don't want to make this to elaborate but basically fans on twitter have #SquareBeFair trending in an attempt to reach Square Enix and it is having much success. I will link a video of big KH youtubers discussing the dilemma if you are unaware and i shall later link a video of my own (Currently it is uploading), Please discuss your opinions and what you feel about the entire situation regardless of your stance on it X-Keepers Video: My Video: My verdict: This is scaring people on the fact that for KH3, we my get a VERY short end of the bargain, so the dedicated fans might not be upset about a pin but more so the representation of other countries when it comes to merch and exclusive may it be more content or the date of release. Most people must be protesting to protect the representation of their regions fan base and not over a pin so to speak. But hey! That's just my opinion, Pin or no pin its better then nothing. But i would like to see more equality. Post-Edit: Lets look at this from all perspectives, and realize the validity of it all, and not make this an attack on a central idea. Be open minded
  5. So the other day i was thinking about KH3 and i had glanced over at the reveal trailer from last year. But for some reason i started to think deep into the reason of why sora, was on destiny islands AND encountering the Mater Keeper. As we know the master keeper is only supposed to be wielded by KEYBLADE MASTERS. So why is Sora being presented with it? My first thought was that its a trailer, they probably wanted to throw a cool keyblade in there to make it better, but i discounted that immediately. There has to be a legit reason why the Master Keeper is here WITH SORA. Could it be his connection to Ventus, and Ventus's connection to aqua through the wayfinder that brings Sora to the Master Keeper? Is the Master Keeper now essential? Does it have more power then we know? Did it seek Sora intentionally? In DDD they spoke of (A power or ability but) something that could bring those that have fallen back (Aqua,terra,ven,roxas,ect). Is the Master Keeper the "Real Deal" That it will not only restore those that have lost but also be what is needed to defeat Master Xehanort? And why is it on Destiny Islands? (It may be the connection i spoke of before). I'm interested in everyone else's thoughts. Please add anything you'd like to the discussion, As well as speculate and brainstorm!
  6. Just uploaded A new video on my youtube! Check it out if you'd like!

  7. I personally have never owned A PSP and i never had the chance to fully play BBS (i had a cousin that had it but i never really played it). I AM SUPER EXCITED FOR 2.5 But my question is will the port be reasonable? and if so do you guys think the game will have a good translation from the PSP to the PS3 in all aspects? Such as controls, Graphics, Ect. Please tell me what you guys think!
  8. TehDestinyIslands! https://www.youtube.com/user/TehDestinyIslands Thank you guys!
  9. Thank you guys! this is so active! I feel like im home!
  10. Hey everyone! I'm new to KH13 and i wanted to introduce myself as well as share why i am here! So basically i want to share my passion for kingdom hearts by making lets plays and videos oriented about kingdom hearts! If you enjoy these kinds of videos go check it out! Also tell me any critiques or what you like about the channel! Thank you for all the support! https://www.youtube.com/user/TehDestinyIslands
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