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  1. I see where you're coming from. I would sort of like to see what they do with Birth By Sleep's story. But I seriously don't want them to make one out of Re:Coded. Complete waste of a game. Only worthwhile things in it was the two secret endings, which could be added to the beginning of Dream Drop Distance's manga. A Re:Coded manga would be a complete waste, honestly. I mean there's no doubt the people writing it would put their own fun spin on the story, but again, 95% of it has nothing to do with the canon story. It's mostly a rehash of KH1. Plus, the Re:Coded Cutscenes on the HD Remix told the story really well too. I'd much rather have the people writing the mangas save the trouble of even bothering with Re:Coded and get straight to Dream Drop Distance once they're done with Birth By Sleep.
  2. I'm praying they skip doing a Re:Coded Manga. I personally find most of the mangas really, really great so far. But, I really would like it if they caught up with the series by at least one game behind. Like once KH3 releases they're already working on a Dream Drop Distance manga perhaps. I might be thinking a bit over the bar, but come on, who doesn't want that? A Birth By Sleep manga wouldn't be anywhere near as long as the KH2 manga was. It'd probably be as long as the Chain of Memories Manga. Then again, I wouldn't mind if they actually skipped doing a BBS manga and went straight to a Dream Drop Distance manga, trying to explain the key events from BBS in certain points on there.
  3. Are you serious? I read the ones on kh13 and I see those words be used pretty often, especially in the Roxas parts of the manga. And, a particular scene I like is when Sora is about to fight Marluxia and says "I'm gonna kick your ass!!". Like, you can seriously feel the emotion from the characters that way. I guess maybe it was just the translator's choice of words? I actually preferred it when they used those words, as weird as it sounds
  4. I read some of the volumes, and DAMN I have to say the manga does a way better job at telling the Kingdom Hearts story than the games do! I adore almost everything about the mangas as far as I've read. What catches my eye the most is that they aren't afraid to say stuff like "Shit, hell, and ass" every now and then. And when they do, you better bet you can feel the emotion from the characters!
  5. I think Kingdom Hearts 3D had the hardest boss battles, but not the hardest final boss. Kingdom Hearts: Ansem was actually a great challenge the first time facing him. I was lucky enough to only die once fighting him through my first playthrough. Not the hardest but was a good challenge, but if you're OP he can be extremely easy. Kingdom Hearts Chain of Memories: Marluxia gave me a REALLY hard time my first playthrough. It was probably because I was underleveled, but he was really difficult, and he can still put up a decent fight when you're not underleveled and even when you're OP. Kingdom Hearts II: Xemnas was the easiest final boss of any game I ever played. You have Riku constantly healing you, so it's really hard to die. Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days: Xion was a good pre-final boss, like Ansem, but Riku was pretty easy though tbh. Even on your first time it's easy to see what kind of attacks he's gonna throw at you, and I never died fighting him. Kingdom Hearts Birth By Sleep: I played through each characters story not even working on the abilities, and that made alot of battles difficult. Each character's Final Boss was fun, but not so challenging, honestly. Only ones that gave me trouble was fighting Xehanort as Lingering Will and fighting Xigbar as Aqua. The Terranort Battle however, was really hard for me during my first playthrough. Again, with no abilities equipped to back me up, and having really basic commands like Fire Surge and Freeze Raid made things with him difficult. I still beat him, but it took me about an hour. Kingdom Hearts Re:Coded: I never even finished this game honestly, I couldn't stand the Olympus Colliseum parts, let alone the gameplay itself. I did have a chance to fight Roxas via a save state still on the used copy I bought, and he's a good challenge if you didn't OP your character. Trying to beat him at level 1 on Critical is pure hell though. Kingdom Hearts 3D: Sora's final battles were relatively easy to be honest, Xemnas had a very simple moveset in my opinion, But as for Riku..... God he put me through hell and back. The Nightmare figure wasn't all that hard, but Ansem was THE HARDEST BOSS I EVER FACED IN A Kingdom Hearts GAME. Harder than Lingering Will, even. It took me a week to beat him. The moment I did, I felt so accomplished. Young Xehanort wasn't all that hard to be honest. He was a good challenge but keeping your distance from him pays off. And the Ventus Nightmare Armor was easy. Kingdom Hearts III: The HARDEST BOSS BATTLES I EVER FACED IN A VIDEO GAME. Xehanort and Vanitas will literally wreck Sora up while everybody else is busy fighting the 13 Seekers of Darkness, it's sad. Worst part is, If you die twice, Xehanort chuckles and deletes all of your game data and makes you have to start over from the beginning! Dx I voted Kingdom Hearts 3D because of Ansem. And please note the Kingdom Hearts III final boss battle was just a way of me playing around
  6. ^ That seems to fix it, I had the same problem a few weeks ago. I'd never result to restoring the PS3 system unless I had everything backed up and I cleaned the disc to the point there wasn't a single scratch!
  7. Well, obviously Twilight Town will be returning for KH3. Whether it will be important or not, I don't know. It may serve an important role throughout the beginning of the game, but then once Land of Departure and Cable Town come into effect, it'll probably not be as important.
  8. This guy gets it. Exact same way I felt. I decided to skip RE:COM and go straight to KH2. Such a bad choice ! :S I gotta admit though, when I saw Kingdom Hearts 2's ending I teared up a bit. Like just the feeling of accomplishment and happiness. Later after I beat KH2 I played Birth By Sleep, 358/2 Days, Dream Drop Distance, and then Re:COM.
  9. hi! thank you for being my friend ; v ;

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    2. gingienator


      it is! but sometimes it could be hard to find some fans who like the same things :(

      oh and no need to thank me!

    3. SolidSnake


      I know how it feels :/ the friend who got me into it despises every handheld game, while I liked 358/2 Days and Dream Drop Distance alot... When did you get into the series? Kingdom Hearts is like the game series that's never ever left my interests. It's just so good.


      I can't wait for Kingdom Hearts 3. I hope everyone gets a happy ending.

    4. gingienator


      yup . _ .

      oh I got into the series around 2004 or 2005 when I went over to visit my older cousin. she showed me what Kingdom Hearts was and well since I saw Disney characters, I got so excited just seeing that there were some of my favorite classic Disney movies. I never actually played the first one until Kingdom Hearts II came out and I remember seeing it because of my cousin and then I started getting the others too and I became such a fan of it ever since :D

      and same here! c...

  10. I have a PS4, although there honestly aren't a very good variety of games out for it. Even the exclusives aren't anything amazing. Same can be said for Xbox while it's exclusives are far too worse. All I have is Metal Gear Ground Zeroes, Last of Us Remastered, Little Big Planet 3, and Destiny. Can't wait for Metal Gear Solid V to come out, and of course, Kingdom Hearts 3. Those two games will make me use the console 100x more. I only use it to play LBP3 and Destiny every now and then. Already beat the other two games. I still play my PS3 more due to the Kingdom Hearts Collections, and the other more better games I have on it like Red Dead (I still haven't beaten the Undead Nightmare part yet), and classics like MGS4. Keeping the PS3 really takes the point out of the stupid PS Now thing.
  11. I would honestly like to believe the game entered development before the big announcement in 2013. Because the D23 gameplay we saw literally couldn't have taken 3 months to make. There's just no way, especially considering how beautiful the game looked, and how much content it had to show. My best guess would have to be it started right after Dream Drop Distance was completed. And the plans for keyblade transformations and flow attractions probably originated as far back as 2010-2011.
  12. I've probably put in more than 100 hours of KH2.5, and I can honestly say that this game is anything BUT full of bugs. I have not experienced any bugs the whole time playing except one instance, but cleaning the disc made it all better. Everything in 2.5 looks better. Animations, Character Models, Music, SOME Background environments got new textures, keyblades were revamped to look better, it's a really well-polished product that DOES IN FACT look better than 1.5 did. Okay, the load times are kinda long, but you can't blame them when they have put in there new textures that also takes up more space and also processes more things for the game to load. They could have tried speeding the load times up, but aside from that, it doesn't really bother you once you get used to it. KH1.5 and KH2.5 are definitely the definitive way for newcomers to play the games. Now I've never played FFX or X-2 HD Remasters, but from what I've seen, the animations and background environments don't look nearly as good as an improvement as KH2.5 does. Just my opinion. Looks good but not that great.
  13. Well, sorry to break it to ya, but we will be seeing Olympus Colliseum again in KH3. So, besides Twilight Town and maybe Destiny Islands, that's already one world down. I also strongly believe Tron's world will be revisited as well, since in KH2 they said they had a feeling they would meet again, and it was further used in Dream Drop Distance with the new Tron Movie. I think everything that happened in that world in DDD just pretty much yelled to you they're definitely going to be back for KH3. Also, there's probably a chance the Pirates of the Carribean world will be revisited as well.
  14. Alright, FIRST OF ALL, Yeah, I'm living it. I have hope for the best. Secondly, Bill Famer ALSO records the voice for Pluto too. And, I'm pretty sure that if it was for any other game he'd have let us know, instead of mislead us like that. KH3 is a name that isn't that hard to mess up. Misleading us like that on-purposely wouldn't really show much of a professional attitude, and as far as I've seen, the man has a very professional attitude and doesn't do stuff like that. And I find it funny how you doubt the game is even in it's Alpha stages yet when we've seen gameplay that looks to be above alpha-stage standards at D23 2013. Yeah, that was gameplay, not a tech demo, why else would it say "Work in Progress Gameplay" in the top-right hand corner? Also, in the beginning of that trailer you can clearly see Sora's foot pretty much inside the ground, hinting that the physics weren't all down yet at the time. I know we both have differing opinions and I respect that, but I still believe there's a good chance we're gonna be surprised this year.
  15. I still see the "jiggle physics" in Aqua in 2.5 . :huh: I actually find it more noticeable in 2.5 actually.
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