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  1. I've only seen my little brother play Dark Souls once... kind of regretted letting him play it since he just kept falling off of a bridge cause it was funny to him XD It was a library rental so I didn't get to play it long (or at all for some weird reason)
  2. For a while I was bummed about Pinterest not working on my desktop (it shows up as an error, though I can easily access it fine on my phone), but now I'm slowly getting off of it which kind of makes me happy. I spent too much time on there anyways XD

  3. This sounds like an amazing fanfiction right here XD I'd love to see them being together more and on an adventure.
  4. Hello TrinityXaos#! Welcome to the site ^-^
  5. Didn't get in to Pixar, kind of had it coming to be honest. Ah well, less stress about moving to CA... though I still have to figure out my living situation for the summer...

  6. So far I like 3... I have to finish it though XD I like it more than DMC1 that's one thing for sure. Though 5 looks amazing and I can't wait to get my hands on it XD
  7. For a long time I felt uncomfortable being a girl but it feels good to admit it that I'm happy to be one now. Was born as one going to stay as one ^-^

  8. I'm not a big multiplayer person in general, so I've never played a battle royale game. Unless if you count Smash Bros then I'm in XD
  9. Hello! Welcome to the site ^-^
  10. Welp, I've applied for an internship with Pixar... wish me luck :3

  11. After looking around... I'm just going to take a break from Kingdom Hearts III... not saying I'm taking time off heck no. I'm just not going to play it until it calms down spoiler wise. Not really because of the reviews, rather the spoilers I come across. Granted it's on my part being on the internet (not denying that), I'm just getting frustrated by not getting through the story fast enough and being tempted to look at stuff. I'm definitely staying on here and doing my job don't get me wrong. I guess I'm saying I'm not going to be forcing myself to get through a story to see the ending only. I want to enjoy it and if it means taking a break until I feel less pressure to do so, then that'll be it ^-^

  12. I post my animations up on there and barely get to the double digits in views. Don't let this bother you, it also YouTube's crappy algorithm thing so that might be that. It might help if you mention your videos on other platforms like Twitter or something. I know that can help a bit
  13. At this point in time, I don't care about being spoiled the KH3 secret ending anymore... I got a jist of what happens... Kind of sucks that I know but at least I don't know anything else so I'm cool with that...

  14. When you want to participate more in the KH3 topics but you're not done with the game yet T-T

  15. I personally liked it a lot actually XD I liked playing with the Dreameaters and the combat, even if it got a bit difficult with it. Though I will say I didn't really enjoy Sora personality wise, not only did his voice seem really weird in that form but also he was a bit dumb. I found it more so hilarious that they threw in time travel but I really didn't care that it was in there. Though it does throw the game series for a loop (no pun intended). It's not my favorite game, nor is it my least favorite. Kind of stuck in the middle in a way, there were some definite problems with it but I liked it. Plus I'm way too forgiving of the convoluted plot so...
  16. EchoFox23*

    General Chat

    Reminds me of the time when my Spanish teacher in Middle School wouldn't allow me to use my hall pass or the hall pass she made to let me use the bathroom... ever since then I never used the hall pass til the day I graduated high school (the high school bathrooms sucked anyways).
  17. I did not know that bots would post in already made topics instead of making new topics... huh...

    1. HarLea Quinn

      HarLea Quinn

      yup they do lol and they like to make status's too. lol

  18. I'd be super happy if that were to happen. Out of any convention, that's one I'm open to drive down to even if it's out of state...
  19. I saw Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days in a Nintendo Power once on the cover and my friend talked about how awesome it was. I was just in for Mickey cause I was a huge Disney fan back then. I faintly remember a commercial for it on tv and it played Simple and Clean, and I remember humming that a lot until I got 358/2 Days. When I got it, it was right before Gamestop was about to close and the cashier was super friendly. I think he did something super nice for me but I don't remember... probably helping me pay for it or something like that with loose change. It helped me get over my dumb fears of Alice in Wonderland and Nightmare Before Christmas. It also acted as an excuse to cry at something while I was crying over my "friend" silently ending our friendship during a sleep over. I lurked on this site for a while, mostly for the funny pictures at first before I was invested in the news. After a while of debating over joining, I finally did it in November of 2014. I've always been anxious of making topics (especially) or even posting things, but I'm getting better... or at least I hope XD
  20. EchoFox23*

    Hey guys!

    Hi Snowfox, welcome to KH13 ^-^
  21. I know how you feel... I can't really be happy for couples (even though I write a few in my story), it's just something I know I can't have. I know mentally and emotionally I'm not ready for anything, but I want it really badly. It's hard to feel happy for someone with happy lives, trust me I know. But realize that just because you feel alone doesn't mean you're totally alone. You got people who care about you and want you to be better and happier, even me who doesn't know you well. It's not a bad thing to not be happy for someone, yeah it sucks but it's better than pretending to be or denying that feeling. All of this to say is that it's okay to feel that. You've had a bad experience and are not in a good place right now (from it sounds like). You're working through things and it's not bad to not feel happy. I might be way off on somethings but I hope it helped a little...
  22. I'm really going to have to find all of the Lucky Emblems now for that secret ending :3. I haven't gotten too far in the game, but I heard that's how you get it. At least it lets you know if there's one in sight.

  23. I'm glad I'm not alone to be honest XD I like him but I don't. He doesn't really do much even though he records stuff... which kinda serves a plot point but otherwise he's just plot device kind of... though I do like him in Pinocchio
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