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  1. Oh my gosh XD I wish I knew that for my platinum run XD Though I'm debating redoing it on the PS4 (did it on the PS3 version). I miss Gravity but I can see why it hasn't really come back in future games. Still that's a great cheat for some bosses, I've got to try that.
  2. I loved fighting Sephiroth, but he was a pain in the butt to beat XD It felt stupid hard but at the same time it just required a lot of dodging
  3. I'd like to see the The Three Cabelleros as a world, more kinda of a minigame or something. Bambi would be also a good world for coming of age and it'd be nice to see a kind of watercolor looking world to explore.
  4. It'd really work well together, since they both are robots/androids that are more human than just machine as well. I'd like to see it but I don't know if it'll actually happen.
  5. Sunday sounds good to me ^-^ I've been tempted to binge too XD Though my school work and job have been pretty good lately keeping me from doing that XD
  6. Same here... I really liked her a lot from the small amount of time we saw her. It's not surprising what happened to her but still... I hope she survives...
  7. I'm ready! Haven't gotten to episode 3 yet but I might tonight I was about to cry over some of Eleven's flashbacks XD Like I related hardcore so much to the isolation scene. Never had that happen to me before but it reminded me of how alone I felt sometimes. I'd like to see her progress more as a character, I feel like there's going to be a lot more to her and I would love to see it fleshed out. The scene with Joyce got me really into the show, with the mysteries and stuff. I'm liking it so far, I remember how good it was when I first saw it XD
  8. Sorry for the late reply ya'll, I'm trying to catch up today and tomorrow hopefully, I've been busy with hw lately XP. I think Will isn't dead either, though there's something about him missing just seems off... if he's not dead yet and the phone call proves that he's alive somehow, he must be where a phone line is available... I'll for sure get the episode done by Monday ^-^
  9. It's on Netflix Tuesday works for me ^-^
  10. I'm CST but I tend to stay up late so whatever works for everyone I'm cool with ^-^
  11. I'm excited to see it, this will be fun to watch ^-^ I approve of every few days per episode as well. Leaves me some time to catch it if I forgot or something (which is very common for me :P) XD
  12. It's more so of Disney's decision on what they can put in the game... plus Disney would have to double check with Marvel to see if it's okay with them... It kinda gets convoluted with the licensing issues. Toy Story was supposed to appear in the first Kingdom Hearts game and only recently getting in the third (though that was due to never getting a chance to discuss about it with Disney supposedly). It's still possible to get Marvel in there, Big Hero 6 is in KHIII and that was partially Marvel. It depends on what Disney allows and what Nomura's team can do with the concept and characters. I can see it being in a Kingdom Hearts game someday though, just will take a while to get there...
  13. I'm game for whatever we decide XD Stranger Things sounds like fun to join, I've seen a few episodes but got too busy :P. But I'm down with trying it again or any new show ^-^
  14. I got into the series in that weird time when Days was coming out, thanks to Nintendo Power XD
  15. Anything that JK Rowling says anymore about Harry Potter... It's cool if people consider it canon but with a lot of stuff that she says is just out of left field personally. And kinda Raiden and Rose getting back together after Metal Gear Solid 4... In short terms she lied to him to protect their family from the villains but he didn't know and kinda led him tumbling down into becoming a cyborg, and feeling betrayed by Rose. Then it's all made up in the end after he finds out he actually has a kid. It's kinda like the situation with Forrest Gump and Jenny... She kept pushing him away but then magically spawned a child. And now she wants to get together despite through out the entire movie she doesn't want him. I just can't imagine going back together with her after all of that... but that's just me Despite my disliking towards Rose, the scene at the end with them becoming a family was absolutely adorable. I'm sorry I'm really salty over that character XD
  16. I like Xemnas a lot, he felt like he had a true vision and tried everything to achieve it. His final form was an unforgettable battle that I love playing every time XD
  17. Mostly due to old age, though it's kinda interesting they've been passing away almost all at once. But that is life sometimes, I'm at least glad they lived a long life, though it's still sad to see them go.
  18. I enjoy all of her roles as different characters, though out of all of them I love her work on Minnie. I cannot imagine Minnie without her XD
  19. I've actually never thought about Pluto that much XD I feel like he's just the MacGuffin of Kingdom Hearts... mostly just serving to intrigue Sora to keep going. Though the idea of Organization XIII using Pluto to lure Sora into Castle Oblivion would make a lot of sense. Though I feel like the thing that happened in Re:Coded was just to show how he might've gotten around... though it doesn't seem like anyone would be opening it up unless if it was Maleficent or Organization XIII leaving behind the Corridors of Darkness... Good video about this ^--^
  20. Yep XD We'll just be the meat shields for the actual heroes XD
  21. Under 10 hours recently... I've been wiped out a lot from working lots recently XD Though I play a lot when I'm on there... even though I still try to keep it down to 2 hours sometimes I'll just let myself go out to 3-5 hours XD Or what feels like it lol
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