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  1. Happy Easter! My family was going to go to church today... but got sidetracked with cooking. I'm working on animation hw, jamming to Devil May Cry 4 soundtrack.
  2. UWAAAHHH!! I need to read more of the manga.... it needs a better chance to me... just looking up scans looks amazing I wish more would sell in stores in my area T-T
  3. I'm guessing 7 because Nomura obsesses over the number 7 as well, plus a lot of the people who wear plaid is usually the Guardians of Light so... I might be wrong about that but still...
  4. Backwards compatibility for previous games would make me get it, on top of it being affordable 😛
  5. I love everyone in the Phantom Thieves gang, including Akechi even XD But out of them all I have to support my gorl Futaba. I relate a lot to her on a lot of levels. Both of us are shy, nerdy, glasses, and dealt with loss and isolation (or something on the lines of that). Someday I'd love to cosplay as her for fun ^-^
  6. I took two years of French (still wanting to take more of it lol), though I tried learning Japanese on my own. Granted it didn't go well but I got a book for how to write it and a dictionary. I was interested in taking Russian or Chinese (cause they were available at my college), but I would have to take another semester for it beyond my grad date and that ain't happening XD Grad school maybe but that's a bit of ways away XD
  7. I miss Saixpuppy to be honest XD That was my first encounter with it when I was in Kingdom Hearts fandom. I think I found it here... I remember looking up memes here thanks to Google Images. I didn't watch Demyx Time though, heard tidbits about it but I think I only watched one episode for funsies...
  8. All I can say is the ol' donut Gummi could help you, though I'm not sure if things have changed to where that wouldn't work anymore (haven't gotten far tbh). Using a lot of dodging and watching the enemy projectiles are helped me a lot so far... Probably not a great clear answer but I hope it sort of helps
  9. Oof in that case I'm not doing it XD I thought it'd risk viruses or something like that but losing game progress I'd be really bummed about, especially my platinum games (like Kingdom Hearts and my in-progress Persona 5).
  10. I'll be changing mine, it wasn't my best and would change it to my more common username...
  11. Caribou Coffee shop, or just making it at home. Caribou exists mostly in the Midwest... which makes me sad cause I like it more than Starbucks usually... Dunkin’ Donuts ain’t half bad.
  12. Was there something in the box that says to "insert code into PS store" or something like that?
  13. I want to try it but I don't know anyone who does XD If I were to pick one I'd be a Ranger cause it sounds cool? XD
  14. Hello! Welcome to KH13 ^-^
  15. You all good ^-^ I barely made posts back then so XD
  16. It's very different from 2014 KH13 and now. It seems like a lot of new faces pop up with every topic XD. I'm sorry that stuff happened to you and I know that pain a lot in just real life. I used to never be active on here other than lurking but now I'm posting at least weekly which is huge XD It makes me feel more apart of the community than before. Happy to see you again ^-^ I'm an oldie (joining back in 2014 actually XD) and I remember seeing ya around.
  17. I loved how Dante is now a Keyblade wielder, it works so well for his character and the plot. Though he should be a bit bigger on the cover, even though he shows up for a split second like Leon in the original
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