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  1. They have yellow eyes and pointy ears. They're norted. You don't even know what Xehanort sent them to do yet.
  2. Nomura: A person's eye changing to yellow means Xehanort influence Idiots: Yellow eye means someone gives into darkness And maybe Xehanort like had yellow eyes because those are like his natural eye color or something which is why his vessels have them because they have pieces of his heart. And Ansem the Wise has orange eyes.
  3. Yes they are. They have yellow eyes and pointy ears along with the coats. They are Seekers of Darknesses.
  4. 1. 12 of them have coats like in the DDD scene with Xehanort. Master Xehanort is the leader so he needs no coat. Aqua has no coat and Terra is unstable to be used. Ansem the Wise is not a nort. That's logic. 2. Headcanon 3. And Xigbar says a lot of things. Doesn't mean anything. He's Xehanort's pawn like the rest of them. That's fact. Deal with it. And you lose more credibility the more you talk like mentioning Maleficent to being a threat. We have 13 confirmed Xehanorts who are in the True Organization, 1 backup Xehanort(Aqua who's obviously getting saved before the clash by Sora if the trailer didn't make that any more obvious)"and some unstable Xehanort(Terra). Not that different from the original Organization.
  5. 1. I can confirm because they already have their 13 and Aqua a temporary backup as trailers suggest. Ansem is not a nort. He's just rocking the coat like Riku and Mickey did in KH2. Last we see of him is literally in a coat. 2.I can because they're Norts and Xehanort can control them if they act up. Saix wasn't playing Xemnas at all. It was the other way around. No it wouldn't be a dead giveaway since not a lot of people know about the Norting thing. And yes everything will stay the same with the Darknesses with them losing only Aqua.
  6. 1. Ansem the Wise isn't a Nort 2. None of them are playing Xehanort. Also the only thing they lose on the Darknesses side will be Aqua. Everything else is staying the same. And we never knew the Lights side to begin with
  7. His eyes are golden. Look closely when he comes out of the dark corridor. His ears are pointy. He's a nort. He's not a good guy. He's a nort. He's not helping Ienzo for any noble or good cause. He's a nort.
  8. "WAH WHY ARE WE NOT GETTING ENOUGH INFO" "WAH NOW WE'RE GETTING TOO MUCH INFO BEFORE RELEASE " This fanbase is filled with babies who don't know what they want. Nomura deserves better. Should just keep this series Japan exclusive since the Japanese fanbase isn't nearly as whiny or entitled.
  9. Can't wait until this Data Riku meme dies when it turns out it was KH1 Riku or Repliku.
  10. This post speaks logic and accuracy. This is basically the 13 Seekers of Darknesses. Terra, Aqua, Roxas and Ansem the Wise are not members.
  11. *facepalms* This fanbase.... Demyx's eyes are yellow. Literally zoom in when he's carrying someone. Yellow eyes. He's in the True Organization. Same with Vexen. Roxas shouldn't be on there as we don't know his eye color. Terra has no black coat. Aqua has no black coat and may get saved before the clash. We know Vanitas has yellow eyes under the mask. So in short the True Organization XIII is 1. Master Xehanort 2. Young Xehanort 3. Ansem SoD 4. Xemnas 5. Xigbar 6. Vexen 7. Vanitas 8. Rikunort 9. Saix 10. Demyx 11. Luxord 12. Marluxia 13. Larxene Unless any changes occur, this is the 13. Excluding the leader Xehanort, the vessels all wear black coats like an Organization members, yellow eyes and pointy ears(Vanitas obviously has some under his mask at this point) At best Aqua and Terra may be some sort of backups or used for other purposes similar to Xion being used by the original Organization XIII.
  12. Wasn't trying to insult you. I was just wondering if you had bad eyesight or not to still say that the mystery Nort is Xion instead of a form of Riku based on the comparisons when it looks pretty blatant that it's the latter. Apologies if it looked like I was insulting you. And tbh it could be either one of those Rikus. Or maybe this "other Riku" we keep hearing about.
  13. Or maybe they have good eyesight. Something you seem to lack. The mystery Nort's hair and features don't match Xion's. They match KH1 Riku's. It's a form of KH1 Riku.
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