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  1. Muke

    My KH3 ad

    Just a little something I threw together in Photoshop.
  2. I was bored the other day so I quickly created this in Blender. I just wanted some low-key dramatic text on there, so that's why I wrote "It's time to find out the truth". It's also my first work ever in Blender.. I hope you guys like it!
  3. (I'm just gonna copy paste this from an application-thingy. Had to leave my former Party.) My total lux: 12.967.649 Days played: 214 Own Raid Bosses fought: 412 Others' Raid Bosses fought: 466 My best Medals, all of them +1000 DEF and ATK: WOFF Lightning (ATK Boost II) Jack Skellington (ATK Boost II, 100% Guilt) Meow Wow (ATK Boost II) Xemnas B (ATK Boost II) I also have Buff Medals like Winnie the Pooh, Alice&Cheshire, Naminé, etc. Since I've purchased the Tinkerbell Avatar Board, I also have ATK Boost III etc. Global. I'm experienced, considering I've been playing JPN KHUx since the beginning.
  4. Dude, are you dumb? WHY DO you answer your own post. I hope this is April Fools
  5. Hey could you add more words to your post here: http://kh13.com/forum/topic/95429-kingdom-hearts-destiny-islands-main-menu-art/ We consider one word posts as not contributing to the disdiscussion.

  6. hi how are you today?

  7. This is amazing!! If you need stuff like icons or logos and stuff, I would be ready to help!
  8. Whoa, this is so much! Thank you so so much. I love this all and it's so cool that you made so many Parts and instructions and all. EDIT: So, I'll watch the whole Tutorial and then I'm gonna try it out. Can I post my result in this Thread when it's done? Like, sorta so that you can tell me what I have done wrong and all. ^^
  9. Heres that 3D Keyblade modelling guide you asked xD (http://kh13.com/forum/topic/94419-3d-modelling-guide-neo-kingdom-key/)

    1. Muke


      Whoa! Thanks, man. I really appreciate it! :)

  10. I actually would.. :)But you don't have to do one, if you don't want to. ^^
  11. These are so cool! Will you also be doing some sort of tutorial?
  12. Strange. I did get an invitation, but it seems like I can't accept it. Could you send me one again, please? ^^
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