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  1. -Justin-

    General Chat

    Heheheheheh More like HEYYYYEEEAHYEHHEY
  2. -Justin-

    General Chat

    it was still before the deadline tho
  3. -Justin-

    General Chat

    DS released November 8th @Silent Multiverse
  4. -Justin-

    General Chat

    @Novayon thank would you like AM OR FMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM
  5. happy christmas everyone
  6. -Justin-

    General Chat

    "Ha huh! Now that's what I call a bowel movement!"
  7. -Justin-

    General Chat

    06 is really fun to play. It's a guilty pleasure
  8. -Justin-

    General Chat

    oh man Shadow was excellent in that game
  9. -Justin-

    General Chat

    I honestly can't wait for this to be done. The newest demo is super fun!
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