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  1. So its not far fetched to assume that the game will be releasing within the next 4 months considering how much time is left for the FY.
  2. Notice how there is a sudden boom in sales during Q2 of this year, could it be perhaps KH3 will be coming sooner than we think? I mean what other game would cause a big jump like that..food for thought
  3. Are you sure its a new world trailer? Because i haven't heard any news on that just 20 playable minigames being available.
  4. xTekemo

    Sora's Discovery

    It looks good! The style is unique and such, although from the minimized version of the pic it looks like sora's a zombie lol, all in all it looks cool!
  5. xTekemo

    Kingdom Hearts 3 Release Date Speculation

    Would Nomura be so clever to include the release date in a gameplay trailer, probably. But who knows, I'm hoping the game would come out much sooner maybe July the earliest for a worldwide release with November being the latest. Though I'm 100% sure that we'll be getting a release date during E3 so we don't have much longer to wait since time is going by quick.
  6. You must not know who i am to ask a question like that!
  7. I personally don't remember those times because i've just recently started heavily following KH news but I think that its better that we know when to expect KH news rather than getting it spontaneously..the suspense of not knowing when the next bit of information will come kills me
  8. xTekemo

    What January game are you excited for?

    What I find so ironic about this list is that my favorite games on the PSP were Dissidia and Monster Hunter, and now they are both literally coming out in the same month for the ps4. 2018 is starting off right
  9. This year was a good year for gaming, I wish i could've played more but I'm glad i've got to play most of the great games that came out this year. Fave List: NieR: Automata KH 1.5+2.5 HD ReMix Horizon Zero Dawn Sonic Mania Not so fave: None. Had a decent experience
  10. My guess is that it will be the Master of Masters since his seeing eye is has literally been throughout all of the games. I have a strong feeling we'll be seeing him in the next saga of KH.
  11. Its already confirmed that she will be returning for KHIII, but hypothetically if she didn't I would like to see the band BabyMetal make a beast KH intro. I think it would be sick
  12. He might target her due to the fact that she knows where Ventus is hidden. That may be the only incentive he may have to target her, other than that he'll just try to get rid of her for the most part..
  13. xTekemo

    Will you "jump ship" after KH3?

    Personally, I don't think I will "Jump Ship" from the Kingdom Hearts series after KH3, I just won't prioritize it as much because my patience only runs so thin... Although Kingdom Hearts is high priority on my gaming radar currently doesn't mean it will be if Square continues to pull the same stunts that they are doing now. I do love the series and everything that it offers and will always be excited and ready to play any new release that comes out but if Square continues to make us wait so long for a new release (let alone news) I don't think I will be able to trust the company with the news they deliver. I'm sure were all running low on patience when it comes to kingdom hearts and just because we've been waiting so long for this title i think why so many people now are deciding to hold on a bit longer for KHIII.. I love square and kingdom hearts but there are only so many years in a life time... I was 9 when KHII came out.. now im about to turn 20 and there is no sign of KHIII being released anytime soon. This can't continue to happen, I don't want to be 35 by the time KHIV comes out.