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  1. I agree, it would be more fun if it was 7 keyblade wielders, i hope aqua and ven replace donald and goofy. Maybe, since they have been away for so long, they arent strong enough, so donald and goofy step up to take their spots, just for the two of them to come at the right time and take their spots back. Not sure, but it should be interesting
  2. Hey everyone, havent posted in a while. When i saw this picture I thought, "could these 7 be our lights?" I personally think no, but i figured it would be fun to discuss. What do you all think? Weird that they would show 7 at what looks like a final battle area
  3. I love his new keyblade. Its hard to remember in this game that there are more keys than just door keys, with it being a car key is a great touch in my opinion
  4. Hey everyone, I havent been on here for over a year, but want to get back into the community. That being said, im not sure if this has been talked about, but after watching todays trailer, its something that I wanna speak about. Todays trailer was amazing! and watching other peoples reactions makes it hard to fight back tears, however, the effectiveness of these trailers would be so much more if we didnt circulate leaks, just like the Toy Story one was super effective. I know it is difficult to do, but I wish we would stop spoiling leaks so we can witness these trailers in this way. Monsters inc. would have been more amazing to see had we not already had an inkling that it was happening. So what do you guys think? Do you think we can all band together and keep the secrets alive? Please Be Excited. Go 2018!
  5. 8 Hours should mean union cross right?
  6. My guess is that they give us this one, then the next HSC has them as rewards which will make us all kill each other for them and pull like crazy, then we start getting them more regularly after the 1 Year Anniversary
  7. What did you use for the power proud+ quest? I'm having massive trouble...
  8. I want to know how Riku came to have the Way To Dawn Keyblade. One moment hes using the Soul Eater, the next he has a keyblade, and its not really explained or mentioned
  9. I like the VIP event and I hope they do a lot more. Yea it stinks that there are jewels involved, but its more bang for your buck. At least we are getting more than just Cid quests for $15
  10. Looks like the statue of Herc got demolished in the background. Thats a nice touch
  11. Hey All! So I was thinking about something after I watched the secret movie in 0.2. Now that we know where our first destination with Sora will be (Olympus), it made the inconsistencies with his clothes in the trailers make a lot of sense. As we all (most likely) know, in the trailers, Sora is shown in his KH2 gear whilst traversing Mt. Olympus, then in later parts he is in his new (FABULOUS!) clothes. But when does he acquire his new duds? I believe it happens in our first world, Mt. Olympus. Now I know what you may be thinking, "Hey, its not Mt. Olympus, it's Olympus Coliseum!" To that I say "NO!". I believe that the old world of Olympus Coliseum that we all know and love will be given a new name, "Mt. Olympus". But I digress... Back to my point, Sora will be given new clothes. By who you ask? Well lets look at what we know: Soras first clothes were his, dull and ordinary but quite snazzy. He grows out of these and by the magic of the Flora, Fauna and Merryweather, he gets his black and gold look that we've all grown accustomed to. His new clothes will be acquired by similar means, but instead of using magic from fairys, he will get his clothes from a much more powerful source, one that understands the gravity of the situation and wants to help conquer Xehanort by any means necessary. I'm talking about the powers of the GODS! It is my thought that Sora will get new clothes that will aid him in unlocking his new special abilities, much like in KH2, but it will be granted to him by Zeus himself. Which I think would be pretty awesome. Another reason I see this being so is what we have seen from our new forms. Everything we have seen so far looks like weapons that would fit in well in Mt. Olympus (Guard, Chariot, even the guns!) So what do you guys think? EDIT: I watched an early trailer that showed Sora in his old clothes in Twilight Town. I guess a way to still make my theory work is maybe Sora is summoned to Twilight Town urgently and leaves Olympus and comes back, or maybe they take a wrong turn and you start in Twilight Town? Who knows
  12. Yea I mean it wasn't super out there, but if you watch through it again, you should notice what I've been seeing. I feel like it happens too often throughout the movie for it to not have a meaning, but who knows
  13. I feel like there should be a lot of comments on this based on the fact that when the first playable demo came out, so many people complained and called it reprehensible that it looked so terrible in that stage, and "how can we trust it will get better?" Well, it did, and it looks amazing. The differences are like night and day. Good find.
  14. Why did they keep showing Ava's hands? I didn't really understand why, but they zoomed in on her hands an awful lot. Did anyone else notice this? Or can anyone clarify why her hands were so important?
  15. Are there really people that think that because 1 job opens up that means that the game is going to be delayed 1-2 years? Seriously??? Thats absurd. People need to take a chill pill. This is a HUGE project and they will be looking for more help throughout the entire process, plus Nomura already said recently that the game is progressing. Calm down people
  16. Thanks for the help! I was able to finally get it done. Unfortunately I dont have a good guilt Larxene B and i missed out on J&S, I was able to beat it by replacing Vanitas with Illustrated Xemnas and restarting until poison+ procked. Had to have every ability prock tho. But its finally done. Thanks!
  17. I am definitely one of the ones who have logged in every day, and honestly, I could probably count on one hand how many of those days were ones where I just logged in to get the bonus. Every other day I have done quests in some fashion. I have to say though, even without Mickey and Brooms, this game has vastly improved since the failed petition. The game is fun just about every day now and there are few lulls where there isnt much content. Once an event ends, another one takes its place pretty soon after. I cant wait to see what they have in store for us the week between Christmas and New Years. Its gonna be awesome!
  18. This seems kinda meh to me. Never really been a fan of larxene. Im super stoked to get Xemnas B next month tho!
  19. I want this to come out as bad as everyone else, but the wait really hasnt been that bad. Even since pre production we've had plenty of content. Not all of it new but I feel like we've been taken care of
  20. Easy, Nomura could sit there and say "Hey, that was a good scene, lets use it". Who cares if it was just thrown together? That doesnt make it throw away material. Things change. 0.2 was just supposed to be talked about, but Nomura decided that it needed to be told in a different way, because things change. And no, Im not saying that everything from every interview is false until we see it. Im saying dont see every interview as gospel, because none of us, and even sometimes Nomura, have no idea where this is going. Again, see the creation of KHX, which perfectly proves my point Thats what Im saying, its possibility, im not claiming that its fact. Its a possibility that Sora isnt one of the 7 lights, that doesnt mean you cannot theorize either way
  21. that doesnt mean that it doesnt become substantial footage. Im saying until we see that its not in the game then we cant say it isnt canon. The whole story of X(chi) wasn't supposed to be made into a game (straight from Nomuras mouth) but we all know how that turned out. Nothing is definitive which makes the use of this scene completely valid
  22. actually I think you have it backward. if there is any possibility then it makes any support in a theory valid until proven otherwise
  23. exactly, we have no idea what hes planned. People said not to read too much into the fact that Mickey is seen in his classic Disney attire at the end of KH1, but we can see in the newest 2.8 trailer that Nomura made it story relevant. Lets just sit back and wait
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