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  1. Just because the final battle probably won't be in the keyblade graveyard, doesn't mean the X-blade won't be forged there. He could forge the X-blade in one battle, leave the world and get defeated in another. Final Boss fights tend to be more than one round
  2. i don't care about spoilers, but i'm also not really looking at anything KH related recently, mostly because i've been "No Life-ing" Warframe. Also i've seen more don't spoil then anything else honestly.
  3. KH3 was overhyped the moment the first person lied and said that they'd been waiting 10 years for kh3. there were very few legitimate leaks and rumors. speculation HAS surpassed fun and become cancerous, especially since most of the "theories" are generated before people get their facts straight.
  4. unless they play an important role in getting through areas probably not. combat wise they have been and will be optional (unless they add a scripted moment). Frankly, right now it looks like osaka team doesn't know the meaning of the phrase balanced game play. I don't trust them to either. i'm not gonna say it's going to be a bad game. I'm hoping these forms are only tied to transformations. like there's a neutral transformation, with offensive, defensive and magic variants. KH2 was good but there was really no reason to go into drive, the abilities were basically irrelevant and i've only ever seen people defend drive (for vanilla KH2) because they needed to keep them from dying to a boss; looking cool is not a factor of usefulness
  5. 1 upping your medal limit is good especially now with the new nova system, however prioritize getting your keyblade cost to 180-183 first. that way you aren't stuck not being able equip a full set of 6* 2 keep them. before i would have said sell them but guilt them and add them to your nova level. 3. upgrading stuff to 6 is always a plus. the extra damage is useful. a guilted (all the little circles filled with the symbol lit) medal should only be replaced by more useful medals. if you have a 1 star that is currently doing the damage you need keep it until you get something that surpasses it. Even support medals, the extra damage WILL be necessary eventually, the extra defense WILL help.
  6. Umbreon Uxie Ursaring Unfezant Unown Coruscant, Tatooine, Felucia, Hoth, Naboo
  7. My first setup is my 1 turn/hard hitter configuration. I use my second slot to find different combinations, grind skills or hold medals that i want to use but don't have cids for at the moment. my 3rd slot is if i need to make a temporary setup that to meet certain conditions like using 5 specials on raid eggs
  8. 2 is my favourite, followed by DDD. i'm not gonna take 0.2 into consideration yet since i count the scene that comes immediately as part of the intro too
  9. I've been busy so I forgot to say it, but I should be able to do our tournament battle tomorrow if you're available. Just let me know if you see me online.

    1. Xiro



      (Sorry Dustin, I gotta troll around on Axel's statuses and such.)

  10. after bbs. after i beat khII i assumed that they would continue the pattern of 1 in between game 2 in between game. after i'd found out about the secret ending for kh2 i figured that i was right, since "it all began with birth by sleep" didn't really sound like a sequel to me. so after i beat BBS that christmas i was expecting 3 to come for the ps3
  11. pokemon leagues. why would i be talking about sports?
  12. no a league has an elimination phase, same as this tournament. after a certain point only the best records move forward. the major difference is that tournaments don't allow changes to teams or setups
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