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  1. What you said. Also, it seems like the lost page reveals that the Master of Masters wants the Keyblade War to happen, and it's Luxu's mission to make sure that everything goes according to the Master of Masters' plan, after which he will go to the future and "inherit the secret", whatever that means.
  2. To me, it looks like the man in the black coat who is talking to Ira is just stretching. I personally don't think that is a different personality. Also, I still personally think that their voices sound way too similar, but maybe that's just my problem. I guess we will find out when the game comes out this winter. I never thought that Nomura was lying. It just comes down to whether or not there is more than one person in a black coat in the trailer. Also, since Nomura himself said that the Master of Masters "has a sort of unusual mood to him", doesn't that mean that Ira is talking to the Master of Masters, since he looks more laid back and easygoing, which is not what a Master is usually like in this series? I also found this, which not only shows screenshots of two of the three clips that show a man in a black coat on the same page, implying that they are the same person, but also says at the top, "The one who holds the key to this story is the Foretellers' Master in the black coat. He seems so unusual, telling this young man who wants to save the world, 'It's useless.'": http://kh13.com/forum/gallery/image/42915-master-of-masters/ So, I still personally think that there is just one person in a black coat, meaning that the Master of Masters possessed Luxu. However, if the man in the black coat who had the different zipper is a different person, my guess is that it was just a clip from the past, before the Master of Masters and Luxu disappeared, and that the Master of Masters has now possessed Luxu, meaning that there is now just one person in a black coat. However, those are just my thoughts. I could be completely wrong. Thanks! It looks like I was wrong. That was not a man in a black coat. That was Invi (or at least I agree that it looks the most like Invi). So, now the question is, "Why was she there?" If I had to take a guess, either she just happened to be there at that time, or, since the camera pan seemed to imply that she had something to do with King Mickey being there, maybe she was hoping that King Mickey could help prevent the end of the world, so she used her copy of the Book of Prophecies to bring him there or something like that.
  3. I never would have caught the zipper thing! That definitely gives more evidence toward there being two people in black coats. The only thing I could possibly think of to explain this is that Square-Enix just changed the design later. However, I have no evidence to back that up. I still think that their voices are way too similar in the trailer. Also, whereas the builds of the Foretellers all look different, the builds of the people in the black coats in the trailer (if they are different people) look exactly the same to me. I personally just do not think that they are two different people, but I could be wrong. I am completely in the dark on this one. Could you please explain how you came to that conclusion? If you ever find it again, can you please tell me? I did not know about this at all and would like to see why people think this, because I personally can't see it.
  4. I completely agree with you there. Since, in my opinion, we have no reason to believe that there are two people in black coats, the man in the black coat must be the Master of Masters, since Nomura told Famitsu that he was. However, since, in this update, we found out that the man in the black coat is Luxu, the sixth apprentice, it seems to me that the most logical way to make sense of what the update revealed and what Nomura said is that the Master of Masters possessed Luxu. Luxu doesn't have a copy of the Book of Prophecies. He said so himself in the update. I believe that, since the Master of Masters has an eye to see into the future, he didn't need a copy of the Book of Prophecies, if the Master of Masters did indeed possess him. I don't think Master Xehanort was talking about surviving the original Keyblade War. I think he was talking about surviving the next Keyblade War, the one he was planning on starting in Birth by Sleep before Aqua and Ventus destroyed the imperfect X-Blade. However, that does not rule out the option that he did exist that long ago. I personally just don't think that he did, since he doesn't seem to have much knowledge on it (he said to Eraqus, "We know so little about the Keyblade War--only that it was just the beginning"). That being said, from what I can gather about what Luxu was saying, Luxu's mission sounds a lot like Master Xehanort's plan: watch to make sure that the Keyblade War happens, and then go to the future to "inherit the secret". Maybe there is a connection there somehow.
  5. While it is a definite possibility that there is more than one person in a black coat, we have gotten no hints whatsoever to there being more than one. Therefore, I personally do not think that there is. However, I could be wrong. Major spoilers for Kingdom Hearts X [chi]:
  6. That is definitely a possibility. However, I personally don't think that there are more than one, because we never got any sort of hint at all that there are more than one. But you could be right. That is another possibility! I don't think that Nomura was lying either. I just put down an extreme other explanation, because that's the only other explanation I could think of at the time. Major spoilers for Kingdom Hearts X [chi]:
  7. Spoilers for Kingdom Hearts 1, Riku's story in Chain of Memories, and maybe slight spoilers for re:coded and Dream Drop Distance:
  8. Spoilers for Birth by Sleep (if you haven't played it yet):
  9. This is a very interesting idea. I actually kind of want to see this happen. I doubt that it will end up happening, but it would be interesting if it did.
  10. I suppose it is possible. Master Xehanort himself said in his forth report in Birth by Sleep, "And when Kingdom Hearts is complete, it is said that the one who opens its door will bring about the creation of the Next World." So, maybe that is what the "Dandelions" did. However, Master Xehanort also said in the same report, "To this day, no one has ever managed to open the door to Kingdom Hearts." He also says in his ninth report, "As a boy, I dreamed of seeing the farthest reaches of the World. If I only went far enough, there had to be a world out there in which no one had ever before set foot. And now I know of just such a world. If I become the first to open Kingdom Hearts' door, I can create a Next World in which light and darkness exist in perfect equilibrium." I am not saying that it is impossible, because it is possible that, even though he knows that the World was rebuilt, he does not know how the World was rebuilt, other than that the light in the hearts of children did it. However, it seems to me that Master Xehanort knows what he is talking about. So, I personally do not think that the "Dandelions" went to Kingdom Hearts, but then again, I could be wrong.
  11. Okay then. I respect your opinion. Can you please respect mine?
  12. You don't have to like it. I am just explaining why I like it.
  13. That may be, but it still served as inspiration for making the movie about cars. Also, it wasn't just that that inspired John Lasseter, it was also the old fashioned road trip that he took with his family down Route 66. While a major part of the movie is Lightning McQueen learning that life isn't all about him and to care for others, I wouldn't say that is the theme of the movie. John Lasseter came up with the idea for the movie during his road trip, when he was reminded that the journey in life is the reward, not the destination. And as I watch the movie, I see that present throughout it. So, I would say that is the theme, to take life slower and enjoy the simpler things in life instead of always focusing on where you are going in life and getting there as fast as possible. In a world of instant gratification, I would say that is a very good theme.
  14. To help clarify for Hero of Light XIV, are you saying that there is nothing special about Cars unlike the other Pixar films? That, unlike the other films where there was a point to making them toys or bugs or fish or robots, there was no point to making them cars? I respect your opinion, and everyone else's who didn't like Cars. However, there was a reason for making the movie about cars. John Lasseter said he came up for the idea for Cars when he went on an old fashioned road trip with his family down Route 66, and he said that it reminded him that the journey in life is the reward, not the destination. I think that Cars is a creative way to show that message, since it is about a racecar that learns to slow down and enjoy the simpler things. John Lasseter also said that the two sides of his family inspired it, because his dad was a parts manager at a Chevy dealership and his mom was an art teacher. He said that it represented his love for cartoons and animation, so it merged the two worlds together. So, I do personally think that there is good inspiration for this movie to be about cars, and I also think that it has a good theme and it is creative in the way it gets that theme across. Now, I don't think that means that everyone has to like the movie, but I think that it shows that it was more than just a soulless attempt to make a popular franchise and to sell merchandise.
  15. Spoilers for Kingdom Hearts Chain of Memories, re:coded (if you have not watched the new cutscenes in Kingdom Hearts HD II.5 ReMIX), and Unchained X:
  16. Don't worry! I'm with you! As for why everyone seems to hate Cars, I think it is more the story than anything else. From what I can tell, it doesn't seem quite up to the usual Pixar standards to most people. I don't agree with that, but that is just my opinion. Everyone has different tastes, and mine happen to include Cars.
  17. All of the female characters in the Kingdom Hearts series are strong and unique in their own ways. Aqua used to be my favorite, but over time, I found that there is just something about Kairi that I like more than all the rest. Maybe it's that she is the one who has been there since the beginning, so I am the most attached to her, or something like that. A close second is Xion. She has grown on me because I personally think that she has the best story arc of any female character in the Kingdom Hearts series. Not only that, but she has proven that she can hold her own against the very best and even win against them. My least favorite is Larxene. Don't get me wrong, I think that she is a great villain. However, because she takes such joy in belittling everyone every chance she gets, I can't stand her. It's not so much that she is constantly belittling people, it's that she takes so much pleasure in it. However, even though I can't stand her constant belittling, I still see her as being one of the most underrated villains in the entire Kingdom Hearts series.
  18. While we are getting a more mature Sora, that doesn't mean that he will have a complete change of character. Sora's innocence and uncorrupted heart are part of what makes him such a unique character compared to all of the others. Riku was even told this in Dream Drop Distance. In fact, it is because of this that he has so many connections to so many people. It is also the reason why so many characters may be able to be saved, which it sounds like will be a huge part of Kingdom Hearts III. Because of all of this, I have a feeling that Sora will still be the same guy he has always been. If I had to guess, I would say that the only way that we will see him change is that he will just take things a little more seriously.
  19. I don't think this will take place after Kingdom Hearts 1. I think it will take place right before and/or during the events of Kingdom Hearts 1, since King Mickey's journey to find the Kingdom Key D took place at that time, and I believe that is the time that King Mickey met Aqua. The ending cutscene(s) with Aqua might take place after Kingdom Hearts 1, if the ending doesn't take place in a world that fell into darkness. However, we are visiting worlds that fell into darkness, and I don't think any worlds fell into darkness after Kingdom Hearts 1 (unless I am mistaken). As far as worlds that we might visit, since 0.2 is a sequel of sorts to Birth by Sleep, I think we will only visit worlds from Birth by Sleep, even though we know that worlds like Pride Lands and Pranksters Paradise also fell into darkness. Plus, I think Aqua seeing her memories might be a reoccurring thing in this game. So, I think we will only visit worlds where there is a possibility that Aqua will encounter her memories. As far as what other two worlds I think we will visit, I agree that the two most likely worlds are Dwarf Woodlands and Enchanted Dominion, because those are the only other two Disney worlds from Birth by Sleep that fell into darkness. The only other worlds from Birth by Sleep that might have fallen into darkness (although we haven't been told if they did or not) are the Keyblade Graveyard and Mirage Arena. I don't think that we will revisit the Mirage Arena, since it is an optional world and nothing important to the story happened there, although it might be possible that we will visit the Keyblade Graveyard, and Aqua will have memories of the battle that happened there. That would be interesting. I just don't think that will happen (at least not as much as visiting Dwarf Woodlands and Enchanted Dominion).
  20. Spoilers for Kingdom Hearts 1, Chain of Memories, and Dream Drop Distance (if you haven't played any of those games):
  21. This is who I want to fight too, for the exact same reason. Spoilers for the end of Final Fantasy VII and possible spoilers for Kingdom Hearts II (it probably isn't a spoiler for Kingdom Hearts II, unless you haven't fought the Final Fantasy secret boss in this game and do not want spoilers of any kind at all):
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