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  1. I don't think that they are necessarily writing Sora off, but I think the reason why both Master Xehanort and Braig/Xigbar treat Sora that way is that, even though Sora managed to defeat both Ansem and Xemnas, they couldn't find out why he was able to do so. There was nothing special about him that they could pin down. As far as they could tell, he was just a dull, ordinary boy. I think that also explains Braig/Xigbar's reaction in Dream Drop Distance when he finally found out that Sora's friends were his power. When he found that out, he said, "Duh. You're strong because of the ties you have with other people. As if the Keyblade would choose a wimp like you." He reacted that way because he now understood why someone as dull and ordinary as Sora could defeat both Ansem and Xemnas, let alone be chosen to wield the Keyblade. I actually think that Terra will be one of the guardians of light too. However, I think that it will not be as Lingering Will but as a complete person. Although, I do think that Lingering Will may have a purpose in bringing Terra back. I think that Ventus will also be one of the guardians of light and that both he and Terra will be the ones to save Aqua, which, if that is true, I feel would be almost poetic since it would almost be as if they are returning the favor for the times she saved them at the end of Birth by Sleep by saving her.
  2. I actually think that, since Master Xehanort returned as his old self and not as Terra-Xehanort like he should have since Terra-Xehanort was the one who became a Heartless and Nobody, this might prove that Terra found a way to free himself from Master Xehanort's control. I don't think that we will see a Terra-Xehanort from the past. If Terra-Xehanort does appear, I'm fairly certain that he will be from the present. If there was a Terra-Xehanort from the past, that would imply that Xehanort could just turn the same person into a vessel multiple times, but he hasn't been doing that (as far as I know). It's why I don't think we will see both Terra-Xehanort and Apprentice Xehanort as vessels. They are both Terra. I think the only person we will see a past version of is Xehanort himself. If anything, I think that this most likely proves that Aqua is a seeker of darkness and Terra isn't. As I already said, Master Xehanort didn't return as Terra-Xehanort, which already hints that Terra may have freed himself from his control. Also, in the E3 Showcase trailer, we see Riku and King Mickey returning to Mysterious Tower. At this time, Sora is still in his Kingdom Hearts II outfit, which means that this scene must take place near the beginning of the game. This means that Riku and King Mickey must have already found out by this point that Aqua is now a seeker of darkness (if she is indeed a seeker of darkness), and if she is a seeker of darkness, then she must have been the one Master Xehanort was referring to when he said one of the Wayfinder Trio already belonged to him, unless Terra managed to free himself from Master Xehanort's control and Master Xehanort managed to make Aqua a seeker of darkness within that short period of time between the end of Dream Drop Distance and the beginning of Kingdom Hearts III. I don't think that them acting that way would be shrugging it off. There have been many moments when characters have become happy even in bleak situations. For example, at the end of Aqua's story in Birth by Sleep, even though Aqua and King Mickey just found out that Ventus' heart was sleeping, they were encouraged by the fact that their light could lead his heart back to the realm of light and became happy again because of that. Now, it might seem like there is no reason to be happy after finding out that Aqua is a seeker of darkness (if she is one), but I'm sure that they would still find reasons to be happy, which doesn't mean that they are shrugging of the situation. After all, even after Sora found out that Organization XIII kidnapped Kairi in Kingdom Hearts II, he still found reasons to be happy and not be depressed 100% of the time, but he still took the situation very seriously.
  3. I don't think that they're referring to Aqua. In the Toy Story trailer, Young Xehanort says, "One heart's shadows fill the emptiness of another. See how they bring him to life? Like Heartless and Nobodies, they fit together." He then gives the reason why he's in that world shortly after that by saying, "There is a darkness we are missing and must reclaim. The way hearts connect in this world can provide a clue." When Young Xehanort says, "the way hearts connect in this world," I think he is talking about how "one heart's shadows fill the emptiness of another". Therefore, I think that the way the seekers of darkness are planning on reclaiming their missing darkness is by filling the person with darkness. However, why would they need to do that if that person is already a seeker of darkness? I think the most logical explanation is that there is someone who used to be a seeker of darkness who found a way to escape from Xehanort's control, and I think that the person this is most likely to be is Terra. Terra has been fighting against Xehanort's control for so long, and, in the secret ending to Birth by Sleep, he seemed to hint that he had a plan for freeing himself from Xehanort's control. Maybe he succeeded and now Xehanort is trying to get him back. However, Nomura has done more than just say that she is "under the influence of Xehanort", he has also said that we can save her. These two things that Nomura has said seem to confirm that Aqua has in fact fallen under Xehanort's control. Maybe they don't encounter Aqua until after the Way to Dawn breaks. And even if that's not the case, when do we ever see the Kingdom Hearts heroes stay unhappy and depressed when something bad happens? They usually end up finding a way to smile again. I suppose Young Xehanort could also be talking about Roxas. He was a member of the original Organization XIII after all. Also, maybe when Young Xehanort is talking about how hearts connect in Toy Box, he is literally researching how hearts connect in order to get Roxas out of Sora. This would also explain why Ansem, Seeker of Darkness, and Xemnas seem so interested in getting Roxas back.
  4. You bring up some good points that I never considered, specifically one Boo and Olette. As far as what I think, I think that we have to start by looking at the seekers of darkness. My guess is that most of the worlds we visit will have at least one seeker of darkness that we encounter in each of them and that, after we complete those worlds, we will not encounter those seekers of darkness again until the end of the game. As far as which seeker(s) of darkness will appear in each world, this is what has been confirmed so far: 1. Ansem, Seeker of Darkness, and Xemnas will appear in Twilight Town 2. Young Xehanort will appear in Toy Box 3. Marluxia will appear in Kingdom of Corona 4. Vanitas will appear in Monstropolis 5. Larxene will appear in Arendelle 6. Braig/Xigbar will appear in Olympus 7. Luxord will appear in the Caribbean So, eight seekers of darkness and the worlds that they appear in have been confirmed so far. I think that Master Xehanort will not appear until the end of the game, and I think that it is safe to assume that a seeker of darkness will appear in San Fransokyo. So, that leaves three seekers of darkness without worlds, which means that we may have at least three unrevealed worlds (not including the final world). I think that there will be one reason that the seekers of darkness are visiting each world. I also think that most of those reasons have already been revealed (for the worlds that they have been confirmed to appear in) or that we are at least able to make educated guesses on what the reasons are. 1. It seems that the main reason for visiting Twilight Town will be to get Roxas back (from what has been revealed so far). We don't know for sure if that is why Ansem, Seeker of Darkness, and Xemnas are visiting Twilight Town, but my guess is that it is. 2. Young Xehanort is visiting Toy Box in order to get a clue from the world on how to reclaim a darkness that the seekers of darkness are missing. 3. We have not been told why Marluxia is visiting Kingdom of Corona, but since that world is following the events of the movie, I think it is safe to say that he is only there for Rapunzel, who might be one of the new seven hearts. 4. It seems that Vanitas is visiting Monstropolis in order to collect emotions. 5. It seems that Larxene is visiting Arendelle for Elsa and probably Anna as well, who might be two of the new seven hearts. 6. We have not been told why Braig/Xigbar is visiting Olympus, but since we know that Maleficent and Pete are visiting that world in search of the black box, I think that Braig/Xigbar is probably there for the same reason. 7. Luxord is visiting the Caribbean in search of the black box. Also, from the little we know of the story for San Fransokyo, it looks as if that story will be about the darkness corrupted Baymax and not the search for the new seven hearts. And so, I think that only two of the revealed worlds will have anything to do the new seven hearts. That means that the only candidates for the new seven hearts that I am expecting to see from those worlds (not counting Kairi, since she has already been confirmed to be one of them) are: 1. Rapunzel 2. Anna 3. Elsa As I already said, there is a potential for three more worlds (not including the final world) to be revealed. If each of these worlds contains one of the new seven hearts, then (assuming that Rapunzel, Anna, and Elsa are all going to be members of the new seven hearts), we will have our new seven hearts. However, I think that there is a strong possibility that Queen Minnie will be one of the new seven hearts, and if that is the case, then we don't need both Anna and Elsa to be members of the new seven hearts to make this theory work. So, I think that, of the candidates from the worlds revealed so far, the new seven hearts will be: 1. Kairi 2. Queen Minnie 3. Rapunzel 4. Anna For the three potential worlds and the new hearts within them, these are the possibilies that I think we have: 1. Peter Pan (this one I think is extremely unlikely, but I still think that there is a slight possibility that, while Wendy was not one of the original seven hearts, she could be one of the new seven hearts) 2. The Jungle Book (The only reason I am including this world is that Nomura has tried a few times to include this movie as a world already. If this world is included in the game and does have one of the new seven hearts, my guess is that it would be Shanti) 3. Robin Hood (Maid Marian) 4. The Black Cauldron (Eilonwy) 5. Pocahontas (Pocahontas) 6. Atlantis: The Lost Empire (Kida) 7. The Princess and the Frog (Tiana) 8. Brave (Merida) However, this is assuming that none of the other worlds, other than Kingdom of Corona and Arendelle, have any of the new seven hearts in them and that each of the three remaining seekers of darkness (not counting Master Xehanort and the seeker of darkness who will most likely appear in San Fransokyo) will appear in worlds that have the new seven hearts in them. I think that there is a strong possibility that each seeker of darkness may not even get their own world (especially if some of them are former heroes, such as Aqua, since I think that they may not have their own worlds but will instead have one or two encounters with us that confirm to us that they are seekers of darkness or something like that). I am guessing that I am most likely wrong, but everything that I have just said is my best guess.
  5. Xehanort and Xehanort was a close second, but Sora, Donald, and Goofy are the best "pair" of friends in my opinion. If we are talking about romantic couples though, I would have to go with Sora and Kairi. Seeing those two finally end up together in Kingdom Hearts III is my biggest hope for the game.
  6. I would agree with this except, long before 0.2 came out, Birth by Sleep Final Mix came out and showed Aqua discover the Castle of Dreams in the Dark World at the end of the Secret Episode. Nomura said that 0.2 is that story that he wanted to tell but never did. So, it seems to me that Nomura always planned for Aqua to discover that the worlds fell to darkness. Also, as other people have said, from what King Mickey told Aqua, it doesn't seem like she would have much of a reason to think that Sora was the one saving the worlds.
  7. Goofy! He's not only my favorite character from the Mickey universe but also my favorite character of all time!
  8. I have two answers to this question. My least favorite world overall is Atlantica from Kingdom Hearts II. I actually really like Atlantica in Kingdom Hearts 1 and think that it gets too much hate, but Atlantica in Kingdom Hearts II seems almost pointless to me since there is no world to explore and you can only play rhythm minigames. However, as far as a regular world (meaning a world that you get to actually explore and do things in) that is my least favorite, I think that would be either Wonderland or Land of Dragons, but I'm leaning toward Wonderland. I don't exactly know why Wonderland is my least favorite since I think that it is actually one of the most unique worlds in the entire Kingdom Hearts series. There's just something about it that makes it my least favorite world. I just can't put my finger on it.
  9. I'm most excited for the Toy Story versions of Sora, Donald, and Goofy. I have always wanted to get a Sora action figure but never got around to buying one. Then, I saw the Toy Story reveal trailer and immediately started hoping that those versions of them would be turned into action figures, which was confirmed to be happening shortly afterwards. I thought that if I was going to own any Sora action figure, it should be the actual action figure version of Sora. Since then, I was anxiously waiting for them to go on sale. So, once they were revealed to be coming out exclusively with the Kingdom Hearts III limited edition, I bought that thing in a heartbeat.
  10. Now I'm picturing Master Xehanort at a claw machine trying to get a Kingdom Hearts plushie as all of the other Xehanorts watch him and cheer him on.
  11. I think that the best videogames to adapt into movies are videogames that are story driven and that won't feel like your watching a videogame. I think that "Tomb Raider" is a good example of this, and I think that videogames like "Uncharted" and "The Last of Us" could also be adapted well into movies. However, instead of just adapting the plot of the game, I think that the movie adaptations should tell their own stories. Not that adapting the plots of the games wouldn't work, I just think that telling new stories in the movie adaptations not only allows the people making the adaptations to make their movies without being restricted by what happens in the games but also makes it easier for them to make the movies feel like your watching more than just gameplay.
  12. I have a long list of things that I love that everyone else hates. However, since I probably shouldn't post a novel, I will just talk about the thing I love the most that everyone else hates: Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. I could talk forever about this, but I will only focus on three specific things. First of all, I feel like most of the criticisms of this movie can be summed up as, "They got the characters completely wrong." However, while I'm not sure if all of the characters were inspired by the comics, I know for sure that some of the characters who are criticized the most for not being portrayed accurately were actually inspired by the comics. For example, the Lex Luthor in the movie was inspired by a version of Lex Luthor from the comics who was young, had a full head of hair, and was so smart that he basically went crazy. Second (and this is kind of a continuation of my first point), while Batman is known for his "no killing" rule, Batman has not only killed in the past, he has also killed with guns in the past. In addition, the popular Tim Burton Batman films not only show Batman kill, but the films have no issue with Batman killing. However, BvS is different because, while it does show Batman kill, the movie points out that Batman is wrong and that he has gone down a dark path that might end up destroying him. That's Batman's entire story arc. Thanks to Superman, Batman is redeemed. This is not only shown by the fact that Batman doesn't brand Lex Luthor, but also by what he says to Diana right at the end of the movie: "We fight, we kill, we betray one another, but we can rebuild. We can do better. We will. We have to." People seem to have completely missed this because I constantly see people bringing up the fact that this Batman is okay with killing as if he is still okay with it when he clearly isn't. Lastly, while I agree that the "Martha" scene was not handled as well as it could have been, people seem to have completely missed the point of it. He didn't spare Superman because their moms have the same name, he spared Superman because he realized that he had become the very thing that he had sworn to fight against. People seem to love to misrepresent this scene by acting as if the entire scene was Superman saying, "Save Martha!" and Batman responding to him by saying, "Why did you say that name?" However, if you look at what the dialogue actually is, then I think that the actual purpose of what this scene was trying to get across becomes more clear. It starts with Superman saying, "You're letting him kill Martha!" Batman becomes confused, so he asks, "What does that mean?" This shows that Batman clearly heard all of what Superman just said to him, but he chose to focus in on the name "Martha". He then says, "Why did you say that name?" Superman responds by saying, "Find him! Save Martha!" Batman then loses it. Continuing to focus on the name, he begins to yell at Superman, "Why did you say that name? That name! Martha! Why did you say that name?" Superman is too weak to respond due to the Kryptonite spear, but then Lois Lane shows up and explains to Batman, "It's his mother's name! It's his mother's name!" It is at that moment that Batman realizes what he has become. He's letting him [Lex Luthor] kill Superman's mom. It is Crime Alley all over again, only this time, he is the one who is pointing the gun at Martha. However, this time, the trigger doesn't have to be pulled. This time, Batman can save Martha. He wasn't able to save his Martha, but he can save Superman's Martha. I hope that made sense. Like I said, the scene wasn't done perfectly, but I think that a lot of people completely shut their brains off for this scene when there was clearly more to this scene than just "You're mom's name is Martha? My mom's name is Martha! Did we just become best friends?" And those are the three biggest points that I feel get more hate than they deserve. I want to be clear, I don't think that BvS is a perfect movie, and I don't think that any of these points that I brought up are without criticism. I think that BvS has a lot of issues, but that doesn't stop me from enjoying it. If you didn't enjoy it, that's perfectly fine. I just personally think that this movie gets way more hate than it deserves.
  13. I always thought that the first world in Kingdom Hearts III was going to be Olympus (unless there's a prologue with another character). After all, the final cutscene of Kingdom Hearts 0.2 ends with Sora, Donald, and Goofy taking off for Olympus Coliseum. However, when asked about Twilight Town in an interview, Nomura said, "This time the Twilight town will serve as a tutorial area and will be visited early in the game." To me, this could mean one of four things: Kingdom Hearts III starts before the final cutscene of 0.2, Sora accidentally opens a gate to Twilight Town instead of Olympus, we visit Twilight Town after we visit Olympus, or we play as a character other than Sora in Twilight Town at the beginning of the game. To me, the least likely option is that Sora accidentally opens a gate to Twilight Town instead of Olympus. After all, the gate opened after he thought of his friends in Olympus, so I doubt that doing that accidentally opened a gate to Twilight Town. Besides, since the whole reason Sora is returning to Olympus is to regain a lot of his old abilities that he lost by getting help from Hercules (since Hercules lost his strength and found it again), I doubt that we would relearn how to do everything by visiting a different world first. Of the other three options, I honestly think it could be any of them. In the final cutscene of 0.2, we do find out that Sora went somewhere to do something. We don't know where he went or what it was he did though. He didn't even tell Donald and Goofy when they asked him about it. So, maybe he went to Twilight Town for some secret reason, and that mission he went on will be the tutorial. Since the only gameplay and cutscenes we have seen of Twilight Town so far have been of Sora in his Kingdom Hearts III outfit, this means that what has been shown to us of Twilight Town must happen after Sora's visit to Olympus since he doesn't have his Kingdom Hearts III outfit in Olympus. I think that could fit with what Nomura said in the interview since he never said that Twilight Town would be the first world. He only said that it would be a tutorial world that is visited early on in the game. So, maybe it's the second world visited or something like that. However, it seems strange to tackle the Roxas plot that early in the game, so maybe what we have seen so far is from later on in the game at a time when Sora revisits Twilight Town. Kingdom Hearts III could also start in a similar way that Kingdom Hearts II started by having us play a tutorial in Twilight Town as a character other than Sora. As for who we could play as, maybe it could be Kairi or Lea/Axel as they train, which would give an excuse for why we are being told how to use a Keyblade again. We were told that we don't get to visit the world in which we see Kairi and Lea/Axel in the latest trailer, but maybe that isn't the only world they trained in. I feel like playing as Kairi or Lea/Axel in Twilight Town could be a bit of a stretch, but I think it is still a possibility that we could play as a character other than Sora for the tutorial, even if it isn't Kairi or Lea/Axel. However, these are just my thoughts. What do you guys think?
  14. I don't think that alternate timelines are possible in the Kingdom Hearts universe because of the rules that have been established for time travel. I would assume that the way that Master Xehanort would travel to these alternate timelines is by constantly going back in time to try things differently. However, Young Xehanort said when he was explaining the restrictions of time travel to Riku that you cannot change events that are destined to happen. I think that this restriction was included so that time travel couldn't be abused. Therefore, if you cannot change events that are destined to happen, I think that makes alternate timelines impossible.
  15. I actually think that this is a really good theory! I had taken Ansem of the Wise out of the equation simply because he has never been shown to own a weapon or even fight, but this theory is causing me to second guess myself. However, the one thing that keeps me from believing it is that Ansem the Wise had been desperately trying to stop Xehanort (and Xemnas) ever since he learned of the experiments that Xehanort was carrying out in secret. Why would Ansem the Wise constantly be trying to stop Xehanort from achieving his goal if he was already Xehanort? However, I suppose stranger things have happened in the Kingdom Hearts series.
  16. This quote is making me second guess myself. If we are going to be surprised by who's on the side of Light and who's on the side of Darkness, then maybe my list is completely wrong. However, until we get evidence that proves otherwise, I will continue to guess that these are who will be on the side of Light and on the side of Darkness: Guardians of Light 1. King Mickey 2. Sora 3. Riku 4. Kairi 5. Lea/Axel 6. Terra 7. Ventus Seekers of Darkness 1. Master Xehanort 2. Young Xehanort 3. Vanitas 4. Ansem, Seeker of Darkness 5. Xemnas 6. Braig/Xigbar 7. Isa/Saix 8. Demyx 9. Luxord 10. Marluxia 11. Larxene 12. Roxas 13. Aqua
  17. I really don't know because I don't know the order they appear in, but since the Big Hero 6 world is still being worked on, I'm guessing that it's going to be one of the last worlds, and therefore, I think that Dark Baymax will be the hardest boss to beat of the bosses/villains that have been revealed so far (assuming that all of the other bosses/villains that have been revealed so far are fought before him).
  18. I have had long talks about the emotional moments and the power of music before, so I would definitely do that again. If I talked about one thing more than anything else though, it would be the story. There have been a few different explanations for what Kingdom Hearts is throughout the series so far. In the age of fairy tales, many believed that the light was a gift that came from Kingdom Hearts. In Kingdom Hearts 1, the Disney villains hoped to gain immeasurable power and knowledge and dominion over all worlds from Kingdom Hearts. In the Xehanort Reports, Master Xehanort wrote that Kingdom Hearts could be described as an aggregate of hearts and that the one true Kingdom Hearts (not like the ones that were artificially made) is a perfect and complete union of all the worlds' hearts. Master Xehanort also wrote that Kingdom Hearts is the one world which no one has ever stepped foot on and that the one who does is said to become something far greater than human and bring about the creation of the Next World (which is what Master Xehanort plans to do after he starts another Keyblade War). I don't know how much of this is true and how much of it is just legends, but at the very least, Kingdom Hearts is indeed a world. If the other explanations are true as well, then it is also the source of all light, a source of immeasurable power and knowledge, and an aggregate of hearts.
  19. Depending on which character it is, I think it could go either way. For example, if one of the good guys was possessed by Xehanort but had enough free will left to betray him, they would most definitely betray him for the good side. However, if it's anyone else, I think that they would betray him for their own purposes.
  20. I think that if anyone has shown the most signs of possibly betraying Master Xehanort, it's Braig/Xigbar. Granted, we haven't seen how the other seekers of darkness are acting outside of the little revealed of them in the trailers, but Braig/Xigbar has been shown to think that Master Xehanort is hiding something on two separate occasions. The first time was while he was a member of Organization XIII. He tried to find out if Zexion knew who Xemnas was talking to in the Chamber of Repose and what they were talking about, saying to him, "Isn't it time you told me about Xemnas' secret?" When Zexion doesn't answer him, telling him to focus on his duties since the Organization had to prepare their new facility, Castle Oblivion, he then told Zexion that Xemnas was after something within Castle Oblivion that he didn't tell them about, the Chamber of Waking, saying to him, "Did you know there's something he didn't share?" The second time was in the Re:coded secret ending in Kingdom Hearts 2.5. He was talking to Young Xehanort after everyone in Organization XIII became complete people again. During their conversation, he said to Young Xehanort, "Man, does that Xehanort scare me like nobody's business, the way he can see into minds. And it doesn't help that no one knows what it is that the old man wants. I wonder if even you know what's going on inside your own head." This seems to me like he was trying to get Young Xehanort to reveal what Master Xehanort was planning, but when Young Xehanort doesn't give him a good answer, he says, "Whatever. I got my hands full with my own plans." I don't know what he meant by this. Did he mean that he was carrying out something else that Master Xehanort wanted him to do, especially since he was not only telling Young Xehanort this, which would seem stupid if he meant that he was planning something of his own, but also immediately asked Young Xehanort, "So, which poor soul will it be?", which implies that he was referring to something that Master Xehanort wanted him to do. However, he could have been referring to his own plans, which may end up being to betray Master Xehanort. One last point: why would someone willingly go along with Master Xehanort's plan if they know that they will end up becoming Xehanort in the end? Unless Master Xehanort took him over really early on since we see him with the yellow eye and pointy ears even in Birth by Sleep, which would explain why he went along with it. However, maybe he is just pretending to go along with it in order to catch Master Xehanort off guard at just the right moment, like maybe once the χ-Blade is forged. I guess we will have to wait and see.
  21. These basically sum up all my fears. If Sora and Kairi don't end up together after all of the build-up and teasing that has been done in the previous games, I'm gonna punch a baby. That being said, I've been put a little at ease since Kairi's Japanese voice actor read some lines during the Kingdom Hearts Orchestra World Tour that are canon to Kingdom Hearts III, and they were basically a letter to Sora in which she apologized to him for leaving without saying goodbye, informed him on everything going on during her training, and encouraged him to stay the same Sora she knows as he sets off to save those tied to his heart. Not only does Kairi writing a letter to Sora to fill him in on what's going on with her put me at ease, but she also mentions Lea/Axel in that letter, but only to say that they started talking and that she can't bring herself to hate him, which makes me think that she and Lea/Axel will be nothing more than friends. In addition to the canon dialogue that was read at the orchestra, I was also put at ease by the credits for Kingdom Hearts 2.8, which showed a montage of all of the couples that have appeared in the series so far, a montage that ended by showing all of the Sora and Kairi moments, and since Kingdom Hearts 2.8 was meant to directly lead into Kingdom Hearts III, I'm guessing that means we have nothing to fear. Finally, the last thing that put me at ease is that Lea/Axel is an adult while Kairi is still a teenager (he was basically the age Kairi is now while she was still a little girl in Birth by Sleep), so it would be weird if they became anything more than friends. It might seem like I'm obsessing over this a little bit (which I probably am), but I have wanted to see Sora and Kairi finally get together officially for years now, and I don't want to have my hopes and dreams crushed. But I suppose, if they don't end up together, I will be fine with it as long as it is done well. I love this fight so much, especially the epic version of Davy Jones' theme playing in the background at the beginning of their fight! Since Nomura said in a recent interview that the fight against Davy Jones will be included, I can't wait to see what it will look like! My guess is that it will start with us jumping from ship to ship as we fight swarms of Heartless and cursed pirates while Captain Jack Sparrow and Davy Jones fight on the mast of the Flying Dutchman. Then, once we defeat all of the enemies necessary to progress to the next stage of the fight, the part of Jack Sparrow and Davy Jones' fight where they fight on the deck of the ship will begin, which is when the real boss fight will begin as we join in the fight and help Captain Jack Sparrow defeat Davy Jones.
  22. While Xion is not in my top five favorite Kingdom Hearts characters, she is definitely in my top ten. I actually don't know if I like her or Aqua more. I like them about the same. She's also my third favorite Organization XIII member after Axel and Roxas. I think that she had a really good character arch, and, in my opinion, she's one of the main reasons why Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days' story is so good. I think that the final fight against her is the most emotional boss fight I've ever played, and I think that the scene that followed is the saddest moment in the Kingdom Hearts series (so far). I would definitely agree that she is an underrated character.
  23. I think that was it. They were experimenting with new gameplay mechanics. I think they have even said that they were doing that in some of the interviews if I am not mistaken.
  24. To me, it seems that every Kingdom Hearts game that isn't Kingdom Hearts 1 or Kingdom Hearts II gets more hate than they deserve. I'm not saying that they are all perfect games, far from it. I'm also not trying to criticize people who think this way. It's just that, in my opinion, most of these games are good, and I'm going to try to explain why. Kingdom Hearts Chain of Memories This game is probably the most different in terms of gameplay from any of the other Kingdom Hearts games. You spend the entire game in one location (Castle Oblivion), create rooms with cards, and battle with cards. Almost every single world and enemy you fight is from the previous game, and every single world you visit is basically the same world with different enemies in them, making the gameplay feel very repetitive over time. The only important story is told as you exit one world and head to the next world (even though the stories of Disney worlds usually aren't important to the main story of the game, these stories seem really watered down). So, why is this game better than people make it out to be? This game was originally made for the Game Boy Advance and therefore couldn't have too complex gameplay or world designs. Given the limitations that Square-Enix had, I think that they did a good job and created a new gameplay system that required strategy as you had to carefully plan out what cards to use. The stories within the revisited worlds, while not nearly as good as their stories in the first game, mostly dealt with the game's overall theme of memories, making their stories not completely pointless. The main story of the game I personally found very interesting, and it set up Kingdom Hearts II. So, while the game isn't perfect, I think that it is a fine entry in the Kingdom Hearts series. Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days The big complaint with this game is that the gameplay is boring and repetitive. I would have to agree with that. You are just caring out the same missions every day while the important story is happening in between them, much like Chain of Memories. However, while the missions themselves were repetitive, I thought that everything else was good. Plus, I thought that this game had a great story. Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep I don't understand some of the hate that this game gets. In my opinion, it is right up there with Kingdom Hearts 1 and Kingdom Hearts II. The only things I agree with is that the combat feels a little floaty and that some of the gameplay felt broken (such as dodge roll making you basically invincible), but those were never things that bothered me. However, even if they did bother me, they wouldn't be enough for me to not like the game. I think that this game has one of the best stories, and I also really liked the way that you could customize your command deck in this game. I felt that it added another element of strategy as you had to choose the commands that you felt would best help you. Kingdom Hearts Re:coded Other than the parts of the game where you have to enter data sections in order to fix glitches (which I hated), I thought that the gameplay was really good. It took the good parts of 358/2 Days gameplay and made it better. However, the gameplay isn't the stuff that people seem to take issue with. It's the story. I would have to agree that the story isn't that great. Much like Chain of Memories, all of the worlds are worlds that you have already visited, and the stories within these worlds are really watered down from the original stories told in these worlds. However, unlike Chain of Memories, these stories are basically not important at all. They don't connect to a bigger theme, they are just there. The main story of the game itself doesn't even get important until the end when you find out how this story connects to the larger story. So, yes, the story isn't that great, but is that really a good reason to hate this game? For me, it is my least favorite game, but that is not just because of the story but also because of the data sections that you have to enter, which I didn't find that fun. However, other than that, I found the gameplay good, which makes me think that the game is better than people say it is. Kingdom Hearts [Dream Drop Distance] While I understand the hate for this game more than I did for Birth by Sleep, I still don't understand why this game gets so much hate. The gameplay is a lot like Birth by Sleep's gameplay, meaning that it is floaty and has some broken gameplay elements (such as Flow Motion), but other than that, like Birth by Sleep, I think that the gameplay is fine. Yes, the story makes everything complicated and confusing, but, like with Re:coded, I don't see a confusing story as enough reason to hate a game. I still think this game is fun to play, and I also personally don't think that the story is as bad as people say it is. Kingdom Hearts Union χ[Cross] I really don't get why this game gets so much hate. The only thing I don't like in this game is that most of the missions are filler missions. Other than that, I think that this game is really fun, and I think that there is a lot to do for a game that is purchased off of an app store. Yes, the game wants you to pay it money in order to get the good stuff, but I think that the game has improved a lot since the early days so that you can get a lot of really good medals without spending a cent. Yes, it will take longer, but if you are patient, then you will have a lot of those powerful medals in no time, especially since you can earn a lot of jewels that you can use to buy medals just by completing the story missions. Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep 0.2 -A fragmentary passage- Okay, most people seem to like this one for what it is. So, there are my thoughts on why these games deserve more credit than they receive. I would like to stress one more time that I am not saying that these are perfect games. A lot of the criticisms I feel are justified. I just think that there are a lot of good things in these games that some people seem to ignore simply because they're not Kingdom Hearts 1 or Kingdom Hearts II. What do you guys think? Do you agree that these games get more hate than they deserve? Do you disagree and think that they deserve the hate that they get? Or do you think something else?
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