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Please note that this stream may contain spoilers for Kingdom Hearts III Re Mind.
  1. I don't agree with the live-action part, but I'd be interested in seeing an animated elongated movie with complete voice cast. I just think that representing the characters to fit fans' expectations and give newcomers a good drift of the story is best made possible through animation. Live action doesn't have a very good history either :sad: Then it really does depends on what company would take over production, the story, and cast. Who knows if in an alternative universe where the KH animated series actually became a thing, a movie got adapted for it?
  2. When you need to buy a PS4 for all the KH games you're going to get :D

  3. Antlantica: I didn't mind KH1, because there was some fights... But if it's just singing it doesn't really fit in at all, not to mention it was rarely ever important (you didn't "need" to finish it in KH2 I think). Olympia: I'm sick of it I hated the bloody challenges and timed practices in all of the games. I liked the championship stuff in KH 2 though... Wonderland: There's not a lot to it. (Alice didn't even grow up at all from KHx until now, isn't that weird?) Frozen: Just NO. It was an alright movie, but it was very shallow. I don't want to see Sora befriending those bloody rocks. 100 Acre World: It literally has nothing to do with the story line, it's just a short break from beating things up to helping a fat bear. (okay it's nice for people who grew up reading his books though) Port Royal: Sora looked so out of place in that world lmao Agrabar: Kind of outlived itself. It was fun though, but it would be nice to be spared from the music. Tron: aaaaaaaaa I think the only problem I have with some of these worlds is just that they didn't usually help the storyline, they were just background places. I think new worlds would be more fitting, since Sora and Riku are getting stronger and older as time progresses. I don't hate all of these worlds, but I feel that better worlds could be put in. I found this neat little display of all the worlds and suggestions to new ones (found on disneytheory, from 2014).
  4. He's purple. And he has a purple festive rifle. He'll rock any class' world. And I drew him. Thoughts?
  5. I had a crush on Marluxia when I was younger and I had only played Days and seen fanart of him.
  6. I preordered KH 2.8 limited edition! First time I've ever preordered anything, and it's def worth it!

  7. I've always been getting the KH games years after they come out, but I'm considering buying a PS4 just to pre-order KH3...

  8. Warrior World Summary: In a far away world, where no mention of Sora exists, the lives of many, keyblade-wielder or not, are shrouded in mystery. There, the knowledge of all that is and can be is limited. People die, people are reborn, they love, and sometimes find themselves not being able to. Yet no one knows what everything means. The only thing that Anasztaz knows and holds true are the virtues in life. Anasztaz, a keyblade-wielder once tempted by darkness, finds that a person important to him is gone. After searching far and wide on that world, he loses hope, but continues on to wherever his heart leads him. That is when he stumbles across a sea-side town, desolate and devoid of life. TL;DR: adventure, love, friendship comic story revolving around a couple people who are left in the darkness about their own existance. ... This is a little something I came up with a month or two ago. Currently I've drawn and sketched out about 13 pages. I've got a lot of plans for the story and I wanted to post a little teaser for anyone who's interested! I'm sadly left without a scanner or a PC, but I should have them in about a week. Until then I can only work on the comic traditional style. So far I don't have anyone to ask for feedback or impressions, so there might be many issues in the plot and in the drawing. Please feel free to criticize and comment on anything! Attached is the thumbnail of the current cover.
  9. Thank ye! I'm looking forward to contributing :lol: Sounds like a perfect home, I'll be sure to abide the house rules! Σ(°△°|||)︴no! not my soul! I neeed that! Thank you! I llama'd right back at ye Love your keyblade modeling! Looks like a lot of fun to design keyblades (ノ≧∀≦)ノ ..━━━★
  10. JamXion

    Made-up KeybladeWielders

    I drew some peeps as keyblade-wielders and gave them their own stylized keyblades. I can't do detailed backgrounds Hope it's interesting!

    © Skullosaurus (me)

  11. What if I offer you my entire Kingdom Hearts Unchained wallet? 2mil munny... How about this one; Why did the manager hire the marsupial? Because he was koala-fied! (I didn't google that I swear) Sadly I'm just a german shephard, no super jumps here :tongue: Haha, no worries, I like Kairi just as much as the other female cast, I love designing clothing for her. Thanks for the tips, I'm making sure I'm reading through all the rules and whatnot just to be safe Thank you! I don't get a lot of feedback or comments, so it means quite a bit to me Thank ye, I hope we may thwart the darkness with our teamwork! (if you're on team light :tongue: ) Heyo! Thank ye, I'm quite happy to have signed up! Yup, that's me That title is a joke on Jurassic Park, which I found quite amusing...
  12. Oh shoot, I'm sorry sir, I promise I'll pay you double by next fullmoon! Please don't hurt my family!
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