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Please note that this stream may contain spoilers for Kingdom Hearts III.
  1. Genie´s keyblade Not really, i can´t chosse between no name, Invi´s keyblade and of course X-Blade
  2. Anyone rembeber the chamber wich Sora Donald and Goofy slept for a year? So there´s more than three chambers and if you press triangle in one of them it said that it had been already used for somebody else. My theory is that they might slept there. Who knows, maybe Skuld and Ephemer or even Blaime still exist in Sora´s time. And if you press triangle in a bookcase in Merlin´s house (KH2) it talks about a book which tells something about the future. Maybe Nomura has planned all it since a long time... (i´m not a native english speaker, sorry if i have some mistakes :biggrin: )
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