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  1. I want Frozen to be in KH3, I want to meet Sora, I want to wield a Keyblade, I want KH stuff at both Disney parks, and I want Sora and Kairi to kiss already.
  2. Me too. The trailer was what got me into the series. As soon as I saw Disney characters, I was like,"I want this game right now." And I got it and it was AWESOME!!!!!!!!!! Now 5 years later, I'm working on Days and I am loving it so far.
  3. Sora's. Also I'm listening to Hikari right now.
  4. None of them. I'm working on Days right now and I beat DDD but I didn't get 100% but I didn't care. Days is my second KH game. The first one was DDD.
  5. I can't really say cause I haven't played it cause we don't have PlayStaition. We only have Xbox. But we do have an Xbox One and KHIII is going on that system.
  6. This looks interesting. I would love to join.
  7. My top two favorites are the double arrowguns and Drill Punch.
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