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  1. never owned any playstation consoles so i was stuck with re:coded
  2. all of the organization members that were fought at twtnw were included in the new organization, with the only exception being luxord up until recently. he also controls the element of time, something that would be very useful to the organization due to their methods of obtaining members still hate the fact that he was included cuz he has the character of a piece of bread with a deck of cards slapped on top
  3. idk shit about these collector's editions but if i had to take a guess, square knows how hardcore their kh fanbase is and they want to milk your money in the cheapest way possible.
  4. hm. nomura said that we would "understand the circumstances" of a lot of other norted characters. i feel like saying that he's a good guy is going too far, but there might be some differences between him/larxene and other norted characters due to their past history. he does seem to like using "understanding circumstances" a lot when describing kh3's characters, maybe that phrasing is intentional but idk what we can draw from that.
  5. hm. the only correlation i can think of is how much that those under xehanort's influence accept their own darkness and/or believe in xehanort's cause. actually, now that i think about it, there might be a possibility of a betrayal in the new organization: vanitas. we haven't seen any signs of him being norted yet due to him always having his mask on, his heart is already pure darkness so he wouldn't need to be norted at all, and while he did almost disobey some of xehanort's orders in bbs, it was nothing that xehanort would have seen, so xehanort already thinks that vanitas is completely loyal to him. i don't think that there will be a betrayal in the organization, but if there is someone who might do it it could be vanitas.
  6. as long as they don't go full shadow the hedgehog, which is really hard not to do (especially because this is nomura we're talking about here) nomura, circa. 2002: wow look at sora my beautiful baby boy nomura after putting up with 16 years of sora's shit: BITCH I WILL UNLEASH MY ATTACK ON YOU
  7. an interview quote has never confused me so much. "...something does happen in Kingdom Hearts 3 that make her seem like..." seem like? aqua was never norted in the first place? "...how she is right now in the trailer." right now? oh so this is temporary and she'll be saved "...the player is the only one that can save her from him" he doesn't mention sora, riku, or mickey here, he explicity says "the player can save her." now the player simply has the potential to save aqua. does this mean that he's just keeping it ambiguous who saves her? is it multiple people that you play as to do it? are there multiple points where you can save aqua? so nomura went from "oh shit dude aqua was never norted lol," to "oh shit dude aqua's getting saved lol," to "oh shit dude maybe she'll get saved lol???" i'm probably reading too deep into this, but this man is trying to avoid spoiling anything as best he can. thus, he's probably really paying attention to how he words things to prevent info from getting leaked, especially anything concerning story spoilers like this.
  8. no idea why everyone is saying the caribbean. the second i saw the underwater combat i got flashbacks of this shit.
  9. nomura: *casually norts aqua* hannah baker: welcome to your tape
  10. hm... we've already seen this portion of the e3 2015 trailer showing how much freedom you have in terms of space in each world. maybe this trait will allow you to go on the roofs of the houses in twilight town to fight the devil's wave, just so you can have more space to run around in.
  11. alright, hold up. why would they tease sora succumbing to darkness, and then completely abandon that plot thread just so sora can bring back another roxas? we don't even know the method that xemnas was referring to involving darkness. that just seems like bad storytelling, at least without context. or, and this might seem really crazy, what if there ended up being two different roxases? roxii? roxii. one data-roxas who becomes a seeker of light, and the actual roxas in sora's heart who is a seeker of darkness. you already said that they implied that they needed a seeker of darkness in the form of sora, why not use roxas? data-roxas would technically have the heart needed to be a seeker of light as seen in re:coded. idk, maybe this is just too insane to be true.
  12. 1. - what's the method that xemnas is referring to? the method that was hinted at in the e3 showcase trailer was that all of roxas' data would be taken from the copied twilight town. 2. - now that i think about it, roxas is probably going to be a seeker of darkness. young xehanort pointed out that he would have been a worthy candidate in ddd.
  13. i believe that nomura even said at some point that sora will always be the main character of kingdom hearts. so that possibility is off the table. i wouldn't put it past nomura to do a cast wipe or a universe reset though.
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