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  1. Which hero do you think could become a good villain in a future Kingdom Hearts title?
  2. I can see Scala Ad Calem being the hub world of sorts for the game. Perhaps we'll also see more of Xehanort's life on Destiny Islands? Perplexed as to how the Disney worlds would feature in story, unless they do a method similar to KHX. Of course, a self contained one world storyline for KH could be interesting as well.
  3. Binging with Babish is a cooking channel that focuses on making meals from movies, shows and games. Most all meals are created with the most base ingredients as possible. You expect no less from a professional chef. His latest episode was on Sea-Salt Ice Cream! If you've never attempted to make the recipe, this is a pretty good guide.
  4. The Aladdin ones (and the series) were the main DTV sequels that I liked. King of Theives for KH4 please?
  5. Scatch Oculus for longest line. The Zelda line is a 3-4 hour wait.😳
  6. @Sandy Klaws#9359 I try to keep an eye out for game devs I admire. I've conversed with more smaller industry people, no one really well known. Most of them can be shy and some are just there to let loose and enjoy the event. Also, some of the industry attendees work for game companies but are not game devs themselves. Of the big game devs I follow, I know Jason Rubin (Crash Bandicoot, Jak and Daxter, Oculus) was there. Posed for the CTR Kart well after I did. Would've liked to have met him. Crash was the game that got me into gaming. The indie devs were the friendliest people there that I met, and the ones that need the most support, so check their stuff out! They could use more attention. I played the following games from Indiecade: - Earth Night - @cleaversoft - Infinite Children - www.infinitechildren.com - Sloppy Forgeries - @playfulsystems - Ascend - @AscendVR The overall atmosphere at E3 was very positive, but it did feel dwindling. I'm aware that there is a consensus that E3 is losing steam, and it may be, but the event itself still brought out the best in most attendees. I feel Nintendo had the best E3 Conference. They had the best surprises in store. As for best show room floor, I haven't checked out Nintendo yet, so that award goes to 2K and Borderlands 3. They knew how to hype up the crowd. Longest wait was NOT FF7 as I antcipated, but rather the Oculus booth. I wanted to play Stormland and Lone Echo 2 (The new VR games by Insomniac and Ready at Dawn, respectively) but they were near constantly full and in the process of being capped off. Stood in line for Asgard's Wrath instead and that was 30 mins per play session. With 3+ people ahead of me and only two Asgard booths, the wait was longer than I thought. AW was redeemed, however, when it took a left turn from standard mythology and allowed me to create Norse Street Sharks as companions. Lastly, the ReMind DLC looks good regarding the main plot. Was hoping for a bit more though. Would like to see some worlds tweaked, namely Frozen and Pooh, but I doubt the DLC will be as game-changing as KH2:FM. Fingers crossed for at least one Disney superboss. ...And that, as they say, is that. 😛
  7. @GoldenDrummer730#4323 These three! Not shown here are the glowing effects of the costumes. Particularly the wings.
  8. @Novayon Trials of Mana getting a Western release (and name!) In both original and remake form no less. Most of Nintendo's conference made me smile. @Sandy Klaws#9359 While the FF7 demo was my most wanted to play game at E3, the game I enjoyed most was Borderlands 3. Just a series I enjoy but never have time for. In terms of moments that are non-gaming related, just meeting the various people and industry staff. I've reunited with a few friends here, but it's mostly all new for me.
  9. @Bio-Roxas @Otti#8624 I have tried the FF7 remake. It is good, but I need to see more. Mechanically the stagger bar, limit system, and ATB consumption for magic/items/special attacks are sound, but the demo only scratches the surface.
  10. Hard-Boiled here, currently at the second day of E3 2019. AMA!
  11. Hoping for more info on the Crystal Chronicles HD Port... ...but who am I kidding. FF7 will take the spotlight most definetly.
  12. Seen all the films sans Logan at the moment. It's a very uneven series. Days of Future Past is my fave. And it makes for a better finale to the series than Dank Phoenix.
  13. Age me up about six years and that's current me. I'm sure I have a more recent selfie somewhere...
  14. Ant-Man. Of course any game that would focus on size-shifting to that degree would be interesting.
  15. Chimeras, with the Greek Chimera being the stand out. The concept of several monsters fused together intrigues me.
  16. Have only played "Til the End of Time." It was good but it was the never-ending game. The twist was really amusing, but kinda out of left field as well.
  17. I'm actually against Sephiroth returning. We've had Sephy as an optional boss for two games now, three if you count KHX. Now is the time for different FF Villains to appear or even an optional boss from a different Square game. I quite liked how the Schwartzgeist appeared in KH3.
  18. Red Xlll. I want to see each individual strain of hair in real-time.
  19. Very few of my local friends were really big into KH, so I didn't engage into many fandom glurges/shenanigans. I did quite like the Xemnas Report Comics by psycrowe, though. They're very outdated now, but I still get a chuckle from them. https://www.deviantart.com/psycrowe/art/KH2-Xemnas-Report-01-32146914
  20. Second best game in the series after KH2:FM for me. Better than KH, Vanilla KH2, and the portable titles, it's high production value and polish are it's main edge against most of the series. If I were to give the game a proper rating: 4/5, same rating I'd give to most games in the series.
  21. Amazing how both were released in the same year and by Disney, no less. Doubt both teams interacted with one other, but if they did... 😳 I linked the two mid-watch during my first viewing with the convoluted time travel and the how the time traveled objects returned back to their original time to prevent nasty paradoxes. To me, the plot of Avengers: Endgame was an odd mix of KH3 and Star Trek: Voyager's series finale, also named 'Endgame,' with a small dash of Back to the Future II. And yet it works so well...
  22. Before the release of Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice, tell us which Souls-like game gave you the most challenge?
  23. Interested in any Graphics or Social Media positions. Been following KH13 for a while on Twitter and would like to contribute back to the community. I can send my resume or sample work over upon request.
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