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  1. Very much excited for this. KH3 had an incredible soundtrack. I'm most looking forward to hearing the Carribean battle theme. That was pure epicness.
  2. Remember this for eternity, boys and girls. This is the simplest named KH title, perhaps the simplest we'll ever get. Honestly not a fan of mobile games, but I'm definitely interested in Dark Road's story. The more Xehanort we get, the better.
  3. For passionate fans like us, I'd say it's awesome. For casual fans, probably not worth it. The new abilities are amazing and it makes combat way more fun and smoother. The option is play as the other characters is great, though I mostly stuck with Sora due to all the options you have. The new cutscenes (Limit Cut and Secret Episode included) add to an already climactic ending. The data battles are a blast and prove to be a real challenge. My only real gripe and it's minor, because I know more games are coming and soon, is that we ended up with more questions than answers. That's KH in a nutshell, but there were still some character arcs, mainly the supporting characters, that seemed incomplete. Overall, I really loved and enjoyed it. After not playing KH3 for a hot minute, it was nice to play again. My love for this series will never cease. With that being said, bring on the next saga!
  4. Really enjoyed ReMIND. I beat the base part of it today and am waiting to face the Data battles until some guides release. Decided to watch the Secret Ending on Youtube.
  5. Read this a little bit ago on Twitter and what a great read. Lots of great little information, this stuff is always interesting. Anyway, we're already all hyped for Re:Mind, and it seems this hype train isn't slowing down with a new title coming surprisingly soon.
  6. Whoa! Is that young Xehanort and Eraqus with the new Union leaders?! That is a BIG tease. Perhaps this will tie in with the next KH title we'll be receiving "surprisingly soon".
  7. I really loved a lot of the new music, but I totally understand. The new boss battle themes and the world themes were amazing, some of the smaller tracks were tough to remember. They were still enjoyable though. Hopefully we get an official soundtrack announcement soon, now that ReMind is about to release.
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