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  1. Happy Birthday!! 🥳 🥳
  2. Me only interested in SE and Nintendo lul Ah great, Nintendo's at 9 am?
  3. lol but at least they said they'll have some news later this year whenever that'll be....
  4. If there's nothing KH related or Zelda BOTW related at E3.....then.....I'm gonna be the most disappointed person in the world
  5. ye if there is any announcement, it'll definitely be something for next year I'll most likely miss SE's E3, so there's two possible scenarios when I come back here: 1). People saying "Nothing happened" 2). People screaming "Something KH happened" lol
  6. Could be! But it appears to be a keychain
  7. Yeah, it's on Sunday. Sadly, I will most likely miss SE's presentation...
  8. Just sketching today, no coloring or detailing, 'cause I didn't want to deal with an absolutely frustrating, crashing and glitchy app like this morning. (eh-heh, I colored it later anyway. Thankfully the app processed smoothly)
  9. I'm not sure what you mean by 'Xehanort's version'. The one that Kairi was sent in was the one Xehanort built, wasn't it?
  10. Hmm....Vanitas said this in the additional cutscene in Re:Mind: I know you're talking about the time in BBS, but I don't really understand why Vanitas would say this if it didn't happen before, because since this Vanitas is from the future, his heart will return back to the past upon being defeated, so what he's saying here wouldn't exactly apply to his present form. I don't know, it seems pretty clear to me that Vanitas returned to Ventus's heart. Isn't that impossible? The arks in Daybreak Town were incomplete, and only the incomplete ones can transcend time. The one in Radiant Garden is a complete one, as it transported Kairi across space, not time.
  11. YES DEFINITELY THAT TOO. I find drawing the entire body very hard, which is why I normally don't
  12. AH. First time playing KH3 on Critical is VERY HARDDDDD I did it twice. First time took twice as long I think. It was definitely challenging!
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