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What is your favorite numbered title in the series?  

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  1. 1. What is your favorite numbered title in the series?

    • Kingdom Hearts
    • Kingdom Hearts II
    • Kingdom Hearts III

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I love Kingdom Hearts 2! It has the best journey, the best villain, and the most stakes. I love how Organization XIII's plans slowly unfold throughout the game.

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II for me, no brainer.  
The plot, tie-ins to earlier installments, and battle mechanics (i.e drive forms) are the best developed and most cohesive. 

Furthermore, It has the most unique uses of the Disney concepts vs. the other two that maintain the main plot points via having Pete or the organization delegate or manipulate the Disney characters/villains to get their heartlesses or Nobodies and the second visits added originality as well as brought substance to Sora's relationships with the characters. The latter is something I'd love IV to resume. 

The Organization was a fantastic original addition to the villian roster and I feel II best capitalized on their depth as incomplete beings who were taken advantage of, who trusted a leader who is just using them as tools for his own agenda to give them their completion and angry at one of their own who betrayed them. The interactions this created between them and Sora were powerful and meaningful. 

I (one) was good in some ways but II improved on the format and then III I felt was a step backwards in a lot of ways. 

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My favorite numbered title in the series is Kingdom Hearts III. I am well aware that some people don’t like it, and I am well aware of their various reasons for not liking it. However, I disagree with most of those reasons. Even before the updates that added Critical Mode and the Re Mind DLC, I had an amazing time with Kingdom Hearts III. I think that at that point, Kingdom Hearts III was almost as amazing as Kingdom Hearts II, but just a little, tiny bit less amazing than Kingdom Hearts II because of the lack of difficulty options at the game’s launch in 2019. However, I’m really, really thankful for the amazing effort that the development team behind Kingdom Hearts III put forth to address some of the biggest complaints that some fans had after its launch. They certainly didn’t have to add or address anything, but they did because they care about pleasing as many of the fans as possible. As such, when the free update that added Critical Mode was added, I replayed through Kingdom Hearts III again, and I felt like there was finally an option for higher difficulty in the game. Don’t get me wrong, I sometimes play games on easy or normal mode as well so as not to stress myself out, but I am very glad that after this update the options of easy or hard were more readily available. 

It’s really when they added the Re Mind DLC that Kingdom Hearts III actually managed to surpass Kingdom Hearts II for me. It wasn’t necessarily the extremely difficult bosses that made Kingdom Hearts III my new favorite (although that was a great addition in my opinion), but rather the added context, additional plot details, and even more story that took place after the end of the base game. What really solidified it for me was the very ending scene and Sora’s and Yozora’s final lines in the game which tied everything back to the very beginning. Particularly, “I’ve been having these weird thoughts lately. Like, is any of this for real or not.” Although that ending didn’t necessarily answer any burning questions, it was strangely satisfying and very beautiful. One of my favorite aspects of the Kingdom Hearts series is its frequent and unique style of beauty and inspiration. It’s something that’s really only found in Kingdom Hearts and a little bit in a select few other JRPGs. Once I had watched the ending scenes after the very last boss of the Re Mind DLC, that unique style of beauty was, to me, found stronger and more powerful than ever before in the series. So, as much as I love Kingdom Hearts II, Kingdom Hearts III is now my new favorite in the series. Still, I really just love all of the Kingdom Hearts games. It’s difficult to order all of them from most favorite to least because in my opinion, they all have their pros and cons, and they’re all just really great games in general too. I love the entire series, but if I really have to pick just one as my very favorite, it would have to be Kingdom Hearts III. 

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KH1 is my favorite of the numbered titles. In my opinion, KH2 is the most fun to play, but KH1 has the best story and world design. Plus, I think KH1 uses its Disney and Final Fantasy characters the best. I think KH3 looks the best and has the best moments, and I think the Re:Mind DLC might be the best thing that has ever come out of the Kingdom Hearts series. However, as a whole, I like KH1 and KH2 a little bit more than KH3.

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