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    Oh, nothing like that. Though the idea of it having kleptomaniac tendencies has crossed my mind.
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    That sounds perfect! Hopefully this parrot doesn't command that we walk the plank as some pirate parrots do. No problem, and thanks for being so understanding. I'm actually here quite a bit more than Discord, but I'll keep tabs on the sheet as much as I can.
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    Ahh well, it's fine. I'm perfectly all right with reworking Laguna's powers at least, so don't feel bad. I'll get to it soon-ish then I'll let you know when it's done via Discord.
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    @Mystics Apprentice adding a parrot familiar to Valery to aid in her communication, along with some scouting and fetching duties. Might have been a pirate in a previous life.
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    Name: "Laguna", The Maelstrom Age: Unknown Gender: Unknown, bears an androgynous figure and masked voice. Appearance: 5'9, almost always floating slightly off the ground, dons a full-body covering set of hooded robes, soft-fabric trousers, gloves, simple shoes and an ornate, completely face covering mask, with eyeholes that cannot be peered into with any results, only allowing any eye glow to be seen when Laguna uses their powers. All of this covers a fairly androgynous body as mentioned before, along with a magically modulated voice, all disguising who Laguna truly is, what they look like and even their name is an alias. The robes are a mixture of dark blues and grays, with a large Somnum emblem emblazoned upon the back. The palms of Laguna's hands are engraved through the gloves and their skin with magical runes, that serve a purpose. Court Affiliation: Somnum Weapons: Hammer of the Maelstrom, Mjolnir - Laguna's personal weapon, bearing resemblance to the weapon of the Thunder God Thor of Norse Mythology, from it's appearance down to the name. Forged with Laguna's own hands long ago and enchanted, it is a weapon capable of channeling their powers as a vector, while also bearing its own strengths, such as incredible durability allowing the weapon to survive damage that would break any other hammer, sword or axe and a specific enchantment that prevents the hammer from being picked up and wielded by those it considers unworthy, feeling like an immense weight that cannot be lifted to those who are so. With a simple extending of Laguna's, or the worthy's hand, Mjolnir will fly to their hands and can be manipulated to intercept enemies, fly independently or spun by the leather strap and flung forward to initiate personal flight by its wielder, meaning the hammer is an excellent form of transportation. While Laguna's powers are their own, this weapon in the hands of those who are worthy shall possess the power of Laguna so long as they hold it and if they already use at least some of Laguna's powers, they will be enhanced. Magic: Weather Control, Thunder and Lightning Mastery, Mystical link to Mjolnir, some degree of the Arcane. Fittingly for a wielder of such a hammer and member of the Somnum Court, Laguna possesses the ability to generate and control electricity in a variety of destructive forms, from lightning bolts from the skies, channeled streams of electricity, wreathing their body in lightning, electric orbs, blasts of electrically charged energy to knock opponents off-balance and the list goes on. Whether it is through use of Mjolnir or their own power, Laguna controls their abilities with the skills of a master, including the power to influence and control the weather to generate storms, fly and float above ground, charge Mjolnir or their fist with electricity then initiate a devastating ground-pound or just enhance their blows with the weapon or otherwise with their energies. Laguna possesses greater durability, strength and speed than non-mages, possesses knowledge and wisdom that would suggest they have lived for a long time, longer than most people and can use the Arcane, though it is still seen as Lightning, to change their attire to whatever they desire, but for a long time, Laguna hasn't diverged from the hooded robes and mask. Personality: A truly altruistic, caring yet mysterious Somnum Mage, Laguna earns either the ire and suspicion of those around them, or the unwavering trust and understanding of others. Most Somnum should feel a sense of camaraderie with Laguna in spire of their deliberate hiding of their face, gender and past, by making people know and potentially appreciate the person they are now, be it through simple chatter or gestures of affection, or greater acts of kindness or even great justice for those who are wronged. Laguna's attentive, always listening and frequently ponders on the meaning of words spoken to them or the actions they have witnessed, leading them to be incredibly considerate of their own actions and words, knowing that they will have a great effect on the future and the world around them, but it by no means makes them hesitant, cowardly or inactive, rather the opposite of all three in dire situations especially. Laguna is however personally disgusted by Vivifica's discarding of the old ways and subsequent cutting ties with the other courts, viewing them as dangerous, reckless and potentially power-hungry and will view any member their come across with skepticism, great suspicion and hostility. This attitude extends to the morally dubious, the criminal and truly malevolent beings of the world that Laguna has and may come across. Background: Very little is known of Laguna's past before they came to join the Somnum Court, when they entered its halls masked, robed and only calling themself "Laguna" without revealing a gender or their true voice, Laguna was met with great suspicion and initially refused by the elders of Somnum, but through simple, calm insistence and the demonstration of their powers, along with a clear love for the ideals of the court the elders were convinced to grant Laguna the chance to prove themselves further under their wing and officially inducted them. For the next several years beyond that, Laguna would learn the ways of Somnum, fight in battles in their name and further their abilities, but at first made little in the way of friends despite Laguna's friendly demeanor, her colleagues weren't sure what to make of them at first, but would still fight alongside them whenever the need arose. The title of "The Maelstrom" was an unofficial nickname at first, after her colleagues witnessed their abilities firsthand in sparring, but would later become an official title when Laguna's power won them several important battles, saved the lives of fellow Somnum and stuck her neck out to protect those who needed help, earning her several honours, the title and the respect of her now comrades in Somnum. After Vivifica began to deviate from the other courts and eventually split off from their Order, Laguna felt nothing but disgust and disappointment with the rogue Court. Now she meditates on what is to come... (Edits made and the characters powers have been reworked.)
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    I knew that there must've been a secret mental reason that I put the Ignis court, that consists of a ton of fire mages, by the ocean! XD. Now to see if they will sink or swim.
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    Ignis court has an Unique rule If a mage from Ignis sets things on fire too much, he is promptly thrown into the ocean in the nearby beach.
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    Me to kid..me to Honestly i believe forky will stand out there is a great Statement about identity to be made there
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