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    TFW Random is dead

    Did I hear Meme wars?
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    I want to work on a lot of these characte files, but I'm not sure whether I should go the strict Wiki esque writing route, or maybe go a little off beat and add some humour which I guess would make things stand out a little from similar sites. Maybe I'll write an example for people to see
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    2 quid is good

    TFW Random is dead

    Believe me, the day someone finds out how to upload anonymous vids, it's the day I cancel meem competitions
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    TFW Random is dead

    too bad the memetition is images only because hoo boy
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    Mmm yeah, I mean KHUX has an auto battle system too and you can leave your device idle for a bit but it still requires some level of engagement (walking up to the next enemy, using your supernova attacks, paying attention to the enemy counter). I suppose you do have the option to turn off auto battle and play KHDR manually but even then it's still pretty hand holdy. If the story is all this has going for it, then I kind of question if this was the best medium to present it in at this point. And I'm really not trying to rip on this game.
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    I`m back after a bit more than a year off... Eventually, I always come back to this lovely place
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