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    I know a lot of people are upset by it being exclusive to the Epic Games Store, but personally, I'm just happy that more people can experience Kingdom Hearts now. I always felt like just having it on PlayStation and Xbox really limited the amount of people who could experience Kingdom Hearts. I'm super happy for all the PC gamers who are willing to give the Epic Games Store more of a chance and get to play the entire Kingdom Hearts series for the first time. Maybe it will come to Steam down the road later, but even if it doesn't, I'm just happy that more people will have the opportunity to experience Kingdom Hearts. I understand people's frustration with the Epic Games Store exclusivity, but I'm just stating my perspective. To me personally, I think this is a great opportunity for the series to reach more people. Here's hoping that even though they said they couldn't get it to run on Switch, that they'll hopefully still bring it to Nintendo Switch down the road too. I know that might be wishful thinking, since Kingdom Hearts III has much better graphics than the others, but I personally think they could make it happen -- especially with how popular the Switch is in Japan. For now, though, I'm glad we have Kingdom Hearts available on another platform.
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    Earlier today, The Walt Disney Company has shut down Blue Sky Studios the Greenwich Connecticut studio behind the Ice Age & Rio franchises, as well as other animated films including Robots, Horton Hears a Who, Epic, The Peanuts Movie, Ferdinand and Spies in Disguise. It's last day of operations would be in April resulting in 450 employees leaving the company. Blue Sky was originally set to release Nimona for January 2022 based on the graphic novel by Noelle Stevenson, unfortunately the film was soon scrapped leaving only 10 months of work left uncompleted. You can view the article right here on Deadline. But all I can say is I'm heartbroken and disappointed that Disney is shutting down Blue Sky Studios, cause while Blue Sky isn't as well known or popular as the animated films released by Disney, DreamWorks, Illumination, Sony Pictures Animation or achieve the Universal acclaim as Pixar, I grew up and appreciated their animated films and it was one of the animation Studios that Disney decided to keep following the Fox Acquisition back in March 2019. However, due to the COVID-19 pandemic and other financial issues happening right now within the company, Disney decided to shut down Blue Sky leaving over 450 talented artists and technicians without a job. But what do you guys think of this news and where you a fan of any of the Blue Sky's films?
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    Oh... I've watched all five Ice Ages, the Rios, and Epic. I rewatched them tons of times when I was younger. Though I can't say that I'm the biggest fan, it...it just feels strangely sad to see them go.
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    That's horrible!
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    It's getting late again and I had a doozy of a day, so I'm gonna have to remember to look into that again some other time. Whoops. Ah, this is something I've thought about with a friend. Put simply... We think that Xigbar is the new active leader. I mean, consider it... If Demyx is the MoM, how much work and fighting do you think he actually wants to do? None, right? The MoM has already shoved off most of the work onto other people. He might not even technically be a keyblade master anymore. (..........Was he ever, really? I have suspicions. lol How does someone who didn't have a master declare themselves to be one? That's sketchy.) Anyway, I think about this song every time I think about MoM and Luxu. Make sure the subs are on and enjoy. lol That it. That's their dynamic! Have I ever said what the emblem looks like to me? The Vermilion Bird emblem. I wandered around Scala ad Caelum for a long time looking for any symbols that looked familiar. This is the closest thing I saw to the Vermilion Bird. Could just be a coincidence. That might not even be a bird. lol But I think that's part of the same area where the Foretellers' emblems can be seen underneath during the fight with Xehanort. So that's a little sus. Also, just for fun... This is the Type-0 HD soundtrack. It's shaped like a book for no apparent reason. There's only one bluray disc in there. Very strong Book of Prophecies vibes, imo. Probably also a coincidence, but I enjoy it nonetheless. It's very cool looking. Speaking of the soundtrack... I know that Takeharu Ishimoto is the one who composed Vanitas's themes, but I can't listen to War: That Which Stands in the Way (the song from the first Agito XIII trailer) without also thinking of Vanitas. I love how the piano starts out sounding calm and then starts to become more chaotic. It never gets as chaotic as the piano in the MoM's theme, but you know I'm thinking about it. If we get to hear one Type-0 song recreated in KH, I hope it's Divine Fire. (It's just the shorter, more climactic arrangement of the theme, We Have Arrived.) The lyrics of Zero sound more relevant to KH, but I doubt that we'll ever hear that again. lol The rights are owned by Bump of Chicken's record label. ...Have I ever mentioned the lyrics to Zero, though? Ace's profile in Theatrhythm refers to Zero as a "lullaby": You know what a lullaby is. It's a song to put someone to sleep. He learned the song from Arecia. The part he sings in the game is this: Utakata (Ephemeral/Transience), the theme song for the cancelled sequel, had an allusion to Zero in its lyrics. ...Did I really never share this? I'll just give you my whole translation of it because there are some parts of it that really make me go "WAIT, HOLD ON. IS THIS ABOUT KINGDOM HEARTS NOW??" Apparently it was specifically written in archaic Japanese to have an "ancient" feeling. In specific, I believe that the line "The love song I play / I devote to the place beside you / Where I wish to continue sleeping" is referring to the ending of Type-0. Ace sings some of Zero to calm everyone down as they realize that they're going to die. Moments later, as Zero begins to play, Machina and Rem arrive too late and find everyone laying together... So, in this case, sleep was... a metaphor for death... JACK IS JUST HAVING A NICE NAP HERE WITH HIS FRIENDS. I feel like noting that FFXV and Type-0 end in a similar way with the main characters dying. (Well, just Noctis and Luna for FFXV. The others were fine. But we know how Yozora and Star Girl are doing. Not good.)
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    ....Wait, they DID???!!!
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