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Beast's Castle's story and Agrabah's story: Kingdom Hearts Series Character Files translations

The Kingdom Hearts Series Character Files translations for the world stories of Beast's Castle and Agrabah are now available!

The Kingdom Hearts Series Character Files features over 200 characters from the entirety of the series thus far, with several short stories from Tomoco Kanemaki (the writer of the Kingdom Hearts light novels). You can purchase the book for ¥3,080 (approx. $28.03) from the Square Enix e-Store directly or from AitaiKuji, who deliver official and exclusive Japanese pop culture items!

You can check out more exclusive character and worlds stories from Kingdom Hearts Series Character Files below:

We have covered translations for:

The translations for Beast’s Castle's story “Something There” and Agrabah's Story “Try To Forget” can be viewed below! These translations are courtesy of LilyGinnyBlack and Keiji.


Beast’s Castle's Story
Something There

I remember distinctly how watching Belle and Beast dance made us really happy, too. Even the normally kinda gloomy atmosphere of that world was blanketed by a gentle light.

Cogsworth said, “if the master can learn to love, and earn love in return, we’ll all return to our original forms.” but what is true love, anyway?

What is “love”?

I mean, I don’t even really understand why I’m so bothered by this questions - hm?

Somebody somewhere mighta told me - I understand that Belle and the Beast are in love, yes, but then I still don’t know what the “love” there is?

I think somebody explained it to me as some kind of special power only humans have...but who was that?

When I first met him, Beast said, “I simply believed. Nothing more to it.”

I believed in what Beast said to me, and then I was able to fight. If the power of believing is love, then - then maybe the power of love might be something similar to the power of connecting with others.

But I still don’t really get this, you know!




Agrabah's Story
Try To Forget

"Rub-a-dub-dub the lamp and have your dearest wishes granted!”

The gem of Agrabah is a boisterous blue-bodied magical being in a lamp called Genie. Though he has apparently been imprisoned in that lamp for a super long time, he’s *always* so lively and always cheering Aladdin on. I feel like his boisterous side is a bit like Donald’s, but maybe that’s just my imagination? Despite Aladdin being a thief, he can be pretty serious sometimes, so him and Genie make a good pair. Kinda like a balance - where Aladdin is calm, Genie is boisterous.

Jafar was supposed to have been imprisoned in a lamp, but he got out. It seems like, with Agrabah, there’s never a moment’s rest, huh.  But, well, it’s a world where there are magical beings, after all, so I guess there is no helping it.

Maybe, if Jasmine had been kidnapped, a wish could be made to Genie, and he could go and get her back. But, I feel like there are also a lot of bad, useless wishes you could make too. Next time, I think I’ll be the owner of the lamp and have some wishes granted~!

But I really gotta think about what I want to wish for!



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That moment when you realize that the only reason Roxas was ever so clueless about love as a Nobody was because Sora himself was just as clueless as a human. What an adorable doofus. X'D


Also, guess that means he retained some of Roxas' memories from his time in the Organization beyond just anything having to do with Axel or Xion, cause that was clearly referencing what Xaldin said to Roxas about love in 358/2 Days.

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