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Kingdom Hearts Melody of Memory Advent Calendar by Yoko Shimomura

Yoko Shimomura has announced that she will be sharing a memory of hers each day during December up until the 25th as part of an advent calendar! These memories will be related to the songs included in Kingdom Hearts Melody of Memory. KH13 will be continually updating this article and social media with her posts. The translations for these posts will be done by our team's Ryuji, while the graphics will be done by our team's Kimpchuu.

~Day 1 - December 1st~ (source)

~Day 2 - December 2nd~ (source)

~Day 3 - December 3rd~ (source)

~Day 4 - December 4th~ (source)

~Day 5 - December 5th~ (source)

~Day 6 - December 6th~ (source)

~Day 7 - December 7th~ (source)

~Day 8 - December 8th~ (source)

~Day 9 - December 9th~ (source)

~Day 10 - December 10th~ (source)

~Day 11 - December 11th~ (source)

~Day 12 - December 12th~ (source)

~Day 13 - December 13th~ (source)

~Day 14 - December 14th~ (source)

~Day 15 - December 15th~ (source)

~Day 16 - December 16th~ (source)

~Day 17 - December 17th~ (source)

~Day 18 - December 18th~ (source)

~Day 19 - December 19th~ (source)

~Day 20 - December 20th~ (source)

~Day 21 - December 21st~ (source)

~Day 22 - December 22nd~ (source)

~Day 23 - December 23rd~ (source)

~Final Entry - Day 24 - December 24th~ (source)

You can view the official translations provided by the official Kingdom Hearts Twitter account here.

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Yozora is probably the first one that isn't a "Mystery Man", although he is very close to being one.

We know what he looks like and his name, so he isn't a mystery man, but we don't know much about him besides that so he is really close.

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Really wonder what Sora's original theme was meant to be. Though I feel Link to All is also a quit fitting theme for Sora. Maybe that was the original?

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