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Tetsuya Nomura interviewed by Famitsu; Theater Mode for KHFM and new cutscenes for 358/2 Days to be available in the latest KH1.5 + 2.5 ReMIX patch


Kingdom Hearts series' director Tetsuya Nomura was interviewed by Famitsu at the Kingdom Hearts Orchestra - World Tour - concert in Los Angeles. In it, he discusses the concert, the latest trailer for Kingdom Hearts III, and the new patch that will be available for Kingdom Hearts HD 1.5 + 2.5 ReMIX.


The interview seems to confirm a new Theatre Mode made available for Kingdom Hearts Final Mix and new cutscenes for Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days with the latest patch. It also seems to confirm that the Kingdom Hearts III D23 Expo trailer will be longer than the one shown at the LA Orchestra.


UPDATE: English translations for the Famitsu interview are now available. You can view the translated interview below:


Famitsu: The concert was amazing. How was it from the side of the scene?


Nomura: I mentioned it while I was on stage but, the images and the music were made so that they would perfectly fit and I thought it was amazing while I was watching. Also Shimomura became better at playing the piano during the concert in each countries until Los Angeles (laugh). At the final event in Osaka she will be perfect don't you think ? (laugh)


Famitsu: There is a lot of pressure on Shimomura (laugh). Everyone was cheering you when you started your speech.


Nomura: On stage I wanted to speak about the fixes and updates for Kingdom Hearts HD 1.5 + 2.5 ReMIX but I was overwhelmed by the voices of everyone cheering and I forgot what I was supposed to say (sarcastic laugh)


Famitsu: What is the content of the update.


Nomura: The addition of the theater mode for KH and of a few cutscenes in KH 358/2 Days. I wanted to add it sooner but it needed more time and the timing met up with this event. 


Famitsu: The reception of the new promotional video was amazing too. Because is didn't seem that there was going to be a trailer or an announcement about Kingdom Hearts III at E3, this was a pleasant surprise for the fan.


Nomura: There is a lot of misunderstanding about it. The choice to show or not to show something is up to the ones making the conferences. We just used the timing of the concert being at the same time as E3 to announce it.


Famitsu: Considering that the information is going really fast during the conference, it seems better to announce it that way for the fans. The battle felt rich with all the Keyblade transformations, there was a lot of action and we could see the different worlds.


Nomura: But this battle scene was only in the Hercules world.


Famitsu: Was it? There was so much thing that I thought it was from various worlds.


Nomura: Also, the next trailer will have a Japanese version and a North american version but the battle scenes were from an actual gameplay footage so we couldn't make them exactly the same. It will look the same but if you compare them you will be able to see the differences. So I would like the core fans to look at both trailers.


Famitsu: At last, the D23 Expo 2017 occur next month.


Nomura: The editing of the D23 trailer is being finalized right now but I think that not only it will be longer than the orchestra trailer, it will also show some new elements that should meet everyone's expectations.


From Famitsu's interview article:


At the end, I also managed to hear a little from Nomura about the information of the D23 announcement. "Seriously ?!" I was so excited in the night of Hollywood. Amazing. Amazing. Absolutely. Yes, definitely a good game.

I'm sorry for assuming of the importance of this information but I obviously can't write this information here. I was only allowed to write the reaction to these revelations and so I wrote it! I'm sorry for being this vague but there is no doubt that the announcement at D23 will be worth it!! At the time of the presentation, there will obviously be a quick announcement on Famitsu.com

Also the details will be in the weekly issue of the Famitsu magazine that will be publish right after the opening of the conference to the public. Please look forward to it!

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Can someone upload the new scenes from Days after the patch is out. I'm intrigued...What more could they add to it?

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Can someone upload the new scenes from Days after the patch is out. I'm intrigued...What more could they add to it?

Maybe one of the fight scenes? They left most of them out (Roxas vs Xion etc.) and people weren't overly happy about that

I'm excited about anything though! 

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tomorrow :)

wat wat wat wat 





What they should do though is redo the mouth animations for english copies. :P

Edited by Kaweebo

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So the people who were saying prior to 1.5 + 2.5's JP launch that there were new Days cutscenes were right after all.

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So is this patch for the PS4 version only or also ofr PS3?

I'm pretty sure it's only for the ps4. SE doesn't give a shrimp about the ps3 version 

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Guys, guys, guys, Nomura said that the trailer for D23 will be even longer than the Orchestra Trailer, and it'll have new elements that should meet everyone's expectations! THAT GETS ME SO HYPED UP! Just what does Nomura has in store for us!? AND THERE'S GOING TO BE A NORTH AMERICAN VERSION OF THE TRAILER AS WELL! But I wonder if he means subtitled or as in actually an English trailer? He wasn't specific about that! :O


Either way, I'm still pumped, and I can't believe we're just little over a month away from getting our next KHIII news fix! :D


Thank you so much for showing this to us, Neil! :D

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