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  1. EndOfTheWorld


    Fenrir is a keyblade in KH II & KH II Final Mix. You obtain it after defeating Sephiroth and speaking to Cloud. Its Negative Combo ability decreases your ground and midair combos by 1.
  2. I love how Shimomura always manages to get this special Kingdom Hearts sound into her tracks. Her compositions are something that make Kingdom Hearts even better. Can't wait to hear all of the other soundtracks ingame!
  3. I preordered the Deluxe Edition via German Amazon since I'm from germany, will I still get this bonus or is it exclusive to the US/NA or digital version?
  4. That was interesting tho I hope they haven't spoiled too much. Kingdom Hearts is finally getting more darker and more serious and I love it. Looks like we will have Sora going on a rampage to avenge his fallen friends tho I do not think they are all gone for good...Nomura wouldn't do that. Its KH after all. I'm definitely hyped even more now.
  5. I really like the style of the city in the background. It looks a bit like the Traverse Town box art from KH1 only more technologically advanced .
  6. Mine was 1. I remember first playing it at a friend when it came out here in eu in 2002 or so and it was the reason why i wanted a PS2. The mix of Final Fantasy and Disney was what got me hooked to this series because i found it very interesting.
  7. Not bad i must say but once you figured out Sephiroths attack patterns he becomes pretty easy as long as you have important finishers like explosion. Have you considered trying a lvl1 run yet?
  8. Is it known yet if it will be livestreamed via Twitch/Youtube?
  9. Kingdom Hearts livestreams always seem to be at a moderate time for me unlike events such as E3 where i would have to stay up all night.
  10. I would have voted for KH1 Vanilla because you cant skip cutscenes in this version and it was often horrible to have to sit through a 5-10 minutes cutscenes everytime you die to a boss. Overall of all the KH games i played i had the hardest time with 2FM because of the lvl1 challenge.
  11. I think its possible but i wouldnt count on it. We most likely get to hear Rage Awakened or an orchestrated version of Sanctuary again if a new KH3 trailer is being shown at E3.
  12. I doubt that the potential KH3 trailer will be shown on MS conference since KH related stuff has always been shown on Sony or SE conferences. Also i had to laugh when i read KH3 playable Demo. This prediction looks too much like a wishlist.
  13. I think that the chances for a brandnew KH3 trailer are pretty high this year. First because its the 15th anniversary this year and second because its about time that we get new material. We probably wont get a release date but im totally fine with that.
  14. Willa Holand because she is a beautiful woman and i would like to chat with her and because of various other reasons...( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡° ).
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