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  1. BBS has 5 if you include Monstro: Eraqus Armour, No Heart, Vanitas Remnant, Mysterious Figure and Monstro. I counted 25 altogether. But that wasn't including any in Days, Re:CoM or Re:Coded as I don't remember much about those games. It wasn't counting Monstro either. With the one in Days and the one in Coded and Monstro, 28 would be the best guess.
  2. Doco56

    Riku's Death in KH3

    I think Terra's death is a more likely occurrence. Getting that redemption while also finishing off his story in an epic, respectful way. Riku has more of a story to tell. Like I see him training keyblade masters for years to come. Terra on the other hand will be able to set everything right, as he promised, by sacrificing himself against Xehanort or smth. I also can't see any of the main trio getting killed off. That's just my opinion though. I imagine the story would still be interesting if Riku died or not, anything could happen. I'm not really for or against anything at this point, I just want to know what's gonna happen!!
  3. Doco56

    What will be the theme of KH3's Intro?

    Oooo I never thought about this. Very interesting! We know that one of the key themes of III is going to be 'resolution' but while I can see this in the main body and ending of the game, I'm not too sure how it could come into play with the YX and YE dynamic and introduction. Maybe one of the intro themes for III will be based on the difference between the two ideologies they both hold. I'm not too sure, but it's certainly interesting to think about!!
  4. I don't understand the hate either. My only concern is that Xbox players won't get the full story because Square won't make an Xbox version of 1.5 + 2.5, until reviewing how III does on xbox, and even then they might not get it. I'm glad that there's those recap videos, but I feel like Xbox players will be missing out. Hopefully a lot of them will look up playthroughs on YouTube or something. There's no reason why people should have a problem with KHIII being on Xbox.
  5. Doco56

    Did 0.2 RUIN Blank Points from Birth By Sleep?

    There are some inconsistencies in 0.2 that ruin Blank Points unfortunately, but it's mainly that she didn't guess it was Sora and that she had no idea that the worlds fell in Blank Points. Though it's also possible she forgot Sora during CoM and didn't remember him until Ansem the Wise said his name because the dark world prevented her from remembering him when everyone in the realm of light did. Everything else matches up well enough though! And we see that Blank Points still happens when we see Aqua walking up to AtW in the black coat at the end of 0.2. Perhaps we'll get an explanation in III. It's also important to note there was about two years between when she left Mickey and when she met AtW. (AtW states that he met Sora over a year ago, which would be referring to the scene in TWTNW where AtW's machine breaks, and also why Sora will be 16 in III. This is further supported by the BBS trio's journal entries in DDD saying that the battle at the end of BBS was over a dozen, so over 12, years ago and we know KHI was 10 years after BBS). It's entirely possible that Aqua's memories were affected during those 2 years in some way shape or form. I've always thtought about these inconsistencies and the conclusion above is what I got to after a long time thinking about it, assuming that there's actually a reason these inconsistencies exist. I could be giving Nomura too much credit here Sorry for the long comment! I also typed this before watching the video because I have a lot of thoughts on this issue myself. So I'm not sure if you mentioned this stuff or not.
  7. I'm with you there!!! Like sure Oathkeeper, Oblivion and Ultima Weapon are gonna show up, but I can't see them having my transformations. So I'm also really interested in what's gonna happen with keyblades and that.
  8. Doco56

    Who are the Remaining Lights and Darknesses?

    I think this list is mostly solid. However, I'd suggest considering Terra-Xehanort for a Seeker. It'd be odd if he's not one of the seekers. Demyx is still unknown as well, I'm personally of the opinion that he's too nice to be made a seeker. Weak, I know, but eh. I'm also sure that Aqua will be saved and therefore won't be part of the final set of seekers. Another thing: I keep seeing that people think the bit where Riku and Mickey come back to Yen Sid's tower is after they've been to the RoD but I think it's likely it's just like a check-in to update Yen Sid of their progress and they still haven't found a way in. It seems too early in the game for them to have been in and out already, as they mentioned it's extremely difficult to get in and out.
  9. Doco56

    Kingdom Hearts 3 Demo Possibilities

    The only thing is that KHIII seems quite different to 0.2BBS to the point where 0.2 isn't a suitable demo for III
  10. That's what I wanted to hear So we're seeing Kairi's new outfit at E3 then...or at least in the next trailer. Probs the same time as the release date...lovely
  11. Okay thanks, I didn't realise. When we're we SUPPOSED to see this update then?
  12. This is the first we're seeing it and it's for an official update which happened yesterday...doesn't seem datamined to me?
  13. Doco56

    What will be Larxene's world in KH3

    Where can I look up this leak? I haven't seen it I don't think.
  14. Doco56

    Who's your favorite Kingdom Hearts YouTuber?

    For me without a doubt NicoB is my fave, not just in KH but also my fave YouTuber. He deserves so much more recognition than he has, I was shocked when I remembered he had less than 150k. He's so great, and honestly, his love for KH is amazing, he's deffo the YouTuber for me Second probs TheGamersJoint, I feel like he is the most resourceful and his videos are simple and quick, yet you can Still see his passion for the series. Next would be just a pancake because the MEMES. (I also watch Soraalam1 but his uploads are less frequent and he seems to be less passionate, even tho I know he isn't) I don't watch any others really.