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New Kingdom Hearts II assets discovered by 13th Vessel; includes Chain of Memories and a Deleted World


New assets and files from Kingdom Hearts II have been discovered by 13th Vessel. Some of the assets found include unused textures, maps, and items. Many of the assets have been discovered by others over the years, but something that wasn't revealed was that the Keyblade Graveyard could have been in the regular version of Kingdom Hearts II.


A transcript of the post can be viewed below.


Hi there! :)


I'm 13th Vessel, some of you may remember me for some stuff that I found in the past, like the weird rooms in KH3D or the Jungle Book colission file that was inside that same game.


This time I wanted to do my research with KH2 and surprisingly I found a lot of unused stuff that was hidden inside the game files. This is a dense research that covers almost every file of the game and it's very interesting because it's strongly tied to Kingdom Hearts Chain of Memories, so please take a look if you like :)


This video took me a lot of hours, not only the research itself but the video editing too (+15 hours doing the research and +20 making the video). Also, while I was doing the research I noticed that some part of the stuff was previously found by other friends of the KH hacking community, but the thing is that most people ignore it, so I added some names in order to let you know if someone found any of these before.


I consider this one of my most ambitious works so I hope you enjoy the video!


You can check out the video below!


For more videos like this one, check out his Youtube channel. We also have a few articles about the assets in Kingdom Hearts 0.2 Birth By Sleep -A Fragmentary Passage- that 13th Vessel had a hand in. You can check them out right here and here.


What do you think of his video? Let us know in the comments below!



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Holy cow that's insane! :O I never realized that KH2 could have been a way bigger and grander game than it already is! Considering that it looks like KH3 is going to be MASSIVE its clear that Nomura is finally getting to put things into the series that's he's always wanted from the beginning. This is awesome! 

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