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Square Enix France uploads introductory video of pre-order exclusive Monsters, Inc. Yo-yo to Youtube; features yo-yo world champion Victor Sacchelli


Square Enix France have uploaded an introductory video on the Kingdom Hearts III pre-order exclusive Monsters, Inc. Yo-yo. The video features Yo-yo champion Victor Sacchelli performing tricks along with battle footage of Sora with the Twin Yo-Yos battle transformation. Alongside the footage, a new track from the game can also be heard.

You can watch the video below.

The yo-yo is available as a pre-order bonus for Micromania in France along with GameStop in Finland, Norway, Denmark, and Germany.

Special thanks to KHDestiny for the tip!    

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"I want to be a yo-yo man!" He cried. "Make me a yo-yo man!" But, the yo-yo master didn't answer. He just kept on yoing. 

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If that's the Monsters, Inc battle theme, It didn't really do it for me. Doesn't make me think of Monsters, Inc. Just sounds like all the other world battle themes we've heard.

Only a minor thing though since the boss themes heard thus far have been outstanding.

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