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  1. KH1: Hollow Bastion - Kairis inside me? lol no.Crazy how they built up malificent the whole game but Riku ends up being the big boy of the castle. One of the most intimidating level in all KH games for sure. KHCOM: Destiny Islands -The only game you actually get to play on destiny islands besides the beginning of kh1. No better world then destiny island to lead of to the final riku replica fight. Plus the world hub music is one of my favorites. KH2: World That Never Was -From the seemingly infinite hordes of heartless in the city to the cunning powerfull Org 13 members in the castle its one of the most action packed levels in the game. The moment Xemnas traps you in his allusion at the top of his castle and 1v1s you to disappeared was really chilling. KH Days: Neverland - Who dosent enjoy flying in kingdom hearts games? KHBBS: Radiant Garden - Finally getting to fight with your two friends was great, I think the game needed more of that. Plus watching Xehanort tie himself to a pole and act defenseless all to screw with terra was pretty great. KHCoded: Castle Oblivion - All the allusions and questions you needed to provide through this level made it stand out from the rest of the game. Plus who dosent think Castle oblivion is mysterious as hell. Plus you get to fight and see roxas again. KHDDD: Symphony of Sorcery - Such pretty music, whenever the orchestra music picks up in a battle it gets me pumped.Plus the world itself is one of the most beautiful of KH games. KH0.2: Dwarf woodlands - Going through the magic mirrors to fight your dark reflection was a cool narrative. Not to mention mirror aqua is the best/coolest boss in the game. Anyone else fight her secret boss form its hella crazy.
  2. Saix , xalden, demnix, luxord, and lexaus are good ones to start with. Id say I had the most trouble with larexene and axel tbh. Some of the data battles are just too fast to understand within a few short battles. Id say focus less on winning and more on dissecting their move sets and timing above all. Also armor for certain data battles with elemental weaknesses can help allot, same with keyblades.
  3. Only drawback to saving allot is that the more slots you have filled the longer it takes to load the save slot screen. Which can be annoying if you save allot in games.
  4. 3 to 4 hours seems off to me personally. They must have really hauled ass through the game to get that. The demo for 0.2 alone was 30 minutes. played the demo myself and I can say the pace of the game is fast but if it takes 30 minutes for a simple demo i doubt the final game is that times 7.
  5. Well since he straight up died he couldn't come back unless he shared his heart with xehanort to travel through time as just a heart. Which I doubt since Xemnas never even visited castle oblivion to our knowledge or even knew Vexen made a riku replica.
  6. To destroy a heart you would also need to destroy all those people that came in contact with that heart. Sounds like a hassle. Considering hearts are the metaphors for existence in kingdom hearts, being able to destroy the very essence of anything seems like a bit of a OP power. Personally I like the concept of the hearts greatest enemy being itself. Manipulation is what makes xehanort such a great villan. Thats what makes enemys in kingdom hearts that dont wield keyblades compelling, the ability to manipulate.
  7. Did anyone else notice the heartless in the 0.2 trailer had the same red glow to their eyes that the dark hide(pureblood heartless boss at the end of bbsfm secret episode) had? It beckons the question what about the dark realm does that to them and its importance. Based on the unversed/nightmares and the anti black coat having red eyes maybe its a sign that the heartless can be strengthened by negative emotion, giving them a red sheen to their yellow eyes. I also wonder if only pureblood heartless can tap into this and if they need to be in the realm of darkness. Will we see these yellow red eyed heartless hybrids in kh3? Discussion!
  8. Well considering all hed have to do to return to his "self" like the rest of the organization is have his nobody and heartless die then I think hed be pretty solid. Even if he did not self seppuku Id imagine he could kamikaze the organization as roxas then come back as sora. The only thing to be worried about would be that Ansem Seeker of darkness would be still alive conquering all worlds and riku would still have his body stolen while roxas(sora memories version) was still trying to get used to life. Imagine this though, Full memory awareness roxas with dark powers in hand versus Ansem seeker of darkness, hed get so wrecked.
  9. Instead of a set magic list I think the better progression of the series would be to collect skills like in birth by sleep/DDD and just customize the magic menu with whatever you want. Because lets face it, ever since we could use firaga burst we could never go back to the wimpy kh1/2 magic haha
  10. Mysterious Figure. He isent all just about dodging and surging. He is relentless unlike most bosses where he will attack back to back, you just have to counter those attacks. As an example I defeated him at a medium level with only attack moves and cure with minimum dodging. There is a way to dodge all of his attacks and he has patterns. People use surges because its easy. as an example: His turn back time move is not random, If you wait a few seconds in between pressing the attack button when hitting him you can get a feel for if he will do it or not and then dodge accordingly. If you fight MF without cheap command moves then its a test of skill and reaction timing, especially if your not dodging every second. Taunting him in between attacks is especially epic. They are both great bosses though. The AI in the kingdom hearts series is great
  11. Im still interested to find out if he will be doing any voices for vanitas. Really want to see more vanitas action in kh3! especially in contrast with sora.
  12. "These new actions are just a fraction of Kingdom Hearts 3′s new components, so please wait for information hereafter." Based On his last statement we are sure to see the battle style evolve immensely. Also based on old early kingdom hearts trailers I can see the graphics improving allot.
  13. The guns dont look like they connect to the keyblade at all. The guns are silver, yellow, and light blue and the shape it too of to be the kingdom key. Maybe its a variation of summoning fused with command styles or a similar feature to BBS link system. Either way its way to early for them to be showing off the super cool shit like limits and similarities to drive forms.
  14. The COLORS are what really get me. They have that perfect Disney aroma. That kingdom shader really did wonders. The heartless eyes.....YES.
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