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  1. It would be pretty rad to be able to play KH on the Switch! Aaand an opportunity to promote Sora for Smash Bros!
  2. Ahhhh, maybe that's why we haven't gotten Dark Road yet! Because whatever happens next will probably lead to a time skip!
  3. Honestly, I haven't really been at all affected. If anything, I've been able to get some much needed down time. You see, I have two jobs, one at a hospital and one at a barbershop. Due to the barbershops closing because of the pandemic, I'm able to have Fridays and Saturdays off from there, so I can take a breather! I work at the hospital from Sundays through Thursdays, so I at least still have one job. Now that I have Fridays and Saturdays off, though, I just unwind and relax and binge the hell out of the many shows I'm watching and am catching up on my reading and whatnot. And I go outside on walks around the neighborhood and just contemplate nature around me. Working seven days a week for over a year was crazy, so having this brief respite has done wonders for me. Don't get me wrong, I miss the barbershop and I want this pandemic to end as much as the next guy, but I do appreciate the breather I've gotten.
  4. Fenrir, for sure! Its sleek, elegant and badass design are great, and the stats on it are wicked, even overpassing the Ultima Weapon!
  5. I'm wondering when the story for Union X will start coming to its end? Because I know that right now we're in some endgame level catastrophe with Ephemer and the new Foretellers!
  6. Yeah, Vexen can be the rain on anyone's parade...or a hailstorm, lol. But as long as you have zero cards in your deck, you can strategize well to prevent him from using his powerful sleights on you! You're in the Twilight Town fight, I'm assuming?
  7. You know what? I never thought of it that way! With MoM teaching Xehanort how to time travel, it could stand to reason that MoM has many more methods that he keeps close to his chest, so as to not have multiple people gallavanting around through time! This opens up the door to intriguing possibilities! You, my esteemed gentleman, (Or lady.) have given me a good chuckle with this! Well done! Mysteries Of The Past...I like it! It has a nice ring to it! And we do have lots of exposition and unanswered questions from the Foretellers side of things, so that could be something major to draw upon!
  8. Yeah, on the safe side, it's better if you have multiple save files. I too, usually overwrite my save files when I play through them again, but Kingdom Hearts is the only exception, especially when I was Platinuming the games for both the PS3 and PS4. So in terms of KHIII, yes, it would affect the function. Or at least, that's what I think. It's better that you don't run the risk, ya know?
  9. This creates a very interesting paradox. Because if KH is opened, then basically the world goes through a Rapture level event and then resets. That would have made everything in the series be for nothing, honestly. But perhaps there's more that we don't know, and that may be what the MoM is after! Maybe what's in the Box is key to what will transpire with Kingdom Hearts itself! :o
  10. Thanks for letting us know about this, Orpheus! I already have the entire saga on PS4, so I don't really need this. I'd probably get it just to have it as a collectible item.
  11. That is true! Hopefully that helps!
  12. I played FFVII myself about two years ago on my PS3, and I absolutely loved it! I can see why people praise it so much and why it's such a beloved entry in the franchise, but it's not my favorite Final Fantasy. Don't get me wrong, the story, characters, music and gameplay are amazing, but for me, it's just a really amazing entry. For me, the best one is Final Fantasy IV! The first game in the franchise to go neck deep into storytelling and really give an awesome heck of a good ride!
  13. I've heard so much about Sonic Adventure, I am curious to see how a remake would fare.
  14. Xylek, old friend! Is that you!?
  15. Well, I haven't spent a single dime on this game, so yeah, it has been luck up till now. XD Well, I don't think that you can be able to give them traits with any other method than with their trait medals. Because trait medals of other characters wouldn't work on them.
  16. Donald Duck has upgraded from his magic staff. XD
  17. Yes, for sure! This is KH we're talking about, and you know how much Nomura loves leaving breadcrumbs! That's the big thing! The mystery of who Yozora exactly is will be exciting to discover! As for Demyx, I honestly think he's a plot twist waiting to happen! I'm just waiting for him to reveal himself as the MoM! XD But anyways, it would be cool if he was Yozora's world's version of Prompto! I could definitely see it! Oh, I'm sure we'll get some sort of beefy explanation. I just hope they don't dumb down MoM's character, since he's just so amazing. I can't get enough of him! And I agree, I don't think Xehanort would be a version of him. Yesss, Dark Road could indeed shed some light! This is also true! This is a very intriguing idea! Having Sora traverse the Realm Of Death in order to be able to enter Yozora's world-line sounds like a totally plausible possibility! The question is, would world-lines become a major element in KH from the next game onwards? Kind of like how the multiverse concept is a big deal in Dragon Ball Super? And going back to what Keyblade101 said, wouldn't there have to be more versions of the MoM for him to be able to time travel, though? Unless he's an exception to the rule? :o
  18. Oh yeah, I feel you there! And yes, the New Game Plus feature does allow you to keep the Keyblades you had from your first playthrough. So the second time I played through KHIII, I did so on Critical Mode, and with Ultima Weapon in tow! Aw man, but that sucks, though! I hope you're able to unlock the cutscene this time!
  19. I want to get FFVII Remake so baaaaad! XD

  20. Hmm, that is intriguing! I honestly wouldn't know since I have the scene, I believe. I know that I unlocked it in my first playthrough, so I'm not sure how this would go about.
  21. Pretty much this. It can be a bit tedious, but is indeed the most effective way to level up.
  22. The time will come, in a few years at most, when we shall finally truly know who the MoM is!
  23. This is very intriguing! You just gotta love all the hidden goodies that KH games tend to have! It would've been so cool to wield the Mirage Split and Nightmare's End Keyblades!
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