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  1. Huh, I thought Donald and Goofy had plenty of personality! Mickey I can understand since he wasn't in the game all that much. And yeah, I think Luxu will act more in accordance to how his character was in Back Cover, but matured. Indeed so! Have scenes where we get to learn more about him and grow to love him as a villain! To see how he develops! That way we can get all the more hyped for when we face him at the end of his saga! I know!!! That'd be interesting!
  2. So, with the successor idea in place, who would make for the "Maleficent" of the series?
  3. Ryan Reynolds teased Deadpool for Phase 5 of the MCU...God, that'd be amazing! X3

  4. Same here! I'd always heard of the game but had never played it, so seeing them in KH3D was pretty cool! I'd probably have understood more about their stories if I had played TWEWY. But hey, maybe someday! But yeah, it was interesting!
  5. Oh man, not another one! We keep losing the good ones! But wow, that's crazy! I didn't know that she had been Wayne Allwine's wife! The real life Mickey and Minnie are reunited now! This is so heartbreaking, though! I am incredibly saddened to hear of this loss! Thank you for your dedicated work to bringing smiles to people, Russi, may you rest in peace and find happiness with your very own Mickey, Mr. Allwine! May your hearts be your guiding key, always! And thank you for all you did for us! :') Thank you for informing us of this, HaakonHawk!
  6. Oh, trust me, Kingdom Hearts will continue attacking our wallets for a good long time! XD
  7. I'm excited for this game, I believe it's gonna be a smashing success!
  8. I'd probably be one of the first people to get bit, so I'd probably end up as a zombie.
  9. Since I play one hour in the morning and one hour in the evening, I play fourteen hours a week! I also watch anime, TV shows, cartoons and films, and I read books, so as I manage different hobbies, I make time for all of em, ya know? If I have a bit more free time, I play a little closer to twenty hours a week.
  10. That's a good point! Though I do believe that the MoM will be prevalent throughout the saga, showing up multiple times like Xehanort did in the Dark Seeker Saga! But anyways, seeing Luxu develop is going to be interesting, since we've known him the longest out of the Foreteller characters! Oh, and I'm sure we'll get it! That is very analytical and interesting! And the whole thing about the Foretellers being experiments is an intriguing theory! I just hope that Luxu and the MoM interact with each other more!
  11. Yep! And I always like to see Nomura's thoughts on things and his explanations on the lore of the series! Dang, this sounds perfect! Very well thought out!
  12. That would be pretty cool! That would be cool! For Jimmy Neutron, I imagine it would be sort of like San Fransokyo, but smaller in scale, cuz you'd get to explore Jimmy's neighborhood and school and whatnot!
  13. So I beat Kingdom Hearts III again for the second time a few days ago! Now to wait for Re:Mind! I can't wait to see what the new content will give us! :D

  14. So excited to see this film when it releases!
  15. Thanks for updating us on this, xionskeyblade! Gahhh, the story is getting so good! Aren't we almost caught up to the Japanese version? Anyway, I'm excited to see the direction the story goes in now!
  16. I think that with the popularity that the Kingdom Hearts series has gotten, it's only a matter of time before a convention is made!
  17. People just don't have decency nowadays, picking fights in public places like this where children are present and everything! Just sad!
  18. It is indeed crazy to think that we lost another voice actor, and a person in general. So sad.
  19. That's the beauty of things like this! It can be interpreted any number of ways!
  20. Basically this! v Yep, couldn't have said it better myself! It is, but Nomura always makes things interesting, so I know he'd make things all the more intricate, ya know? Oh, this is definitely something I could see happening! And since the MoM is such a mysterious character, it literally gives Nomura a lot of wiggle room to craft this character into whatever he wants him to be! All I hope for is that he ends up getting more screen time! I know that until the return of the MoM, Luxu will be instrumental, and heck, he could still be vital longer after that! Yeah, but I honestly didn't see MoM as a good guy. He always seemed fishy to me! Yes, Luxu could just keep being an observer, but I also feel he'll have a heavy hand in the events to come! Hmm, the Foretellers ending up being the villains or just one of them, eh? That could also be pretty interesting! But yeah, the next saga promises to be one full of potential!
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