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  1. So excited to see this film when it releases!
  2. Thanks for updating us on this, xionskeyblade! Gahhh, the story is getting so good! Aren't we almost caught up to the Japanese version? Anyway, I'm excited to see the direction the story goes in now!
  3. I think that with the popularity that the Kingdom Hearts series has gotten, it's only a matter of time before a convention is made!
  4. People just don't have decency nowadays, picking fights in public places like this where children are present and everything! Just sad!
  5. It is indeed crazy to think that we lost another voice actor, and a person in general. So sad.
  6. That's the beauty of things like this! It can be interpreted any number of ways!
  7. Basically this! v Yep, couldn't have said it better myself! It is, but Nomura always makes things interesting, so I know he'd make things all the more intricate, ya know? Oh, this is definitely something I could see happening! And since the MoM is such a mysterious character, it literally gives Nomura a lot of wiggle room to craft this character into whatever he wants him to be! All I hope for is that he ends up getting more screen time! I know that until the return of the MoM, Luxu will be instrumental, and heck, he could still be vital longer after that! Yeah, but I honestly didn't see MoM as a good guy. He always seemed fishy to me! Yes, Luxu could just keep being an observer, but I also feel he'll have a heavy hand in the events to come! Hmm, the Foretellers ending up being the villains or just one of them, eh? That could also be pretty interesting! But yeah, the next saga promises to be one full of potential!
  8. Hey there everyone, how's it going!? It's been quite a while since I posted a topic here! So then, let's get to it! So, with the epic reveal of Xigbar being Luxu, this obviously means that good old Luxu is going to be sticking around for the long run for however long Nomura intends to keep Kingdom Hearts running! So my question is, what's in store for Luxu? I think that the awesome thing about his character is that when we knew him as Xigbar, there was so much mystery and eeriness and overall importance placed on this character, so much so that we always thought there was something fishy going on! I honestly thought he was gonna double cross Xehanort in KHIII's final battle, but he surprisingly went about everything according to the MoM's designated role that he had for him! But now that Xehanort is gone, I wonder what this means for Luxu? Will he keep trudging forward with the summoned Foretellers? Is there a bigger endgame on the horizon? One probable outcome is that Luxu could end up being like Madara Uchiha from Naruto, and end up being a significant thorn on the side of the heroes for the next saga, only for the MoM to step in to be the Kaguya of sorts to really stick it to the Guardians! But whatever the case, I'm sure Nomura has some fun things planned for Luxu's character! What do you all think?
  9. Do any of you guys know when the next report of sales numbers is supposed to come out? Because last you informed us, the game had sold five million copies, but that was quite a while back. Do you think that the game reached ten million copies, or perhaps more?
  10. You know, that's something that always seemed interesting to me. When Sora showed that defiance, it literally took Xigbar for a loop! And now that I think about it, perhaps it's because Sora defied fate and destiny in order to get to where he was in Kingdom Hearts III. And Xigbar being Luxu, and Luxu being disciple to the MoM, probably thought that destiny was set in stone because of the Book Of Prophecies, and that everything the MoM said was ironclad. But the fact that Sora is a deviant to the whole equation and the way he was able to fight back even that deep into sleep impressed Luxu. It probably made him rethink some things, to be honest.
  11. Interesting, indeed! Especially since that city was the basis for the game's secret ending!
  12. This is so sad! So many good people are passing away left and right, it's scary! D: Rest in peace, Rutger! Thank you for voicing Xehanort for us! May your heart be your guiding key! Thank you for having informed us of this, Leamax!
  13. I would want to explore Pluto, just because it's the planet the most furthest away from the sun! So having that frozen planet to explore would be curious, because who knows what would lie beneath that planet's surface?
  14. Art and in color! Amazing! I love watching your art evolve, you've got some extraordinary skill! I can't wait for the next chapter!
  15. Yep! But any sort of new game would probably be mobile, since the mobile market is where most online games are thriving in when it isn't regular console gaming.
  16. Yessss, and I love that Natalie Portman is returning! She's gorgeous and talented and overall an awesome actress! Been a fan of her since Star Wars!
  17. Thanks for sharing this with us, Wakeless! This is amazing! I'm so proud that KHIII has done so well! After all these years of waiting, the game definitely deserves it, as it was an amazing conclusion to the Xehanort Saga and a harbinger of what's next for the series! I just wanna know how much sales have increased! Cuz last we knew it was 5 million. When will we get an update on that?
  18. I believe you are right on the money, since the cover for Days showed Twilight Town, Destiny Islands and The World That Never Was!
  19. Wahhh, I want the Wayfinder Trio and the Seekers! X_X
  20. Interesting opinion. I agree that 3 has the better ending, but I thought 4 was pretty good.
  21. Anyone else digging the designs of the new Pokemon? Cuz I sure am!
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