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  1. That would be a cool concept to play around with! I'd definitely be down for that!
  2. Super Happy Birthday to this amazing man! I hope to meet him someday if he ever decides to attend a convention!
  3. I'm starting to think that Dark Road will release a little closer to the summer, considering that Nomura and his team have been relatively mum on details.
  4. Ahhh, so anything below Tier 8 is a no no? That explains it! I don't have a picture with me, but knowing that Tier 8 is what actually does damage is a big indicator of the medals I would need. Argh, what a drag, though! D:
  5. Hey there everyone, how's it going!? So then, onto another topic focusing on what the next saga of Kingdom Hearts will be and what it will concentrate on! Thinking about it just now, it occurs to me that much is still shrouded in mystery! We know that the Foretellers and the events of X and Dark Road will factor into what comes next, (I assume Dark Road will have some threads as well.) but what could it possibly be? For what purpose could Luxu have brought back the other Foretellers into the present time? Are Luxu and the Master Of Masters aware of something beyond what we saw in the Xehanort Saga? We know that Kingdom Hearts is probably the endgame goal, but just what are they seeking exactly? Because for Xehanort, it was basically to reset existence and start anew, but what could MoM be after? Something greater than that, or simple amusement? It boggles my mind and leaves me legit curious! And not knowing what goes through MoM's head is a scary thing to think, because who knows what he's scheming! Obviously, one of the key factors that'll be a driving force in KHIV or whatever game come next to set up the next saga is chronicling Sora's return. Yozora also seems like he'll be of great importance, with some in the fandom speculating he might have been from the Age Of Fairy Tales as well and might've ended up in the world of Verum Rex a long time ago. And if we're to believe that the man driving Yozora is Luxord, or rather, his human form, then that's another clue! Gahhhh, so many mysteries! I just hope we get some more screentime with the other trios, because I want to see their stories continue, since they are already established characters! What do you all believe the next saga will focus on?
  6. I second this! The boss themes alone are god tier level in terms of orchestral composition! Truly stands with John Williams' work with Star Wars in scale and sheer epicness! Congrats, Yoko! We love you! Thanks for letting us know of this joyous news, Leamax!
  7. It's been a heck of a long time, man! Good to see you still crafting these awesome pieces! And none other than my favorite Organization badass, The Graceful Assassin himself, Marluxia! Astounding work!
  8. This is legit too adorable for words!
  9. This makes me want a Kingdom Hearts anime to happen even more! X_X
  10. And it's one of the reasons why Final Fantasy has lived for as long as it has as a franchise.
  11. Speaking of ice cream, I'm craving for some of the Sea Salt variety!
  12. Hey everyone, what medals do you recommend I have? Because ever since I started the game four years ago, I've been able to get by on my own, but now a lot of the medals I have, even though powerful, only give 1 Damage when used against the Heartless!
  13. So, does anyone still hate Dream Drop Distance? Because I love that game, but I know that it's not liked that much by the fandom cuz of the time travel element that's introduced.
  14. Yessss! That was a wonderful thread of continuity right there!
  15. Anyone excited to get into FFVII Remake? Can't believe it's so close!

  16. It would be amazing if this was Luxord! Not only would it confirm that he's from Yozora's world, it could also lead to very interesting developments in the future! They do have the same voice actor, I believe, so that can't be mere coincidence!
  17. An amazing addition to an already amazing game, with memorable boss fights and memorable moments with the characters! And with an exciting glimpse of what's to come!
  18. I haven't even tried Critical Mode for the DLC yet. I'm still trying to get Yozora, lol. XD
  19. For me, it was definitely Ultima Weapon, Oathkeeper and Wheel Of Fate! The forms you get from these are lifesavers!
  20. Well hey, Lea is the man who defies all, so it's perfect for him to make a gesture like this! X3
  21. Has anyone beaten Yozora yet? I had to take a break because of all the times I was losing! Lol. XD
  22. For me, it'd have to be Ira! His stoic nature and his stout resolve always stuck out to me, and I love his design and his Keyblade! I'm very interested to see what direction Nomura will take him in the next saga!
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