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  1. “Interestingly, Nomura states how he was the one being picky about Sora's recent inclusion into Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, not Disney. The latter party was actually quite eager, while Nomura thought it would clash with the "established lore in Kingdom Hearts and the Disney worlds." ” Nomura, I love you, but there doesn’t always have to be lore reasons 😅
  2. “One of the central story ideas will be exploring how Sora's home realm is fictitious to Quadratum natives and vice versa.” I had a feeling that’d be the case. I feel like it’s less that either world is actually “fiction,” just that they feel fictitious to both sides. Idk if there’s other worlds in Quandratum’s realm, but if TWEWY world exist there (not in Quandratum, just to clarify, as a separate World in the same realm), then it’d make sense why Joshua thought that he “made up” Traverse Town (and probably Sora and Riku by extension). That line always stood out to me during KH3D, so the minute they brought up that this other realm is a realm of “fiction,” I immediately jumped back to that. And if there isn’t any other Worlds in Quandratum’s realm, maybe Quandratum itself acts as an unintentional terminal to other realities, given the whole “you might not make it back to the world your used too” or whatever the line was in the trailer. There’s so much possibilities, I firetrucking love this crazy series! 🥰
  3. They're waiting for the Switch Pro/4K I'm betting. That's also probably why the cloud gaming versions aren't called the "All-in-One" package, so it'd be easier to tell them apart when the native versions come out.
  4. The OST came just in time for KHMoM :3


  5. This is cruel, why isn't their an "all of the above" option? I fell in love with all four aspects of the series (granted, for some games they're not always even)!
  6. I just pre-ordered it on PlayAsia To be honest, I feel a bit guilty spending all that money on a OST But to be REALLY honest, I don't feel THAT bad because my excitement is overpowering my guilt :3
  7. All of the Above. Honestly I would love all four of these to appear in KH
  8. I already have them on PS4, but you can bet your beautiful asses that I'm gonna get them again for Xbox. And I'll do it again if they come out on Switch!
  9. oh man, why did Xehanort's story have to be as a mobile game (that's mostly gonna have overpriced "micro"transactions)? here I am hoping the X series will eventually get a actual game that covers everything from the saga, I now I'm gonna have to hope the same with this. (I do play Union X, but begrudgingly, I like the story fine, but the gameplay is just a mess). maybe this will be part of X, like the next part of the saga (X, Unchained X, Union X, No Heart X/Another X?). I won't lie, a part of me is excited, but it's just for the lore. Otherwise I'm kinda bummed out about it.
  10. For me it was Kurt Zisa. I never had problem with him, but the others I either could barley do (Phantom) or not at all (Seph & Ice Titan). I did mange to do all of them for both the PS3 release of 1.5 ReMix and the PS4 release of 1.5 + 2.5 ReMix. Funny enough, when I fought the Phantom again on PS4, I actually didn't have any trouble at all. Like I was completely flabbergasted when I killed it, I was like; "...Huh... Really?" ? lmao I wasn't even maxed level nor did I have the Ultima Weapon.
  11. I was just wondering when Dusk till Dawn would be available. The price is very much like Square, but I'll be getting it anyway.
  12. By "new form" do they mean a new Formchange (Guardian Form, Strike Form, ect.) or a new Keyblade form? Cuz I hope it's the later, and not just another variation of another Keyblade's form.
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