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  1. For me it was Kurt Zisa. I never had problem with him, but the others I either could barley do (Phantom) or not at all (Seph & Ice Titan). I did mange to do all of them for both the PS3 release of 1.5 ReMix and the PS4 release of 1.5 + 2.5 ReMix. Funny enough, when I fought the Phantom again on PS4, I actually didn't have any trouble at all. Like I was completely flabbergasted when I killed it, I was like; "...Huh... Really?" 😨 lmao I wasn't even maxed level nor did I have the Ultima Weapon.
  2. I was just wondering when Dusk till Dawn would be available. The price is very much like Square, but I'll be getting it anyway.
  3. By "new form" do they mean a new Formchange (Guardian Form, Strike Form, ect.) or a new Keyblade form? Cuz I hope it's the later, and not just another variation of another Keyblade's form.
  4. I was actually just wondering if we'd get some, hopefully they'll come out worldwide!
  5. I can't decided where to get my physical copies of KH3 from. With GameStop, you get that cool fabric poster. Plus it's near where I live, and it'd be cool to meet some KH fans at the midnight release (assuming it'll have one). But then Amazon, despite the whole Black Friday/Cyber Monday thing, has the DLC bonus. And yeah, for FFXV they eventually made all pre-order DLC available for everyone, but that doesn't guarantee it'll happen with KH3. Plus the delivery drivers suck in my neighborhood. I know the Amazon DLC is just a skin, but I kinda like it. What do you guys think? What's the likelihood of SE releasing all pre-order DLC later on down the road?
  6. Being responsible adults sucks at times like these XP I want to beat it at my own pace, but I know I'm gonna go ham on it and almost get no sleep. The only thing I'm dreading is Platinuming it. I've (painstakingly) done it for the HD collections this year, and hearing about every new mini-game gives me the mixed reaction of excitement and dread lmao
  7. Pros: This might be where they'll finally open pre-orders for the KH3 PS4pro. Cons: It might be exclusive to Amazon. Which is bad for me for a variety of reasons.
  8. Ah that sucks! Tell your professor you can't watch YouTube for life or death situation lol XD I never thought about showing the opening cinematic as advertising like that, but now that you mention it, it really would feel like "cheating" newcomers. I'm so use to how companies advertise games that I tend to forget how others outside of the gaming world would see things (>.<) Either way, I don't want to see it till the games out. I love experiencing it for the first time as the game starts Hell, I still feel the same sense of excitement and awe I had whenever I rewatch any of the cinematic openings! I wish I had friends & family like that for my bday, I'm basically gonna spend mine avoiding the internet like the plague I did request a week off work for it's release though! Honestly, I was going for two weeks, but I figured I'd have to be somewhat responsible lol In any case, I told my family and friends that I'll be totally MIA that whole week
  9. My thoughts exactly! Even with what we have been shown so far, I've been quite puzzled on the order of events, which is a really good thing! Yeah YouTube is the worst to go on when a new game comes out that you can't get (either by localization or just not having the money. Or even worst, leakers). It doesn't help entirely, but what I do is have my Bookmark for YouTube go directly to my Subscriptions, have my video player set to Theater Mode, and then Zoom in the page enough so I can't see Recommended Videos. If leaks are coming out, try to remember to pause the video before it completely ends to avoid the Recommended Videos that pop-up. Other than that, there really isn't much you can do, which really sucks. I really wish it could come out exactly the same day as Japan... Well, mainly cuz Japan's release date is also my birthday, and it'd be amazing to have it come out on the same day over here
  10. If we get just one more Disney World, I hope it's from a 2D animated one. So far the only one we have is Olympus.
  11. Honestly, I'm glad they haven't, and I hope they don't. For 0.2, it was understandable, to get more people hyped for it despite being a short game. But I want the opening to be a complete secret in till I play the game myself. Sure, I could go on media blackout till then, but I'd rather not have the temptation to watch it in the first place. Especially for however long I'd have to wait for the game (i.e. if they revel it at Jump Festa, that'd be about a month-long wait). To be even more honest, I hope they don't reveal every World. Disney or Original. But unfortunately, I know that wont happen.
  12. Oh yeah, I can't believe secret bosses slipped my mind lol Hopefully they're actually fun to beat and not a frustrating headache. I think I sort-of rounded up Cups into mini-games too, probably cuz they felt mini-game-y in KH2 (with how you didn't get EXP and needing to beat scores for the Journal). I was honestly wondering if they're going do Olympus for that or bring back Mirage Arena. Both because it seems "Olympus Coliseum" is now just "Olympus" and I believe Nomura stated in a old interview about KH2FM that he wanted the Organization XIII rematches in the Coliseum, but decided not to because it wouldn't make sense or something like that. With the Mirage Arena, as we seen in BbSFM, it doesn't seem to matter since characters in that were holograms/mirages. Which would give the KH team more breathing room to do whatever. Of course, this is just me rambling lol hell why not both right? Also I think the whole "no skippable worlds" thing was a error of translation, or something like that. I could be wrong on that though.
  13. This is awesome, but I hope not all the +30hrs is just minigames/gummi ship. I would love some side-quests, especially story-based side-quests which the KH series unfortunately lacks most of the time. Although, to be completely honest, +30hrs of minigames is quite terrifying to me. Especially after Platinuming the series on PS4. I can share some horror stories... Many "Ice Cream Beat" related... *shiver*
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