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  1. Hi everyone, I am going to Japan at the end of the year and I was just wondering where I could find Kingdom Hearts Merch. I remember a decade ago, the Square Enix cafe was the go to for Kingdom Hearts stuff but googling it has given me vague results. Is it still active? Is there a physical Square Enix store where I can see the actual products? The things that I want are basically the stuff on the online store, like licensed jewellery etc. I don't mind having plushies and figures as well. Is my best bet ordering things online from Aitai Kuji, or the Square Enix online store? Have people found physical stores in Japan where they sell KH stuff, is it just basically Akihabara where all the games and anime are cause I'd much have a physical store to walk into. I know there are pop up stores that sell exclusive stuff but I don't want to rely on seasonality and luck to attain them. Help would be very much appreciated. thx (❁´◡`❁)
  2. looking at event quests layout in khux...*wth*

  3. welp considering the release date, i can save up more money for a ps4

  4. i just spent my last 3000 on this medal carnival, still didn't get xion of roxas

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    2. Dustin Newton
    3. AngelTheWeirdStranger


      Even if you try the Daily Draws, it may be tougher this way, because they don't guarantee any Epic Medals, so you might as well end up with even worse medals. But that's just me and my bad luck. Maybe you're lucky and will get them. ;P

    4. KingdomHearts3


      I know. I have had that happen to me too. It stinks.

  5. is there a way to transfer your kh data using another account besides facebook?

  6. just got khux, i just wish aus internet wasn't as slow as a turd

    1. Vivi111


      spongebob narrator voice" 20 hours later"

  7. guys, you clearly do not remember this diamond in the rough bad but kinda accurate
  8. You know the end is nigh when the ads are for unis, *sighs* onto Vtac i go

  9. make us free na splash ka saneta. *Sobbing-clap clap*

  10. i remembered i started watching free! as a joke, now..11 episodes in, i'm awaiting the last episode. this series drove me into insanity

    1. Anonn0000


      Yikes. Must be pretty crayzy xD

  11. professor layton vs phoenix wright >O<

  12. Man, he lost his memories once and he went through hell. I don't think he's gonna go through it again, Nomura is not as evil as Moffat to something like that to his characters.... never mind.
  13. Layton brothers is a pretty fun game. man, i havin' lucifendi feels

  14. Some of my friends are going to PAX tomorrow and they get to wag school..lucky -_-

    1. Xer


      Damnit I wanna go to PAX.

  15. So my brother bought EURO 3ds, but i live in aus. will aus games still work on my 3ds? i think it should cause is PAL.

    1. Sora96


      Yeah, they should.

  16. watched infinite man in love, did any feel like they were getting rick rolled in the beginning?

  17. Vivi111


    Women wore corsets and long dresses in the 1800s and they still got raped. The person's choice of clothing or any choice is not the cause of rape.
  18. freedom= peace or order = peace both of them have their advantages and disadvantages
  19. finished ac3, sigh...well at least i have kh1.5 to look forward to

    1. Weiss


      dat ending :/


  20. Phone call from parents Dad: hey happy birthday me: gee thanks Dad: by the way, we're in cambodia and we're having a great time trolololo me: -_-
  21. you have just begun reading the sentence you just finished reading

  22. "dumd ways to die.. so many dumb ways to die" ..sigh

  23. Making my way downtown, walking fast, faces past and i'm homebound dadadadadada. This is what friends do to you

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