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  1. Yeah, It's beta (maybe alpha) stuff we're dealing with here, so we probably shouldn't be commenting on any features or gameplay aspects until further notice.
  2. Me and my friend, I'm the one on the left with the busted kneecap.
  3. Man, i've wanted a proper Roxas wristband for too long.
  4. His grammar made me cringe, but if he doesn't like KH then that's fine.Although I wish he could've at least put effort into thinking a step further about why he dislikes the game so much.
  5. Who wouldn't want to have KH platinums to flash around on PSN?
  6. No I haven't, but i've been thinking about getting some re:coded trophies. I've also been playing MGS4! But speed running it and getting trophies.
  7. Roxas dual-wield is just too badass, i'm sticking with the keyblade
  8. Man, i've barely gotten through two
  9. Me, my cousin and my brother after we had won some milk chocolate (I'm the one on the left ) Opening it later at home...
  10. Pretty sure I found KH13 on youtube then looked it up
  11. I say: Kingdom Hearts three five eight over two days
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