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  1. I’m sorry to everyone who was ever nice to me or befriended me on this site. I turned my back on all of you for such a long time and let us all grow apart for my own selfish reasons. I hope you guys are doing well and have not changed too much because you were all such amazing people. 

  2. I bought it! I wish i had the skill to make this haha. It’s from a seller on etsy called underground costumes. Pretty expensive but the quality is nice.
  3. It’s been a while. Not even sure if i posted this correctly lol. Here’s my mickey cosplay. (Work in progress)
  4. He says it’s the “theme song” so i imagine it being dearly beloved maybe?
  5. 12,000 is in fact the magic number for this particular banner. It’s a 5 pull mercy. First pull was free meaning that 12,000 will get you your medal. It is a tough grind to get jewels but don’t worry about it too much. This banner lasts 24 days meaning you will be able to get it even if you just do your daily jewels. Just gotta be a little patient
  6. Kingdom Hearts 3 Launch Event. LOL sorry i’m boring but that’s the only thing i can imagine it be calling considering all the past events were, KH 1.5 launch event, KH 2.5 launch event, etc.
  7. 100% agree. Dissididia No Thanks was a huge disappointment. It did make me dust of my psp though to replay the old one :].
  8. Only yodas spirit was there. The same way obi wans spirit was still able to communicate with luke in the older movies. It’s actually a technique yoda learned and taught obi wan. It explains more in the last episode of the 3d animated clone wars serries.
  9. The fully upgraded sleeping lion is my favorite but i'll choose roxas for the poll.
  10. I feel you on that.. every time i start a group with people who aren't in my party it's a disaster. Good news is adventurers now drop classic Donald, maleficent b, and Alice/Cheshire medals which are still useful medals that came out before the trait era.
  11. Gonna hold off on pulling til after Friday. I'm hoping to guilt a bound.
  12. I think the queen of hearts is probably the most annoying out of this list so i choose her. Most of the others are pretty cool (assuming they don't try to kill me while we hang out).
  13. I got my first crown on khux yesterday! :)

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    2. Silent


      Yep! I got 4th in vulpes. Yea the grind was terrible. That was practically my weekend lol.

    3. BlankShell


      One day I'm sure I'll just shut myself away for a week to get it =P. I've gotten top 100's before, but only one top 100 banner. It's even more insane during the raid weeks.

    4. Silent


      Yea raid week is insane. Its best to try either the week before raid week or the week right after when most high lux earners take a break lol.

  14. Nomura specificly said he would not be at E3. So i don't expect anything big til d23.
  15. Backbacks are allowed but will have to be searched throughly. Keyblades props are not allowed inside the theater.
  16. I saw it earlier on churro's Facebook page. It looks so great!! It came out amazing. I hope i get to see it in person on Saturday!
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