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  1. Pete is Pete. Julius is Julius. There is no transforming
  2. lol I just realized what you meant by dream weapon...
  3. Well they seem to focus heavily on the whole "trio" of friends thing...So there's that. I agree on the voice actress part. I was disappointed to learn that girl was going to do it...It would have been better if she had a really good actress similar to Hayden P.
  4. It's been known since June 2013's E3 that KH3 was going to be on the Xbox as well. That was 9 months ago...lol
  5. DUDE I LIVE IN ST. LOUIS MO TOO (St. Peters/Charles to be exact), Go Cards x D
  6. That would be awesome. The more harder and more complex enemies, the better. I hope we get smarter Heartless. That would be really impressive.
  7. I'm guessing it's just going to show Noctis on the cover with a sword in his hand similar to FFXIII's first game.
  8. Nomura acknowledged this, actually. He said he's stressed about wanting to meet our expectations, but he also said he's working his absolute hardest to do so and lots of surprises are going to be in it. Judging by how amazing the first two numbered titles were in the series, I'm pretty sure we can trust his word.
  9. Lol I'd accept Pride lands as long as they put Fox and the Hound in, only because I want to see him as a brand new animal this time, like a fox, and KH3 is the perfect chance for that
  10. Don't forget, KH3 is coming up. Nomura isn't going to disappoint us. He already basically said "you won't be disappointed". And judging how good FF15 looks, I believe him. We also have the entire new saga that follows on the PS4 to look forward to
  11. Hmm, I thought she did say actually she 'might not' at some point when I typed that. I could be wrong
  12. I'm getting one for FREE this June!
  13. Unfortunately, Nomura actually said that there won't be many new worlds in KH3 because of how extensively detailed and massive the worlds are going to be. That was the most disappointing thing I've read ever since Utada said she might not do a new song.
  14. It showed the entire conversation between Eraqus and Aqua. That's the only thing he told her, which I have stated before.
  15. My one and only dream in this world is to play Kingdom Hearts 3/4/5/6(?) repeatedly until death. I will die a happy camper.
  16. No game on this entire planet will prove to be better than Kingdom Hearts 3. ...Until KH4.
  17. All that knowledge was though was how to shift Land of Departure into Castle Oblivion. I don't think Riku will get any extra knowledge because of that.
  18. It wouldn't be exactly these per se, but (http://www.overnightprints.com/bookmarks) lets you customize your own with your own images and they turn out awesome.
  19. lol you obviously haven't fought the Mysterious Figure or the final Mirage Arena boss.....
  20. Sora Riku Kairi Roxas Axel Xion Both trios have 13 letters each. x D
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