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  1. I'm not seeing the Roxas and Xion figures on the NA store, only Axel. Can anyone else see them? I see a link for Roxas, but it just redirects to what I think is the store home page.
  2. I doubt it was cut content. They probably removed old code/images/models/cutscenes that were no longer being used, as well as changing things like compression algorithms. I'm reminded of the story of how the Devs of Pokemon Gold and Silver were intially having trouble fitting all of the Johto region onto a gameboy cartridge, and Iwata came it and came up with a compression technique that not only allowed them to fit the Johto region, but also allowed them to fit the entirety of Kanto as well! Things are of course way different nowadays, but in general, there is plenty of things that can be done towards the end of a project to cut down on the total size that doesn't actually cut any content, and I really doubt they would be cutting anything that close to release for the sake of disk size, especially since it all gets copied to the systems hard drive anyways, and the excess could be downloaded. Source: Am a software developer/studied game development in Grad school.
  3. Ever since I played 2, which is my favorite single player game of all time, it has been my favorite.
  4. 2.5 remix is not out yet, and we have been told that at least Re:Coded will have bonus scenes, so it is possible there will be details there.
  5. If I hadn't played all the games already, probably, but with Destiny, Ruby/Saphire Remakes, Zelda Hyrule Warriors, and the new super smash bros (wii u version), I doubt I can say I am looking forward to 2.5 more than all of that. However, i definitely can't wait to play the remastered 2 in HD, and the final mix version to boot, since it is basically my favorite single player game of all time.
  6. I probably would for the HD, but I definitely prefer having access to final mix without having to import finally.
  7. You had to know how this poll was going to turn out beforehand.
  8. My idea of what BBS volume 2 would be was the story of Aqua and Mickey before/during the events of KH1. I think this for a few reasons. 1: The video that first had bbs volume 2 in it showed aqua seeing one of the disney castles from her game in the realm of darkness, which would have happened during this time period. 2: Mickey said in one of the videos at the end of re coded (I think that was the game) that they were close to finding Ven's heart. Yen Sid then said that this just leaves Terra, which implies that they already know about Aqua being trapped in the realm of darkness, so I would assume that Mickey must have ran into her at some point when he went to the realm of darkness to get the Kingdom Key D. 3. If it were to be anything else, I can't think of anything else it could be that makes sense outside of a completely different story except maybe something to do with Xehanort regaining him memories. Now from what Nomura has stated, there probably won't be a bbs vol 2 game released. It would be cool though if at least there was a (internationally released) written story or manga volume or something going over the story. Otherwise the seeing the bbs volume 2 message in the final mix secret video seems kind of mean.
  9. All i'm getting for the video is error messages but I wanna watch it dangit!!!!
  10. Riku yes. Kairi less so. Aqua, Terra, Ven, Mickey, and Roxas? Definintely
  11. 13 or 14. been a long time, like a third of my life ago. Kingdom Hearts has definitely helped make it a great third though.
  12. Give the option to play with Japanese dub with english subtitles, Would be awesome if 1.5 could have this too.
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