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  1. One of my favorites because of how gray the morals are shown ^^ and the vampires didn't have dumb powers (with few exceptions, such as the "werewolf" types) Yeah, I didn't really like the ending either
  2. My friend drew that comic and she thought that Xehanort sounded like he was flirting with Eraqus, which resulted in her drawing this xDDDD
  3. That sure clears up my confusion regarding some of the content (like the borderline hentai) in the shonen manga magazines I bought...
  4. What irks me about the Disney characters/worlds in KH nowadays is that they're not as relevent to the main plot as much as they were in KH1
  5. I'm one of the very few people who don't want keyblade armor to come back :'D it just looks so tacky to me
  6. I-it's not too ba- Who am I kidding? *eyes melt*
  7. Now both the English and Japanese Xehanorts are dead nooooooo ;-;
  8. Not that gender even has any significance to the plot but Sora is indeed canonically a boy
  9. I'd bonk him on the head and tell him to stop being so hard on himself and that he's awesome.
  10. Crimson Jazzes, Devastators, and Living Bone heartless drop them at 5% droprate so equip all your Lucky Luckys
  11. Guess the Disney artists didn't wanna draw Sora in their style so they just excluded him altogether
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