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  1. Disabling certain abilities makes the fight easier. I was having the same trouble as you and then I disabled stuff and I one shot him no problem.
  2. Not very legit....Siliconera is reputable....but the article has no source of which to speak of at all.
  3. Honestly didn't expect a stealthy release from square. Props to them for not hyping up the release date months before hand.
  4. This doesn't confirm anything. I would be super excited if it were real though. I miss those games.
  5. Re:CoM is the same way. Been that way since its ps2 days. I'm sure it has something to do with the upscale.
  6. Expected the prince of all saiyans and got a king. Bravo.
  7. You got me there. I'm not whining, Its a discussion topic and I was posting my answer to the topic's question. I used FFX because It was an example of a recent multi-console remaster...which is what we were discussing. Don't hate because my opinion differs from yours.
  8. No thanks. Don't get me wrong, I'm glad they remastered the series. However, I'm tired of the remaster dance. In the case of FFX, the game made its way to the PS4 after its already successful PS3 release and somehow that's a big to do? Having the access to a game I've already played on another platform does nothing but enhance its cheapness if you ask me.
  9. Graces F I have both and for some reason its been really difficult for me to get into Symphonia. But I did play, beat, and thoroughly enjoyed Graces F.
  10. I'm not pointing fingers but Square in general has to know that there's a lot riding on XV's success. Yeah! It's exciting! I can't wait!
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