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  1. One of my favorites because of how gray the morals are shown ^^ and the vampires didn't have dumb powers (with few exceptions, such as the "werewolf" types) Yeah, I didn't really like the ending either
  2. My friend drew that comic and she thought that Xehanort sounded like he was flirting with Eraqus, which resulted in her drawing this xDDDD
  3. That sure clears up my confusion regarding some of the content (like the borderline hentai) in the shonen manga magazines I bought...
  4. What irks me about the Disney characters/worlds in KH nowadays is that they're not as relevent to the main plot as much as they were in KH1
  5. I'm one of the very few people who don't want keyblade armor to come back :'D it just looks so tacky to me
  6. I-it's not too ba- Who am I kidding? *eyes melt*
  7. Now both the English and Japanese Xehanorts are dead nooooooo ;-;
  8. Not that gender even has any significance to the plot but Sora is indeed canonically a boy
  9. I'd bonk him on the head and tell him to stop being so hard on himself and that he's awesome.
  10. Crimson Jazzes, Devastators, and Living Bone heartless drop them at 5% droprate so equip all your Lucky Luckys
  11. Guess the Disney artists didn't wanna draw Sora in their style so they just excluded him altogether
  12. I love the song :> it's just kind of an unusual song choice for a Tales game
  13. Today I got Aqua and Terra to nearly negative 100k in Command Board :>

  14. There may not have been any actual talking from the gorillas in KH1, they were still communicating with Tarzan and he relayed whatever they were saying to Sora and co. The game devs could've had the gorillas talk but they chose not to. The only reason why Pride lands was so "small" wasn't because Sora could run really fast. It's cuz it was literally empty. The Savannah was just one big flat space, the path to the rainforest area is so linear that there's no need to explore, and the elephant graveyard and Pride rock were tiny areas. For Lady and the Tramp, the setting is a town, A ZOO, the pound, maybe even inside Lady's house and if Sora's a tiny dog going through all this, the world would be huge compared to if he were a person. Also, take a look at the game Okami, you play as a dog that can run really fast but the world around her is still HUGE because there was stuff to do all over the place and lots of explorable areas; so it's totally possible for the world around dog!Sora to be big, it just needs to have stuff in it. "The wizard duck needed to transform himself and his allies in aquatic creatures (to adapt to the environment), since humans normally can't breath under water." Well then, if Sora were to go to the zoo with Lady and Tramp, it'd be easier to sneak past the guard if he were a dog than if he were a human. And wouldn't it be strange for Sora, if he were human, to hang around with other people's dogs? Like, he's supposed to barge into someone's house uninvited to save their baby from getting attacked by a rat? It'd look less weird if he were a dog while doing this. And flowmotion isn't even confirmed for KH3 so I don't even know why you brought that up; the game could have a completely different mechanic. And if it was confirmed, then Square Enix probably wouldn't put a Lady and the Tramp world in KH3 to begin with. "Let's not forget too, that the Lady and the Tramp movie had that final battle with the Rat" Bosses in KH aren't limited to the main antagonist in Disney films. Sora could fight a dog catcher or the Siamese cats as a dog and it would make sense/be fair, just saying. I'm ending this discussion because we're seriously hypothesizing way too much about a movie that might not even be a world in a future Kingdom Hearts game. All I'm saying is that I'd like for there to be more instances of Sora being a cute animal; it could happen or not at all and I wouldn't mind whatever decision Square makes.
  15. "Donald is a powerful wizard" That doesn't matter. If he had the ability to make people talk to animals but still keep them human, he would've done it before. He could've done it in Deep Jungle where there were gorillas. The other instances where Sora was able to communicate with animals was because they're were capable of human speech in the films they came from. Also, for Atlantica, Donald transformed himself and his friends into creatures that aren't human, which goes against what you're trying to say. Plus, if there was a Lady and the Tramp world, it'd be more fun to play as an animal!Sora because the world would be bigger for a dog. It's totally possible for Sora to still be human and be able to talk to animals but a fun alternative would be to make Sora a cute puppy (or cat, since Tetsuya Nomura's a cat person).
  16. In Lady and the Tramp, the dogs were able to talk to each other but not to humans. Goofy is just....a weird case cuz he's a bipedal dog with pants but Pluto isn't, even though they're from the same cartoon. Mickey and friends don't exactly follow the rules of other Disney characters/movies since they're their own thing, I guess. Also, look at the dalmations in KH1, they can talk to each other in the movie but they don't (and probably can't) say anything to Sora.
  17. I thought S+ ranks were only a think for mission level 3 maybe you didn't do those
  18. Everything that occurred in BBS was just one big f*ckup
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