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  1. Cuddle my Kairi plushie because A CERTAIN SPIKY HAIRED BOY HASN'T KISSED HER YET (although sharing the paopu fruit would count I guess). Also listen to "Face my Fears" the album because why not lol
  2. I WILL PAY REAL WORLD MUNNY IF THAT MEANS I GET KAIRI AS A PLAYABLE MAIN CHARACTER (also to customize her outfit like Aqua for 2.8. Cat-ears ftw)
  3. It's a tie between Halo 3, ODST and Reach for me. Halo 3 because of the epic story, plus it was my first dive into online multiplayer. Made some really good online friends that I still play with to this very day. Also the Spartans don't look like skinny Calvin Klein models like they do in Halo 5. ODST because you play as someone who isn't a l33t pr0 hAxx0r Covenant killing machine, but a regular ODST who are still a step above Marines, but below Spartans. Reach because of Custom Games multiplayer. I spent so many hours forging maps for cops n robbers. It was a blast and those memories are something that my online buddies will treasure for a long time.
  4. I didn't even realize that there were a lot of haters for KH3. I just ignored anything KH3 related until I completed the game, and even then nothing is gonna change my feelings for the game in a negative manner. If you think KH3 is a great game, then great! Don't let anyone tell you otherwise!
  5. Personally I'm saddened by what Nomura has done to Kairi's development, hyping her up only for stuff like that to happen again. My concern is that he listened to the more vocal part of the fanbase who seem to dislike her and took that as 'Ok, they want more bromance so I'll give them that then.' This is basically what I can hope for. C'MON NOMURA, SOME OF US ARE HEAVILY INVESTED IN HER EMOTIONALLY!
  6. Finally finished KH3 and as a Kairi fanboy fanatic I DON'T KNOW HOW TO FEEL ABOUT ALL THIS IT'S ALL TOO MUCH TO HANDLE

    1. teh lazy prince Xylek

      teh lazy prince Xylek

      oh javelin...im so sorry buddy all i can say is get the secret ending...

    2. Javelin434


      Motivation now to play on proud mode. Thanks for the heads up mate!

    3. Kittenz


      The fandom rn makes me want to cry LEAVE MY DAUGHTER ALONE YOU HEATHENS

  7. I’d annoy ALL the Kairi/Namine/Xion cosplayers because of wanting to take pictures of them and/or with them. It would be terrible ;A;
  8. I saw KH1 Kairi in a music video, fell in love with her and needed to know who she was and what her story was. first waifu and best reason I started playing the series!
  9. Seriously worth the 10+ year wait for this. I'm glad they decided to take their time rather than rushing through this, because holy crap it is amazing!
  10. I was already happy with HD KH1 Kairi thanks to 1.5, but I'm never gonna say no to moar HD Kairi
  11. I'm trying not to make bad decisions for my credit card, but decided against it and am trying to order the deluxe edition because I waited too long for this lol
  12. I still haven't forgiven him for kidnapping Kairi, but I do appreciate good character development when I see it! I'M NOT LETTING MY GUARD DOWN ESPECIALLY AROUND HIM
  14. Smitty Werbenjagermanjensen. That or whoever keeps screaming "MY LEG!!!" in the background. You know what I'm talking about!
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