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  1. maybe he bought every golden board avaiable
  2. If producers can make some trailer for movies and don't spoil much of it I think they can make some good trailers for back cover and 0.2 showing us some new content without spoiling too much (or spoiling nothing at all).
  3. Yeah... I've got them all answered and... I'M REALLY PISSED OFF CAUSE THERE'S NO REAL REASON FOR NOT MAKING THE MIRAGE ARENA MULTIPLAYER. They tell us "we didn't have much time". Come on, is that the excuse they say? They really had enough time to remake intirely the three games and DDD, if they really wanted to. So just say "we don't care about that" instead of saying lies, square producers. (sry, i'm just really angry)
  4. I still hopes that we've gotta choose a character at the start of the game, like BBS.
  5. I mean, we now have Riku, Sora and Kairi as main characters and we already played with two of them. So I was thinking... What if we got to choose one at the start of the game just like Birth By Sleep? If we pick Sora, we have as companions Donald and Goofy. If we pick Riku, Mickey is the companion. And Kairi... idk, maybe Axel? If we think about it, it would make some sense due the based characters (just see the names). (my first topic D:)
  6. BBS for sure... My favorite game in the intire series, can't wait for play it with all the improvements.
  7. Just kidding, welcome to the forum! ^ ^

    1. m_ath


      I didn't get what was wrong with my username @@


    2. Ghost


      I hat math, but it was just a joke xD Welcome again, and enjoy your stay~

  8. firetruck YOUR USERNAME

  9. If 358/2 days was playable..... ):But instead, of course it was KHFM.
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